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LG Door Boot Gasket Design Change

Posted on July 29, 2014

LG has made a design change and added a drain hole on some front load washer door boot gaskets.  If the washer was produced in August 2007 or earlier, you will need to order the gasket without the drain hole.  For washers produced from September 2007 and later, it is necessary to check and see if they were manufactured with a door boot gasket with our without a drain hole.  To determine which part is correct for your washing machine, we have provided a model number to part number cross reference chart at the bottom of this post.

Comparison pictures of the old part (no drain hole) versus the newer style part (with drain hole).  This drain hole is located at the bottom 6 o’clock position of the the gasket.

LG Gasket Drain Hole

Match up your washers model number using the model and serial number tag on the washing machine.  Once you have located the correct part number from the chart below, you can click on the part number to order the gasket from our online store.

Washer Model # Gasket (W/Drain) Gasket (No Drain)
WM3632HW 4986ER0002E 4986ER0002A
WM2432HW 4986ER0001C 4986ER0001A
WM2032HW 4986ER0001C 4986ER0001A
WM2032HS 4986ER0001C 4986ER0001A
WM0532HW 4986ER0001C 4986ER0001A
WM1832CW 4986ER0001D 4986ER0001B
WM2442HW 4986ER0001C 4986ER0001A
WM0642HW 4986ER0001C 4986ER0001A
WM2244HWM 4986ER0001C 4986ER0001A
WM2040CW 4986ER0001D 4986ER0001B
WM2042CW 4986ER0001D 4986ER0001B
WM2044CW 4986ER0001D 4986ER0001B
WM2487HWM 4986ER0004G 4986ER0004C
WM2487HRM 4986ER0004G 4986ER0004C
WM2688HWM 4986ER0004G 4986ER0004C
WN2688HWM 4986ER0004G 4986ER0004C
WM2688HNM 4986ER0004G 4986ER0004C
WN2688HNM 4986ER0004G 4986ER0004C
WM2688HCM 4986ER0004G 4986ER0004C
WM2677HSM 4986ER0004E 4986ER0004A
WM2677HBM 4986ER0004E 4986ER0004A
WM2677HWM 4986ER0004E 4986ER0004A
WM3677HW 4986ER0002E 4986ER0002A
WM2277HW 4986ER0004F 4986ER0004B
WM2277HB 4986ER0004F 4986ER0004B
WM2277HS 4986ER0004F 4986ER0004B
WM2177HW 4986ER0004F 4986ER0004B
WM2077CW 4986ER0004F 4986ER0004B
WM2075CW 4986ER0004F 4986ER0004B
WM2377CW 4986ER0004F 4986ER0004B
WM2496HWM 4986ER0004E 4986ER0004A
WM2496HSM 4986ER0004E 4986ER0004A
CW2079CWD 4986ER0004F 4986ER0004B
CW2079CWN 4986ER0004F 4986ER0004B
WM2233HW 4986ER0004F 4986ER0004B
WM2233HS 4986ER0004F 4986ER0004B
WM2455HW 4986ER0004F 4986ER0004B
WM2455HW 4986ER0004F 4986ER0004B
WM2016CW MDS33059402 MDS33059401

3 Thoughts on "LG Door Boot Gasket Design Change"

  1. Jim Posted on January 25, 2020

    I have an LG WM2075CW washer. The door gasket number is 4986ER0004 NO. 1. The replacement gasket is a 4986ER0004F. This has 3 cutouts at the 6 o’clock position. The gasket will not seal and we end up with a steady stream leak when running the washer. How can I fix this?

  2. Daina Posted on January 4, 2021

    I have a WM2487HWM without a drain hole on the bottom. What part # do I need to buy? The one listed above has a drain hole.

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