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Monthly Archives: March 2015

W10435302 Bearing Kit Installation Instructions

Posted on March 31, 2015

Some Whirlpool Cabrio, Kenmore Oasis, and Maytag Bravos direct drive top loading model washers have a bearing kit that can be used to replace the tub bearings and seal when they go bad.  When the tub bearings fail the washer can get very noisy during the spin cycle.  Some people describe the sound as sounding like a train or jet after it reaches its high speed during the spin cycle.  If you do not fix the problem with the bearings and keep using the washer you will eventually ruin the tub seal and water will start leaking from the bottom of the washer and water will spray onto the floor and bottom components of the washer.  This water will often look dark and grease colored that starts to leak from the washer at first.  If you find that you have bad tub bearings it is best to replace them sooner than later as it is much easier to replace the components.  If you let the problem go on for too long the bearings can rust into place or come apart while trying to remove them from the washing machine.  When the bearings fail the washer will also no longer spin concentrically which can cause the washer to go out of balance easier and sometimes display an “uL” (unbalanced load) error code).

What is needed for the repair?

If you find that you have bad tub bearings and need to replace them, you will first need to check with the model number from the tag on your washing machine to see if your washer is compatible with bearing kit part number PD00002260 (mfg # W10435302).  We have a list at the bottom of this page with the most common model numbers that this kit is compatible with.  If you do not see your model number listed there, please leave us a comment at the bottom of this page and with your model number and we will let you know if this kit is compatible with your model washer.  This kit does not work with any models that have a belt and gearcase.  This bearing kit includes both upper and lower tub bearings, tub seal, drive shaft, shaft nut, adhesive, grease, spacer tube, and instructions.  The bearings and tub seal in this kit are not sold separately.  The only other thing you will we need to provide are the tools listed below and a person capable of installing the bearing kit.

Tools Needed:

  • 1-1/4″ Wrench/Socket
  • 7/16″ Wrench/Socket
  • 1/4″ Hex Driver
  • Hammer

Special Tools Required:

You can purchase the bearing kit and tool kit from our online store by clicking the links below.

Tub Bearing Shaft & Seal Kit – Part # PD00002260 (mfg # W10435302)

Tub Press Tool Kit – Part # PD00004958 (mfg # W10447783)

Installation Instructions

Below are the manufactures installation instructions for the bearing kit.  We have added our own notes and tips that we have highlighted in orange lettering.

1. Unplug washer or disconnect power.
2. Tape lid shut before opening top. Open top. See Figure 1.
Parts Dr Tip: Use a putty knife to depress the two locking tabs (one on the left and right sides) to release and lift up the top.
W10435302 Figure 1
3. Remove hose clamp and hose from tub ring.
4. Remove tub ring.
5. Remove cap from either wash plate or agitator. See Figure 2.
W10435302 Figure 2
6. Remove 7/16” bolt. Lift and remove basket assembly with wash plate/agitator. See Figure 3.
W10435302 Figure 3
7. Slide washer out and tip back on hoses.
8. Using a 1⁄4” Hex Driver, remove rotor bolt and rotor. See Figure 4
W10435302 Figure 4
9. Remove four (4) stator bolts (5/16” or 3/8”). Unclip wire harness and remove stator and shield. Set stator on a clean rag on the floor. See Figure 5.
W10435302 Figure 5
10. Remove Shaft Nut. See Figure 6.
W10435302 Figure 6
11. Remove drive shaft and seal (with hammer). See Figure 7.
W10435302 Figure 7
12. Tip washer forward off the hoses and remove drive shaft and seal from tub. See Figure 8.
W10435302 Figure 8
13. Drive Bottom Bearing, Bottom Bearing Washer, and Spacer Tube out using Removal Rod and hammer. See Figure 9.
W10435302 Figure 9
14. Tip washer back on hoses and drive Top Bearing out using Removal Rod and hammer. Discard all parts. See Figure 10.
W10435302 Figure 10
15. Tip washer forward off of hoses.
16. Clean bearing and seal areas with a rag. Check the weep hole (make sure it is not plugged). See Figure 11.
W10435302 Figure 11
17. Install Top Bearing and press into the tub.
18. Place Tub Press Tool Assembly (without the Bottom Bearing Press, Thrust Bearing, and Bottom Press Nut) over new Top Bearing. NOTE: Ensure LOCKING BAR of Tub Press Tool Assembly is located in sump area. See Figure 12.
W10435302 Figure 12
19. Tip washer back on hoses.
20. Install onto Press Rod; new Spacer Tube, new Bottom Bearing Washer, and new Bottom Bearing. Then install tool parts: Bottom Bearing Press, Thrust Bearing, and Bottom Press Nut. See Figure 13.
W10435302 Figure 13
21. Tighten Bottom Press Nut until bearings bottom out. Then back the Bottom Press Nut off and remove. See Figure 14. NOTE: Final position of bottom bearing will extend from bottom of tub by 1/8” to 3/16” (3 to 5mm).
W10435302 Figure 14
22. Tip washer forward off the hoses and remove the Tub Press Tool Assembly.
23. Install new Drive Shaft (make sure wear sleeve is bottomed out on Top Bearing). See Figure 15. NOTE: If necessary, tap shaft with hammer to install.
W10435302 Figure 15
24. Tip washer back onto hoses. Install new Shaft Nut and tighten. See Figure 16.
W10435302 Figure 16
25. Reconnect wiring harness to stator.
26. Reinstall stator and shield. Check for proper location.
27. Reinstall rotor.
28. Tip washer forward off the hoses.
29. Locate Tub Seal and Grease. Apply grease to both cavities inside Tub Seal lip. See Figure 17.
W10435302 Figure 17
30. Apply the Pliobond Adhesive in a continuous bead around bottom of Tub Seal to enter tub first. Verify grease is inside the seal. See Figure 18.
W10435302 Figure 18
31. Push Tub Seal into place using the Seal Press Tool and hammer until it bottoms out. Add a bead of Pliobond Adhesive to top edge of seal and tub (spread out with finger). See Figure 19.
Parts Dr Tip: The Closed side of seal should face up and the open end of the seal with the spring should face down.
W10435302 Figure 19
32. Reinstall basket.
33. Reinstall tub ring, hose, and hose clamp.
34. Close top.
35. Plug in washer or reconnect power.
36. Verify repair by performing Diagnostic Test.

Compatible Model Numbers:

7MMVWB850WL0, MTW6300TQ1, MTW6500TQ0, MTW6600TB0, MTW6600TQ0, MTW6600TQ1, MTW6700TQ0, MTW6700TQ1, MVWB300WQ0, MVWB300WQ1, MVWB300WQ2, MVWB400VQ0, MVWB450WQ0, MVWB450WQ1, MVWB450WQ2, MVWB455YQ0, MVWB700VQ0, MVWB750WB0, MVWB750WB1, MVWB750YW0, MVWB750WL1, MVWB750WL2, MVWB750WQ0, MVWB750WQ1, MVWB750WQ2, MVWB750WR0, MVWB750WR1, MVWB750WR2, MVWB755YL0, MVWB755YQ0, MVWB755YR0, MVWB800VB0, MVWB800VQ0, MVWB800VU0, MVWB850WB0, MVWB850WB1, MVWB850WL0, MVWB850WL1, MVWB850WL2, MVWB850WQ0, MVWB850WQ1, MVWB850WQ2, MVWB850WR0, MVWB850WR1, MVWB850WR2, WTW6200SW0, WTW6200SW1, WTW6200SW2, WTW6200SW3, WTW6200VW0, WTW6200VW1, WTW6300SB0, WTW6300SB1, WTW6300SG0, WTW6300SG1, WTW6300SW0, WTW6300SW1, WTW6300WW0, WTW6340WW0, WTW6400SW0, WTW6400SW1, WTW6400SW2, WTW6400SW3, WTW6500WW1, WTW6600SB0, WTW6600SB1, WTW6600SB2, WTW6600SB3, WTW6600SG0, WTW6600SG1, WTW6600SG2, WTW6600SG3, WTW6600SW0, WTW6600SW1, WTW6600SW2, WTW6600SW3, WTW6700TU1, WTW6700TU2, WTW6700TW0, WTW6700TW1, WTW6700TW2, WTW6800WB1, WTW6800WL1, WTW6800WW1, WTW7300XW1, WTW7300XW2, WTW7320YW0, WTW7340XW0, WTW7340XW1, WTW7340XW2, WTW7600XW0, WTW7600XW1, WTW7600XW2, WTW7800XB0, WTW7800XB2, WTW7800XL0, WTW7800XL2, WTW7800XL3, WTW7800XW0, WTW7800XW1, WTW7990XG1, WTW8800YC0, WTW8240YW0, WTW7800XW2, WTW7800XW3,110.27087601

If you have any questions, comments, or tips that you think will help others doing this repair please post them in the comments section below.

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