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How To Install Samsung Dryer Heating Element DC97-14486A

Samsung dryer heating element DC97-14486A is used on many Samsung clothes dryers and even some Maytag (Neptune) and Amana dryer models.  When the heating element goes bad, it will usually have a break in the heating coil which will cause the element not to heat.  These instructions work for most Samsung dryers, some may have some small differences but the overall process if very similar.  Here is how to replace and test the DC97-14486A & DC47-00019A heating element:

First, unplug or shut off the power to the dryer before working on it.


Then remove the two screws securing the top panel to the back of the dryer.  Slide the top panel towards the back of the dryer to remove.  Now you will need to remove the front control panel, some model will have screws securing this. Remove them and then pull up to remove, you should have enough extra wire to set the control panel on top of the dryer to get it out of the way (if not, then disconnect the wires and set it off to the side).

Behind where the control panel was there will be four screws that secure the front panel of the dryer to the frame.  Remove these four screws.


Open the door of the dryer, there will be two screws that need to be removed at the bottom of the door frame area.  With those two screws removed you should be able to tilt the front panel forward, remove the connector to the door switch, and remove the front panel.


The heating element is located on the bottom right side of the dryer.  To remove the element you will need to remove the wires to the heating element, thermal fuse, and thermostat.  Then remove the mounting screw in the front and the whole heating element assembly should pull out the front of the dryer.


To test the heating element, you will need an Ohm meter or multi-meter.  A good heating element should read approximately 9-10 ohms.  A burned out element will have an infinite resistance (it won’t register anything).  See the video below for instructions on how to test the heating element.

To re-install the heating element you will need to put everything back in the reverse order.  If you lost track of how the wires connect to the heating element, please see the picture below.

DC97-14486A Wiring WM

If you need to purchase a new Samsung dryer heating element, click one of the two links below.

The best way to purchase the heating element is as an assembly. The heating element assembly includes the heating element, two thermostats, and housing.

Heating Element Assembly -  Part # PD00002003 (mfg # DC97-14486A)

We also sell the heating element by itself.  You will need to re-use the thermostats and element housing.

Heating Element – Part # PD00001991 (mfg # DC47-00019A)

9 Thoughts on "How To Install Samsung Dryer Heating Element DC97-14486A"

  1. jason Posted on March 21, 2015


    • Ryan Posted on March 23, 2015

      Sometimes the new elements will have a smell to them, but it should go away in 5-15 minutes of running the dryer.

  2. Frank Chumley Posted on May 6, 2015

    Excellent instructions! Only one suggestion: provide a close up of the support piece that must be rocked backwards in order to remove the heating element. The last time we had to replace the element, it cost us $288.00! This time, the cost was $80.00 and and two hours!

  3. Trevor Posted on May 31, 2015

    I have replaced the heating element in my front load Samsung checked breaker and all the voltages. No gloged vent, no codes and it sti will not heat. Any suggestions?

    • Ryan Posted on June 2, 2015

      Check the fuses and thermostats for continuity. Two are on the side of the element, and one is on the blower housing. If those check out okay, then the main control board is probably bad.

  4. Doug Posted on December 19, 2015

    Broken heating coil. Followed the instructions (with the comment modification of removing the mounting bracket), and it worked like a charm. Part arrived in 2 days. Thank you Parts Dr for the video(s), the solid instructions, and the reasonably priced part. Now if I could only have done this without scraping the skin off of my hands!

  5. Dave Posted on January 18, 2016

    Great instructions. I installed a new heating element without difficulties. One thing though. Upon recite of the new heating element, I did a continuity check between the two leads and again between the leads and the metal. I got a tone on both tests. I shouldn’t have, on the second test. I found that one of the insulators was broken and the coil was touching the metal. I replaced it with one off of the old element. Force of habit to check parts before installing. Dryer works again, wife happy.

  6. Christine Callan Posted on August 10, 2016

    Does it matter how the wires are attached? Like the black wire, if it leads from the top of one fuse to the bottom of the other? Or red on top and blue on bottom? I have replaced everything, but there is a funny burning smell…maybe because it’s new?

    • Ryan Posted on October 6, 2016

      It doesn’t matter which of the two wire terminals on the fuse the wires get connected to. So if there was a red wire on the top terminal and a blue wire on the bottom terminal of the fuse you could switch those around and it wouldn’t make a difference. It is normal for the new element to have a smell to it for the first 15 minutes of use. If the smell continues after that then something is wrong.

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