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Clutch and Tub Bearing Assembly

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Part Number PD00027076
Manufacturer Part AEN73131403
Manufactured By LG OEM Info
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Part Description

Washer Clutch and Tub Bearing Assembly.  This is a new GENUINE LG replacement part.

Compatible Brands

  • LG

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This Part PD00027076 (Mfg #AEN73131403) replaces these parts:

  • 3661EA1009D
  • 3661EA1009E
  • 3661EA1009F

Our Competitor’s Part Numbers for this part

  • 2648030
  • AP5675941
  • PS7788161
  • EAP7788161

Repair Stories

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  • Clutch and Tub Bearing Assembly
Product Rating
Patrick from NC

Loud squeaking and tub would not spin


Socket wrench, screwdriver, crescent wrench

Repair & Advice

Found a complete video on replacement on YouTube. Was able to follow video and replace.

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  • Clutch and Tub Bearing Assembly
Product Rating
David from LA

Grinding noise during spin cycle


Cordless impact, pliers, screwdriver, crescent wrench, ratchet, pry bar, nut driver, flashlight

Repair & Advice

Get a repair technician for this one.

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  • Clutch and Tub Bearing Assembly
Product Rating
Clinton from KS

Washer was leaking water out of the bottom. It also made a terrible grinding noise during its spin cycle.


3/8" socket set, 1/2" socket set, phillips screw driver, flat screw driver, pliers, and hammer.

Repair & Advice

I figured out that the noise was a faulty bearing and that it had ruined the tub seal. I found my washer on Parts Dr.'s website and looked at the parts diagram to find what I needed and ordered it. It arrived in 2 days and fit perfectly.

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Model Cross Reference

This part PD00027076 (Mfg #AEN73131403) works with all models listed.
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Manufacturer Appliance Model Description
Kenmore 79629002000 Washing Machine
Kenmore 79629002010 Washer
Kenmore 79629272000 Washer
Kenmore 79629272001 Washer
Kenmore 79629272010 Washer
Kenmore 79629272900 Elite Washer
Kenmore 79629272901 Washer
Kenmore 79629278000 Washing Machine
Kenmore 79629278001 Washer
Kenmore 79629278010 Washer
Kenmore 79629278900 Washer
Kenmore 79629472000 Washer
Kenmore 79629478000 Elite Washer
Kenmore 79631402410 Washer
Kenmore 79631403410 Washer
Kenmore 79631412310 Washer
Kenmore 79631412410 Washer
Kenmore 79631422410 Washer
Kenmore 79631423410 Washer
Kenmore 79631423411 Washer
Kenmore 79631433710 Washer
Kenmore 79631462410 Washer
Kenmore 79631462411 Washer
Kenmore 79631463410 Washer
Kenmore 79631463411 Washer
Kenmore 79631512210 Washer
Kenmore 79631512211 Washer
Kenmore 79631513210 Washer
Kenmore 79631513211 Washer
Kenmore 79631513310 Washer
Kenmore 79631522210 Washer
Kenmore 79631522211 Washer
Kenmore 79631523210 Washer
Kenmore 79631523211 Washer
Kenmore 79631552610 Washer
Kenmore 79631553610 Washer
Kenmore 79631622310 Washer
Kenmore 79631623310 Washer
LG WT1001CW Washer
LG WT1201CV Washer
LG WT1201CW Washer
LG WT1301CW/00 Washer
LG WT1501CW Washer
LG WT1701CV Washer
LG WT1701CV/00 Washer
LG WT1701CV/01 Washer
LG WT1701CW Washer
LG WT1701CW/00 Washer
LG WT1801HVA Washer
LG WT1801HWA Washer
LG WT1901CK Washer
LG WT1901CW Washer
LG WT4801CW Washer
LG WT4870CW Washer
LG WT4970CW Washer
LG WT5001CW Washer
LG WT5070CW Washer
LG WT5101HV Washer
LG WT5101HW Washer
LG WT5170HV Washer
LG WT5170HW Washer
LG WT5270CW Washer
LG WT5480CW Washer
LG WT5680HVA Washer
LG WT5680HVA-T1743ADFSP5 5.0 Cu.ft. Mega Capacity Turbowash Washer With Steam
LG WT5680HVA-T1743HDFSP5 5.0 Cu.ft. Mega Capacity Turbowash Washer With Steam
LG WT5680HWA Washer
LG WT6001HV Washer
LG WT6001HW Washer
LG WT7200CV/00 Washer
LG WT7200CW Washer
LG WT7200CW/00 Washer
LG WT7500CW Washer
LG WT7600HKA Washer
LG WT7600HWA Washer
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