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This is a new, genuine OEM part manufactured by Frigidaire.
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This is a new, genuine OEM part manufactured by Frigidaire.
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Frigidaire OEM Info

Part Numbers

This Part (Mfg #5303320654) replaces these parts:

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This part Mfg #5303320654 works with all models listed.

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Manufacturer Appliance Model Description
White-Westinghouse GP332LD1 Gas Range - Lw32489080
White-Westinghouse GP332LH1 Gas Range - Lw32489080
White-Westinghouse GP332LW1 Gas Range - Lw32489080
Tappan 14-3028-00-01 Gas Range - Lt32489420
Tappan 14-3028-00-02 Cooktop - 5995224549
Tappan 14-3028-00-03 Cooktop - 5995231437
Tappan 14-3028-08-01 Gas Range - Lt32489420
Tappan 14-3028-08-02 Cooktop - 5995224549
Tappan 14-3028-08-03 Cooktop - 5995231437
Tappan 14-3028-23-01 Gas Range - Lt32489420
Tappan 14-3028-23-02 Cooktop - 5995224549
Tappan 14-3028-23-03 Cooktop - 5995231437
Tappan 14-3028-45-01 Gas Range - Lt32489420
Tappan 14-3028-57-01 Gas Range - Lt32489420
Tappan 14-3028-66-01 Gas Range - Lt32489420
Tappan 14-3028-66-02 Cooktop - 5995224549
Tappan 14-3038-00-01 Cooktop - Lt32489510
Tappan 14-3038-00-02 Cooktop - 5995224556
Tappan 14-3038-00-03 Cooktop - 5995232476
Tappan 14-3038-08-01 Cooktop - Lt32489510
Tappan 14-3038-08-02 Cooktop - 5995224556
Tappan 14-3038-08-03 Cooktop - 5995232476
Tappan 14-3038-23-01 Cooktop - Lt32489510
Tappan 14-3038-23-02 Cooktop - 5995224556
Tappan 14-3038-23-03 Cooktop - 5995232476
Tappan 14-3038-45-01 Cooktop - Lt32489510
Tappan 14-3038-57-01 Cooktop - Lt32489510
Tappan 14-3038-66-01 Cooktop - Lt32489510
Tappan 14-3038-66-02 Cooktop - 5995224556
Frigidaire FFGC3005LWA Cooktop
Frigidaire FFGC3005LWB Cooktop
Frigidaire GB130FH1 Cooktop - Lf32489030
Frigidaire GB130FL1 Cooktop - Lf32489030
Frigidaire GB130FW1 Cooktop - Lf32489030
Kenmore 79032092400 Gas Cooktop
Kenmore 79032092401 Gas Cooktop
Kenmore 79032092402 Gas Cooktop
Kenmore 79032094400 Gas Cooktop
Kenmore 79032094401 Gas Cooktop
Kenmore 79032094402 Gas Cooktop
Kenmore 79032099400 Gas Cooktop
Kenmore 79032099401 Gas Cooktop
Kenmore 79032099402 Gas Cooktop
Kenmore 79032402900 Counter Unit Gas
Kenmore 79032402901 Counter Unit Gas
Kenmore 79032402902 Counter Unit Gas
Kenmore 79032404900 Counter Unit Gas
Kenmore 79032404901 Counter Unit Gas
Kenmore 79032409900 Counter Unit Gas
Kenmore 79032409901 Counter Unit Gas
Kenmore 79032409902 Counter Unit Gas
Frigidaire FFLC3005LWB Cooktop
Frigidaire FGC30C3AUA Gas Cooktop
Frigidaire FGC30C3AUB Gas Cooktop
Frigidaire FGC30C3AUC Gas Cooktop
Frigidaire FGC30C3AWA Gas Cooktop
Frigidaire FGC30C3AWB Gas Cooktop
Frigidaire FGC30C3AWC Gas Cooktop
Frigidaire FGC3X3XEDA Gas Cooktop - 5995285805
Frigidaire FGC3X3XEDB Gas Cooktop
Frigidaire FGC3X3XEWA Gas Cooktop - 5995285805
Frigidaire FGC3X3XEWB Gas Cooktop
Frigidaire FLC30C3AUA Cooktop
Frigidaire FLC30C3AUB Cooktop
Frigidaire FLC30C3AUC Cooktop
Frigidaire FLC30C3AWA Cooktop
Frigidaire FLC30C3AWB Cooktop
Frigidaire FLC30C3AWC Cooktop
White-Westinghouse PGP332LD3 Gas Cooktop - 5995294369
White-Westinghouse PGP332LW3 Gas Cooktop - 5995294369
Frigidaire FFLC3005LWA Cooktop
Tappan TGC3X3XCC1 Gas Cooktop - 5995272068
Tappan TGC3X3XCCA Gas Cooktop - 5995272068
Tappan TGC3X3XCD1 Gas Cooktop - 5995272068
Tappan TGC3X3XCD3 Gas Cooktop - 5995294310
Tappan TGC3X3XCDA Gas Cooktop - 5995272068
Tappan TGC3X3XCW1 Gas Cooktop - 5995272068
Tappan TGC3X3XCW3 Gas Cooktop - 5995294310
Tappan TGC3X3XCWA Gas Cooktop - 5995272068

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