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This is a new, genuine OEM part manufactured by Frigidaire.
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Out of Stock
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This is a new, genuine OEM part manufactured by Frigidaire.
Out of Stock
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This part Mfg #131507700 works with all models listed.

Does this fit my model?

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Manufacturer Appliance Model Description
Frigidaire FWX223LBS7 Washer - P5995332003
Frigidaire FWS445RFS1 Washer - P5995313359
Frigidaire FWS223RFS2 Washer - P5995332037
Frigidaire FWS235RFS1 Washer - P5995310215
Frigidaire FWS235RFS4 Washer - P5995324844
Frigidaire FWS235RFS6 Washer - P5995346144
Frigidaire FWS235RFT1 Washer - P5995310215
Frigidaire FWS235RFT2 Washer - P5995311866
Frigidaire FWS235RFT4 Washer - P5995324844
Frigidaire FWS235RFT5 Washer - P5995331864
Frigidaire FWS235RFT6 Washer - P5995346144
Frigidaire FWS235RFS2 Washer - P5995311866
Frigidaire FWS235RFS5 Washer - P5995331864
Frigidaire FWS445RFS2 Washer
Frigidaire FWS445RFS3 Washer - P5995324778
Frigidaire FWS445RFT1 Washer - P5995313359
Frigidaire FWS445RFT2 Washer
Frigidaire FWS445RFT3 Washer - P5995324778
Frigidaire FWS446GHS0 Washer - P5995335030
Frigidaire FWS645GFS1 Washer - P5995310462
Frigidaire FWS645GFS2 Washer
Frigidaire FWS645GFT1 Washer - P5995310462
Frigidaire FWS645GFT2 Washer
Frigidaire FWS645GHS0 Washer - P5995334991
Frigidaire FWS645GHT0 Washer - P5995334991
Frigidaire FWS687RHS0 Washer - P5995340733
Frigidaire FWS6969HW0 Washer - P5995333332
Frigidaire FWS6973EW1 Washer
Frigidaire FWS747RFS0 Washer - P5995322962
Frigidaire FWS747RFS1 Washer - P5995322616
Frigidaire FWS777GFS0 Washer - P5995326864
Frigidaire FWS777GFT0 Washer - P5995326864
Frigidaire FWS777GHS0 Washer - P5995335022
Frigidaire FWS800FHS0 Washer - P5995336491
Frigidaire FWS875GHS0 Washer - P5995334397
Frigidaire FWS900FHS0 Washer - P5995336558
Frigidaire FWS950RHS0 Washer - P5995335287
Frigidaire FWSB34RGS0 Washer - P5995323226
Frigidaire FWSB34RGS1 Washer - P5995346078
Frigidaire FWSB55RGS0 Washer - P5995324901
Frigidaire FWSB67RGS0 Washer
Frigidaire FWSB67RGS2 Washer
Frigidaire FWX221AS0 Washer
Frigidaire FWX221AS1 Washer
Frigidaire FWX221AS2 Washer
Frigidaire FWX225RHS0 Washer - P5995332466
Frigidaire FWX233MRES0 Dishwasher - P5995337184
Frigidaire FWX233RES2 Washer - P5995309043
Frigidaire FWX233RES3 Washer - P5995311791
Frigidaire FWX233RES5 Washer - P5995324661
Frigidaire FWX233RET0 Washer - P5995332052
Frigidaire FWX414RGS0 Washer - P5995331963
Frigidaire FWX435RHS0 Washer - P5995332490
Frigidaire FWX435RHT0 Washer - P5995340667
Frigidaire FWX445RFS1 Washer - P5995310132
Frigidaire FWX445RFS2 Washer - P5995313417
Frigidaire FWX445RFS4 Washer - P5995324828
Frigidaire FWX445RFT1 Washer - P5995310132
Frigidaire FWX445RFT2 Washer - P5995313417
Frigidaire FWX445RFT4 Washer - P5995324828
Frigidaire FWX6968HW0 Washer - P5995333316
Frigidaire FWX6970EW2 Washer - P5995309704
Frigidaire FWX6970EW3 Washer - P5995312336
Frigidaire FWX6970EW5 Washer - P5995324695
Frigidaire FWXB23RGS0 Washer - P5995323259
Frigidaire FWXB45RGS0 Washer
Frigidaire FWXB45RGS1 Washer
Frigidaire WWX213RHS0 Washer - P5995337804
White-Westinghouse WWX121ES0 Washer
White-Westinghouse WWX121ES1 Washer
White-Westinghouse WWX213RHS1 Washer
Frigidaire FWX233RES4 Washer - P5995319125
Frigidaire FWX445RFT3 Washer - P5995319190
Frigidaire FWX645RFS1 Washer - P5995319208
Frigidaire FWS235RFS3 Washer - P5995318424
Frigidaire FWS223RFS1 Washer - P5995318382
Frigidaire FWX445RFS3 Washer - P5995319190
Frigidaire FWS545RFS1 Washer - P5995318564

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