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Sink Flange Assembly


This is a new, genuine part manufactured by GE for GE and Hotpoint appliances.
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Part Number PD00028822
Manufacturer Part WC15X10003
Manufactured By GE OEM Info
In Stock
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Part Description

Garbage Disposal Sink Flange Assembly.  This is a new GENUINE GE replacement part.

Compatible Brands

  • GE
  • Hotpoint

View Model Cross Reference Table

This Part PD00028822 (Mfg #WC15X10003) replaces these parts:

  • 1085935
  • WC15X0041
  • WC15X0043
  • WC15X10001
  • WC15X10002
  • WC15X41
  • WC15X43

Our Competitor’s Part Numbers for this part

  • EAP773933
  • PS773933
  • 2630186
  • AP3203259

Model Cross Reference

This part PD00028822 (Mfg #WC15X10003) works with all models listed.
Help me find my model number
Manufacturer Appliance Model Description
GE GFC325V Disposal
GE AFC111V Disposer
GE GFB1060F-01 Disposer
GE GFB760F-01 Disposer
GE GFB760H-01 Disposer
GE GFB760V Disposer
GE GFC1001F-01 Disposer
GE GFC1001VSS Disposer
GE GFC1020F-01 Disposer
GE GFC1020T Disposer
GE GFC1020V Disposal
GE GFC320F-01 Disposer
GE GFC320T Disposer
GE GFC320V Disposal
GE GFC323F-00 Disposer
GE GFC325F-01 Disposer
GE GFC325T Disposer
GE GFC501F-01 Disposer
GE GFC501VSS Disposer
GE GFC520F-01 Garbage Disposal
GE GFC520T Garbage Disposal
GE GFC520V Garbage Disposal
GE GFC525F-01 Disposer
GE GFC525T Disposer
GE GFC525V Disposal
GE GFC530F-01 Disposer
GE GFC530H-01 Disposer
GE GFC530T Disposer
GE GFC530V Disposal
GE GFC533F-00 Disposer
GE GFC535F-01 Disposer
GE GFC535T Disposer
GE GFC535V Disposal
GE GFC701F-01 Disposer
GE GFC701VSS Disposer
GE GFC720F-01 Disposer
GE GFC720H-01 Disposer
GE GFC720T Disposer
GE GFC720V Disposal
GE GFC723F-00 Disposer
GE GFC760V Disposer
Hotpoint GFB1050-01 Disposer
GE GFB1050-02 Disposer
GE GFB1050G01 Ge Disposers
GE GFB1050G02 Disposer
GE GFB1050G03 Ge Disposers
GE GFB1050V-01 Disposer Batch-feed
Hotpoint GFB1051-01 Disposer
GE GFB1051-02 Disposer
GE GFB1051G01 Ge Disposers
GE GFB1051G02 Disposer
Hotpoint GFC1000-01 Disposer
GE GFC1000-02 Disposer
GE GFC1000G01 Ge Disposers
GE GFC1000G02 Disposer
GE GFC1000G03 Ge Disposers
GE GFC195-01 Disposer
GE GFC195-02 Disposer
Hotpoint GFC197-01 Disposer
GE GFC197-02 Disposer
GE GFC197G01 Ge Disposers
GE GFC197G02 Ge Disposers
GE GFC197P-01 Disposer
GE GFC197P-02 Disposer
GE GFC197PG01 Ge Disposers
GE GFC197PG02 Ge Disposers
GE GFC200-01 Disposer
GE GFC200-02 Disposer
Hotpoint GFC210-01 Disposer
GE GFC210-02 Disposer
GE GFC210G01 Ge Disposers
GE GFC222-01 Disposer
GE GFC222-02 Disposer
GE GFC230-02 Disposer
Hotpoint GFC232-01 Disposer
GE GFC232-02 Disposer
GE GFC232G01 Ge Disposers
Hotpoint GFC240-01 Disposer
GE GFC240-02 Disposer
GE GFC240G01 Ge Disposers
GE GFC400-01 Disposer
GE GFC400-02 Disposer
Hotpoint GFC410-01 Disposer
GE GFC410-02 Disposer
GE GFC410G01 Ge Disposers
GE GFC430-02 Disposer
Hotpoint GFC440-01 Disposer
GE GFC440-02 Disposer
GE GFC440G01 Ge Disposers
GE GFC600-01 Disposer
GE GFC600-02 Disposer
Hotpoint GFC610-01 Disposer
GE GFC610-02 Disposer
GE GFC610G01 Ge Disposers
GE GFC900 Disposer

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