Door Boot Seal

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Part Number PD00001744
Manufacturer Part 4986ER0004F
Manufactured By LG OEM
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Part Description

Front load washer door boot seal gasket (bellow seal) with drain hole.  For the gasket without the drain hole, use part number 4986ER0004B.  This is a new GENUINE LG replacement part.

Repair Help: How to determine if your gasket has a drain hole

Compatible Brands

  • Kenmore
  • LG

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This Part PD00001744 (Mfg #4986ER0004F) replaces these parts:

  • 4986ER0004J
  • 4986ER0004K
  • 4986ER0004N

Our Competitor’s Part Numbers for this part

  • 1377588
  • AP4439003
  • PS2461068
  • EAP2461068

Repair Stories

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  • Door Boot Seal
Product Rating
Mirinda from UT

Hole in the bottom of the ring, near the drainage area.


Flat head screwdriver, elbow grease.

Repair & Advice

Just watched a video on youtube that showed how to replace the ring around the front door of our washer. It took a bit of time but was totally worth saving the repairman bill and just doing it ourselves.

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  • Door Boot Seal
Product Rating
scott from TN

Water leaking from under bottom of door


Phillips screwdriver 9/32 and 1/4 inch nut driver and pliers several different sizes as the tub clamps were a bear without the tools designed to use but can be done with a little effort!

Repair & Advice

Be sure to check your boot to be sure the boot has or doesnt have a drain otherwise you have to get a little creative to make it work

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  • Door Boot Seal
Product Rating
Stan from AR

Had hole in my old boot


Pliers and a screw driver..

Repair & Advice

Was a little daunting at first as I watched the washing machine come apart, but once the new boot was installed and the parts started going back together, confidence was in the air. I ended up with a feeling of accomplishment in the end.. although I admit my fingers were crossed as I plugged the washing machine in to the power outlet :-P


Model Cross Reference

This part PD00001744 (Mfg #4986ER0004F) works with all models listed.
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Manufacturer Appliance Model Description
Kenmore 79640272800 Washer
Kenmore 79640272900 Washer
Kenmore 79640311900 Washer
Kenmore 79640318900 Washer
Kenmore 79641172210 Washer
Kenmore 79641172211 Washer
Kenmore 79641272210 Washer
Kenmore 79641272211 Washer
LG CW2079CWD Washer
LG CW2079CWN Washer
LG WM0001HTM Residential Washer
LG WM0532HW Washer
LG WM0642HS Washer
LG WM1832CW Washer
LG WM2032HS Washer
LG WM2042CW Washer
LG WM2050CW Washer
LG WM2075CW Washer
LG WM2077CW Tromm Washer
LG WM2101HW Washer
LG WM2140CW Washer
LG WM2233HD Washer
LG WM2233HS Washer
LG WM2233HW Washer
LG WM2240CW Washing Machine
LG WM2250CW Washer
LG WM2277HB Washer
LG WM2277HS Washer
LG WM2277HW Tromm Washer
LG WM2301HR Washer
LG WM2301HW Washer
LG WM2350HRC Washing Machine
LG WM2350HWC Washing Machine
LG WM2442HW Washer
LG WM2455HG Washer
LG WM2455HW Washer
LG WM2650HRA Washing Machine
LG WM2650HWA Washer
LG WM2655HVA Washer
LG WM2677HBM Washer
LG WM2677HSM Washer
LG WM2677HWM Washer
LG WM2688HNMA Washer
LG WM2688HWMA Washer

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