Surface Burner Assembly

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Part Number PD00003456
Manufacturer Part WP3412D024-26
Manufactured By Whirlpool OEM
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Part Description

Gas range grey burner head cap and spark ignitor assembly.  Gasket seal is not longer required.  Grey in color.  This is a new GENUINE Whirlpool replacement part.

Compatible Brands

  • Admiral
  • Amana
  • Crosley
  • Hardwick
  • Jenn Air
  • Magic Chef
  • Maytag
  • Norge
  • Samsung

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This Part PD00003456 (Mfg #WP3412D024-26) replaces these parts:

  • 74003965
  • 12500099
  • 74007309
  • 74007309
  • 74003965
  • 3412D025-26
  • 3412D018-26
  • 3412D018-26
  • 3412D017-26
  • 3412D017-26
  • 3412D017-14
  • 3412D016-14

Our Competitor’s Part Numbers for this part

  • 1514969
  • AP6008593
  • PS11741733
  • EAP11741733

Repair Stories

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  • Surface Burner Assembly
Product Rating
Ramiro from TX

Flames coming out from bottom of burners and ignition not working


Channel Locks, utility knife blade, and female spade terminal

Repair & Advice

My wife was complaining that the flame was coming out from underneath the burner as well as from the desired location. After my inspection and use, I found that from the many years of cleaning, sometimes with bleach, the bottoms of the burners were rusting out. I also found that the ignitor had a crack in the ceramic and therefore the spark was happening under the burner and not outside of the burner , not igniting the gas. After I received the 4 new burners, I had to use channel locks to spin the old ones, due to the rust accumulation, in order to remove. Once freed, I noted which color wire went to which connection and then I pried the spade connections off with a screw driver to try to prevent breaking them, even though I still had to repair one. I then had to utilized a utility blade to scrape and remove rust and debris that had accumulated between the burner and stove top. Once cleaned, I reattached connections, and reinstalled with a quarter turn and tested. Thanks for the replacement part, it sure made for a happy wife

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  • Surface Burner Assembly
Product Rating
Justin from NY

Old burners rusted out, didnt work properly. Poor flame


Used a large pair of channel locks to loosen burners as they were rusted to cooktop

Repair & Advice

The bottoms of two of the burners were perforated and rusty, I'm sure from years of cooking and cleaning. This caused an irregular flame. I used a large pair of channel lock pliers to grip the burners to remove them, as I couldn't move them because of all the rust build up between the burners and cook top. I would recommend simply pulling the burners up off the cook top and cleaning under them regularly. Im sure it would prolong the life of the burner.

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  • Surface Burner Assembly
Product Rating
Annie from CA

Burner assembly was rusted, and igniter no longer worked.



Repair & Advice

Customer service at Parts Dr. was prompt and informative in helping us choose the right replacement parts.


Model Cross Reference

This part PD00003456 (Mfg #WP3412D024-26) works with all models listed.
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Manufacturer Appliance Model Description
Magic Chef 24MA-7CKXWV8 Magic Chef Cooking
Magic Chef 24MN-7CKXWV8 Magic Chef Cooking
Magic Chef 3115PUV Magic Chef Cooking
Magic Chef 31203PAV Magic Chef Cooking
Magic Chef 3127WTV Magic Chef Cooking
Magic Chef 31315VAV Magic Chef Cooking
Magic Chef 31315VBV Magic Chef Cooking
Magic Chef 31315WAV Magic Chef Cooking
Magic Chef 3167VTV Magic Chef Cooking
Magic Chef 3167XUA Magic Chef Cooking
Magic Chef 3167XUA-X Magic Chef Cooking
Magic Chef 3167XUW Magic Chef Cooking
Magic Chef 3167XUW-X Magic Chef Cooking
Magic Chef 3187VRV Magic Chef Cooking
Magic Chef 3187VTV Magic Chef Cooking
Magic Chef 3187VUV Magic Chef Cooking
Magic Chef 3468VVV Magic Chef Cooking
Magic Chef 3468XVA Magic Chef Cooking
Magic Chef 68-2593-80 Gas Range
Magic Chef 68-2593-81 Gas Range
Magic Chef 68-2593-87 Gas Range
Magic Chef 7498VAV Magic Chef Cooking
Magic Chef 7498VRV Magic Chef Cooking
Magic Chef 7498VTV Magic Chef Cooking
Magic Chef 7498VVV Magic Chef Cooking
Magic Chef 8261RV Magic Chef Cooking
Magic Chef 8261RW Magic Chef Cooking
Magic Chef 8361RV Magic Chef Cooking
Admiral A3438SRA Admiral Cooking
Admiral A3438SRW Admiral Cooking
Admiral A3488VRV Admiral Cooking
Admiral A3488XRA Admiral Cooking
Admiral A3488XRW Admiral Cooking
Admiral A6498VRV Admiral Cooking
Maytag ABR3740AGW Free Standing, Gas
Admiral ALR1450AJW Magic Chef Cooking
Amana ALY1680ADQ Amana Rv Range
Amana ALY1680ADW Amana Rv Range
Amana ALY2280ADQ Amana Rv Range
Amana ALY2280ADW Amana Rv Range
Amana ALZ8580ADQ Rv Range
Amana ALZ8580ADW Rv Range
Crosley C31113WAV Gas Range
Crosley C31113WAVP Gas Range
Crosley C31315VAV Crosley Cooking
Crosley C31315VBV Crosley Cooking
Maytag CBR3765AGC Gas Range
Crosley CG3177VRV Crosley Cooking
Crosley CG3177VUV Crosley Cooking
Crosley CG34700ADV Crosley Cooking
Crosley CG34700BDV Crosely Cooking
Crosley CG3478VVV Crosley Cooking
Crosley CG34800ADV Crosley Cooking
Crosley CG6498VVV Crosley Cooking
Magic Chef CGR1420BDW Magic Chef Cooking
Magic Chef CGR3742ADW Magic Chef Cooking
Magic Chef CGR3742BDW Magic Chef Cooking
Magic Chef CGR3742CDW Range
Magic Chef CGR3760ADW Range
Magic Chef CGR3760BDW Range
Magic Chef CGS3760ADW Magic Chef Cooking
Maytag CHG9800AAE Maytag Cooking
Maytag CHG9800BAE Maytag Cooking
Maytag CHG9830BAE Maytag Cooking
Admiral CHGA400BAE Admiral Cooking
Hardwick CKM9641A580RW Hardwick Cooking
Hardwick CKM9641A589RGD Hardwick Cooking
Hardwick CKM9641W580RW Hardwick Cooking
Hardwick CKM9641W589RGC Hardwick Cooking
Hardwick CM9641A590R Hardwick Cooking
Hardwick CM9641W590R Hardwick Cooking
Hardwick CPM9841A689DG Hardwick Cooking
Hardwick CPM9841W689DG Hardwick Cooking
Maytag CRG7400CAE Maytag Cooking
Maytag CRG7500AAE Maytag Cooking
Maytag CRG7500CAE Maytag Cooking
Maytag CRG7500CGE Maytag Cooking
Maytag CRG9700CAE Maytag Cooking
Maytag CRG9700CGE Maytag Cooking
Maytag CRG9800AAE Maytag Cooking
Maytag CRG9800BAE Maytag Cooking
Maytag CRG9800CAE Maytag Cooking
Maytag CRG9830CAE Maytag Cooking
Admiral CRGA800AAE Admiral Cooking
Admiral CSGA450AAE Admiral Cooking
Amana DCF3315AW Amana Cooking
Magic Chef DF251300 Range
Magic Chef DF253660 Gas Range
Magic Chef DF253670 Range
Jenn-Air FCG20002W Jenn-air Cooking
Jenn-Air FCG20100W Gas Range
Jenn-Air FCG2040W Jenn-air Cooking
Jenn-Air FCG2041W Jenn-air Cooking
Jenn-Air FCG2042W Gas Slide-in Range
Jenn-Air FCG20500W Jenn-air Cooking
Jenn-Air FCG20510W Gas Slide-in Range
Jenn-Air FCG20600W Jenn-air Cooking
Jenn-Air FCG20610W Gas Slide-in Range
Maytag G3127WRV Magic Chef Cooking
Maytag G3127WRV-3 Magic Chef Cooking
Maytag G3127WRV-4 Magic Chef Cooking
Maytag GA31713WAV Admiral Cooking
Maytag GA3177WUV Admiral Cooking
Maytag GA3488VVV Admiral Cooking
Maytag GM31113WAV Magic Chef Cooking
Maytag GM3167WUV Magic Chef Cooking
GE GN31113WAV Norge Cooking
Hardwick H3137WUV-L Hardwick Cooking
Hardwick H32315WAV Hardwick Cooking
Hardwick H3277VUV Hardwick Cooking
Hardwick H3478VRV Hardwick Cooking
Hardwick H3478VVV Hardwick Cooking
Jenn-Air J31213WAV Jenn-air Cooking
Jenn-Air JG3127WTV Gas Range
Jenn-Air JGR8730ADW Range
Jenn-Air JGR8750ADW Gas Range
Jenn-Air JGR8750BDW Range
Jenn-Air JGR8850ADW Gas Range
Jenn-Air JGR8850BDW Range
Maytag MAYTAG Maytag Cooking Accessories
Maytag MBR4450BGW Range
Maytag MBR5750AGW Gas Range
Maytag MCG20100W Gas Range
Maytag MGR4411BDW Gas Range
Maytag MGR4450BDW Maytag Cooking
Maytag MGR4452ADW Maytag Cooking
Maytag MGR4452BDB Gas Range
Maytag MGR4452BDS Maytag Cooking
Maytag MGR4452BDW Gas Range
Maytag MGR5710ADW Gas Range
Maytag MGR5729ADW Range
Maytag MGR5730BDW Range
Maytag MGR5745ADW Gas Range
Maytag MGR5750ADW Maytag Cooking
Maytag MGR5750BDW Maytag Cooking
Maytag MGR5752BDW Maytag Cooking
Maytag MGR5755ADW Maytag Cooking
Maytag MGR5770ADW Gas Range
Maytag MGR5770BDW Range
Maytag MGR5870ADW Gas Range
Maytag MGRH451BDW Maytag Cooking
Maytag MGRH752BDW Freestanding Gas Range
Maytag MGS5770ADW Gas Range
Maytag MGS5870ADW Maytag Cooking
Magic Chef OEMMAYCONV9 Magic Chef Cooking
Maytag PGR4410CDW Maytag Cooking
Maytag PGR5710BDW Maytag Cooking
Samsung RGSF3330DW/XAA Samsung Cooking

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