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Estimated arrival
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This is a new, genuine OEM part manufactured by Whirlpool for Admiral, Alliance, Crosley, GE, Hardwick, Jenn Air, Magic Chef, Maytag and Whirlpool appliances.
In Stock
In Stock
Screw WP7101P062-60
Screw WP7101P062-60
Screw WP7101P062-60



This is a new, genuine OEM part manufactured by Whirlpool for Admiral, Alliance, Crosley, GE, Hardwick, Jenn Air, Magic Chef, Maytag and Whirlpool appliances.
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Arrives Thu Mar 23–28.

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  • Standard – $9.99
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Part Description

Range/Cooktop screw.  This is a new GENUINE Whirlpool replacement part.

Part Number


Manufacturer Part


Manufactured By

Whirlpool OEM Info

Part Numbers

This Part PD00044829 (Mfg #WP7101P062-60) replaces these parts:

Our Competitor’s Part Numbers for this part

  • 4435940
  • AP6010721
  • PS11743905
  • EAP11743905

Compatible Brands

  • Admiral
  • Alliance
  • Crosley
  • GE
  • Hardwick
  • Jenn Air
  • Magic Chef
  • Maytag
  • Whirlpool

Model Cross Reference

This part PD00044829 (Mfg #WP7101P062-60) works with all models listed.

Does this fit my model?

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Manufacturer Appliance Model Description
Crosley CG3100PPA Gas Freestanding Range
Crosley CG3100PPW Gas Freestanding Range
Crosley CG3110PPA Gas Freestanding Range
Crosley CG3110PPW Gas Freestanding Range
Maytag CNP201 Gas Freestanding Range
Maytag CNP2010AXL Gas Freestanding Range
Maytag CNP2010AXW Gas Freestanding Range
Maytag CNP2010BXL Gas Freestanding Range
Maytag CNP2010BXW Gas Freestanding Range
Maytag LCNP201 Gas Freestanding Range
Magic Chef 4100PRA Gas Range
Magic Chef 4100PRW Gas Range
Whirlpool W5CG3625XB00 30" Gas Cooktop
Jenn-Air JGC8536BDS11 36" Gas Cooktop
Whirlpool G7CG3665XS00 36" Gas Cooktop
Whirlpool WCG97US6DS00 Gas Cooktop
Whirlpool W5CG3625XS00 30" Gas Cooktop
Whirlpool W5CG3024XS01 30" Gas Cooktop
Whirlpool W5CG3024XS00 30" Gas Cooktop
Whirlpool W5CG3024XB01 30" Gas Cooktop
Whirlpool W5CG3024XT01 30" Gas Cooktop
Whirlpool W5CG3024XW01 30" Gas Cooktop
Whirlpool WCG51US6DW00 Gas Cooktop
Whirlpool WCG51US6DB00 Gas Cooktop
Whirlpool WCG51US6DS00 Gas Cooktop
Jenn-Air JGC1536ADS Gas Cooktop
Jenn-Air JGC1536ADS15 Cooktop
Hardwick SG9612A79RO Gas Range
Hardwick SG9612W79RO Gas Range
Hardwick SG9617A429R Gas Range
Hardwick SG9617W429R Gas Range
Maytag MGC5536BDW Gas Counter Unit Cooktop
Hardwick SKG9611A540R Gas Range
Jenn-Air JGC8430BDS Gas Counter Unit Cooktop
Amana AKS3040BCC Gas Counter Unit Cooktop
Amana AKS3040BE Gas Counter Unit Cooktop
Amana AKS3040BSS Gas Counter Unit Cooktop
Amana AKS3040BWW Gas Counter Unit Cooktop
Amana AKS3640CC Gas Counter Unit Cooktop
Amana AKS3640E Gas Counter Unit Cooktop
Amana AKS3640SS Gas Counter Unit Cooktop
Amana AKS3640WW Gas Counter Unit Cooktop
Magic Chef CGC2430ADB Gas Counter Unit Cooktop
Magic Chef CGC2430ADC Gas Counter Unit Cooktop
Magic Chef CGC2430ADQ Gas Counter Unit Cooktop
Magic Chef CGC2430ADW Gas Counter Unit Cooktop
Magic Chef CGC2536ADB Gas Counter Unit Cooktop
Magic Chef CGC2536ADC Gas Counter Unit Cooktop
Magic Chef CGC2536ADQ Gas Counter Unit Cooktop
Magic Chef CGC2536ADW Gas Counter Unit Cooktop
Whirlpool G7CG3064XB00 30" Gas Cooktop
Whirlpool G7CG3064XS00 30" Gas Cooktop
Whirlpool G7CG3665XB00 36" Gas Cooktop
Jenn-Air JDC1536ADS15 Counter Unit - Gas
Jenn-Air JGC1430ADB Gas Cooktop
Jenn-Air JGC1430ADB14 30" Gas Cooktop
Jenn-Air JGC1430ADS Gas Cooktop
Jenn-Air JGC1430ADS14 30" Gas Cooktop
Jenn-Air JGC1430ADW Gas Cooktop
Jenn-Air JGC1430ADW14 30" Gas Cooktop
Jenn-Air JGC1536ADB Gas Cooktop
Jenn-Air JGC1536ADB15 Counter Unit - Gas
Jenn-Air JGC1536ADW Gas Cooktop
Jenn-Air JGC1536ADW15 Counter Unit - Gas
Jenn-Air JGC4430BDB14 Counter Unit - Gas
Jenn-Air JGC4430BDS14 Counter Unit - Gas
Jenn-Air JGC4430BDW14 Counter Unit - Gas
Jenn-Air JGC6430ADB Gas Counter Unit Cooktop
Jenn-Air JGC6430ADW Gas Counter Unit Cooktop
Jenn-Air JGC8430BDB Gas Counter Unit Cooktop
Jenn-Air JGC8430BDQ Gas Counter Unit Cooktop
Jenn-Air JGC8430BDW Gas Counter Unit Cooktop
Jenn-Air JGC8430CDB11 36" Gas Cooktop
Jenn-Air JGC8430CDS11 36" Gas Cooktop
Jenn-Air JGC8430CDW11 36" Gas Cooktop
Jenn-Air JGC8536BDB11 36" Gas Cooktop
Jenn-Air JGC8536BDW11 36" Gas Cooktop
Jenn-Air JGC9430BDB14 36" Gas Cooktop
Jenn-Air JGC9430BDS14 36" Gas Cooktop
Maytag S1100PAW Gas Range
Maytag S31000PAW Gas Range
Maytag S31000PAWD Gas Range
Admiral SA31HA-10XS-R Gas Freestanding Range
Admiral SA31HW-10XS-R Gas Freestanding Range
Maytag MGC4430BDB0 Counter Unit Gas
Maytag MGC4430BDB11 Counter Unit - Gas
Maytag MGC4430BDB12 30" Gas Cooktop
Maytag MGC4430BDC0 Counter Unit Gas
Maytag MGC4430BDC11 Counter Unit - Gas
Maytag MGC4430BDC12 30" Gas Cooktop
Maytag MGC4430BDW0 Counter Unit Gas
Maytag MGC4430BDW11 Counter Unit - Gas
Maytag MGC4430BDW12 30" Gas Cooktop
Maytag MGC4436BDB0 Counter Unit - Gas
Maytag MGC4436BDB11 Counter Unit - Gas
Maytag MGC4436BDB12 36" Gas Cooktop
Maytag MGC4436BDC0 Counter Unit - Gas
Maytag MGC4436BDC11 Counter Unit - Gas
Maytag MGC4436BDC12 36" Gas Cooktop
Maytag MGC4436BDW0 Counter Unit - Gas
Maytag MGC4436BDW11 Counter Unit - Gas
Maytag MGC4436BDW12 36" Gas Cooktop
Maytag MGC5430BDB Gas Counter Unit Cooktop
Maytag MGC5430BDB20 30" Gas Cooktop
Maytag MGC5430BDB21 Counter Unit - Gas
Maytag MGC5430BDC21 Counter Unit - Gas
Maytag MGC5430BDQ Gas Counter Unit Cooktop
Maytag MGC5430BDS Gas Counter Unit Cooktop
Maytag MGC5430BDS20 30" Gas Cooktop
Maytag MGC5430BDW Gas Counter Unit Cooktop
Maytag MGC5430BDW21 Counter Unit - Gas
Maytag MGC5536BDB Gas Counter Unit Cooktop
Maytag MGC5536BDB21 36" Gas Cooktop
Maytag MGC5536BDB22 36" Gas Cooktop
Maytag MGC5536BDQ Gas Counter Unit Cooktop
Maytag MGC5536BDS Gas Counter Unit Cooktop
Maytag MGC5536BDS21 36" Gas Cooktop
Maytag MGC5536BDS22 36" Gas Cooktop
Maytag MGC5536BDW22 36" Gas Cooktop
Maytag MGC7430DB00 Counter Unit
Maytag MGC7430WB00 36" Gas Cooktop
Maytag MGC7430WS00 36" Gas Cooktop
Maytag MGC7430WW00 36" Gas Cooktop
Maytag MGC7536DB00 Gas Cooktop
Maytag MGC7536DE00 Gas Cooktop
Maytag MGC7536DS00 Gas Cooktop
Maytag MGC7536WB00 36" Gas Cooktop
Maytag MGC7536WS00 36" Gas Cooktop
Maytag MGC7536WW00 36" Gas Cooktop
Maytag MGR1100ADW Gas Range
Hardwick SKG4622MGA639R Gas Range
Hardwick SKG4622MGW639R Gas Range
Hardwick SKG9611W540R Gas Range
Whirlpool W5CG3024XB00 30" Gas Cooktop
Whirlpool W5CG3024XT00 30" Gas Cooktop
Whirlpool W5CG3024XW00 30" Gas Cooktop
Whirlpool W5CG3625XW00 30" Gas Cooktop
Whirlpool WCG55US0HS00 Gas Cooktop
Whirlpool WCG55US0HW00 Gas Cooktop
Whirlpool WCG55US6HB00 Gas Cooktop
Whirlpool WCG55US6HS00 Counter Unit Cooktop
Whirlpool WCG55US6HW00 Gas Cooktop
Whirlpool WCG77US0HS00 Gas Cooktop
Whirlpool WCG97US0HS00 Gas Cooktop
Whirlpool WCG97US6HS00 Gas Cooktop
GE N3110KRA Gas Range
GE N3110KRW Gas Range
GE N3110PPA Gas Range
GE N3110PPW Gas Range
GE N3110PRA Gas Range
GE N3110PRW Gas Range
GE N3120SPA Gas Range
GE N3120SPW Gas Range
GE N3120SRA Gas Range
GE N3120SRW Gas Range
GE NGA6H2GW Gas Range
GE NGW6H2GW Gas Range
Crosley YPL1110ADH Gas Freestanding Range
Crosley UCGA2D2NW-AD Gas Freestanding Range
Crosley UCGW2D2NW-AD Gas Freestanding Range
GE UNGA3G1 Gas Range
GE UNGW3G1 Gas Range
Magic Chef 1100PAA Gas Freestanding Range
Magic Chef 1100PAW Gas Freestanding Range
Magic Chef 1100PAW-L Gas Freestanding Range
Magic Chef 1100PAWL Magic Chef Cooking
Magic Chef 1100PRA Gas Freestanding Range
Magic Chef 1100PRW Gas Freestanding Range
Magic Chef 31000PAAD Gas Freestanding Range
Magic Chef 31000PAAT Gas Freestanding Range
Magic Chef 31000PAWD Gas Freestanding Range
Magic Chef 31000PAWT Gas Freestanding Range
Magic Chef 3100PPA Gas Freestanding Range
Magic Chef 3100PPW Gas Freestanding Range
Magic Chef 3100SPA Gas Freestanding Range
Magic Chef 3100SPW Gas Freestanding Range
Magic Chef 31100KAA Gas Freestanding Range
Magic Chef 31100KAW Gas Freestanding Range
Magic Chef 31100PAA Gas Freestanding Range
Magic Chef 31100PAW Gas Freestanding Range
Magic Chef 31100SAA Gas Freestanding Range
Magic Chef 31100SAW Gas Freestanding Range
Magic Chef 3110KPA Gas Range
Magic Chef 3110KPW Gas Range
Magic Chef 3110KRA Gas Range
Magic Chef 3110KRW Gas Range
Magic Chef 3110PPA Gas Range
Magic Chef 3110PPW Gas Range
Magic Chef 3110PRA Gas Range
Magic Chef 3110PRV Gas Range
Magic Chef 3110PRW Gas Range
Magic Chef 3120SPA Gas Range
Magic Chef 3120SPW Gas Range
Magic Chef 3120SRA Gas Range
Magic Chef 3120SRW Gas Range
Magic Chef 31HA-10 Gas Range
Magic Chef 31HA-10-02 Gas Range
Magic Chef 31HA-10-NJ Gas Range
Magic Chef 31HA-10XS-ON Gas Range
Magic Chef 31HN-10 Gas Range
Magic Chef 31HN-10-NJ Gas Range
Magic Chef 31HN-10XS-ON Gas Range
Magic Chef 38JA-2CX-94 Electric Range
Magic Chef 38JA-2CX-ON Electric Range
Magic Chef 38JA-2CXW-ON Electric Range
Magic Chef 38JN-2CX-94 Electric Range
Magic Chef 38JN-2CX-ON Electric Range
Magic Chef 38JN-2CXW-ON Electric Range
Magic Chef 41EA-2W Gas Range
Magic Chef 41EA-2W-30 Gas Range
Magic Chef 41EA-3GW Gas Range
Magic Chef 41EB-2W-30 Gas Range
Magic Chef 41EG-2W-30 Gas Range
Magic Chef 41EN-14 Gas Range
Magic Chef 41EN-2GW Gas Range
Magic Chef 41EN-2W Gas Range
Magic Chef 41EN-31W Gas Range
Magic Chef 41EN-3GW Gas Range
Magic Chef 41EY-2GW Gas Range
Magic Chef 41EY-2W-30 Gas Range
Magic Chef 41EY-3GW Gas Range
Admiral 570AJ Gas Freestanding Range
Admiral 570AJ-K Gas Freestanding Range
Admiral 570WJ Gas Freestanding Range
Admiral 570WJ-K Gas Freestanding Range
Kenmore 62970131 Gas Range
Kenmore 62970138 Gas Range
Admiral 671AH Gas Freestanding Range
Admiral 671WH Gas Freestanding Range
Hardwick 70131 Gas Freestanding Range
Hardwick 70138 Gas Freestanding Range
Admiral A1100PRA Gas Freestanding Range
Admiral A1100PRW Gas Freestanding Range
Admiral A3100PPA Gas Freestanding Range
Admiral A3100PPA-K Gas Freestanding Range
Admiral A3100PPW Gas Freestanding Range
Admiral A3100PPW-K Gas Freestanding Range
Admiral A3110PPA Gas Freestanding Range
Admiral A3110PPW Gas Freestanding Range
Admiral A3110PRA Gas Freestanding Range
Admiral A3110PRALT Gas Freestanding Range
Admiral A3110PRW Gas Freestanding Range
Admiral A3110PRWLT Gas Freestanding Range
Admiral A3110XRALT Gas Freestanding Range
Admiral A3110XRWLT Gas Freestanding Range
Admiral A3120SPA Gas Freestanding Range
Admiral A3120SPW Gas Freestanding Range
Admiral A3120SRA Gas Freestanding Range
Admiral A3120SRALT Gas Freestanding Range
Admiral A3120SRW Gas Freestanding Range
Admiral A3120SRWLT Gas Freestanding Range
Admiral A31HA-10-R Gas Freestanding Range
Admiral A31HN-10-R Gas Freestanding Range
Amana AGC6540KFS05 Cooktop, Gas
Magic Chef B38JA-2CXW-ON Electric Range
Magic Chef B38JN-2CX-ON Electric Range
Magic Chef B38JN-2CXW-ON Electric Range
Crosley C31000PAAD Gas Freestanding Range
Crosley C31000PAWD Gas Freestanding Range
Crosley CG11000ADV Gas Freestanding Range
Crosley CG1100PRA Gas Freestanding Range
Crosley CG1100PRW Gas Freestanding Range
Crosley CG3110PRA Gas Freestanding Range
Crosley CG3110PRV Gas Freestanding Range
Crosley CG3110PRW Gas Freestanding Range
Crosley CG3120SPA Gas Freestanding Range
Crosley CG3120SPW Gas Freestanding Range
Crosley CG3120SRA Gas Freestanding Range
Crosley CG3120SRW Gas Freestanding Range
Hardwick CG4612MA539RG Gas Range
Hardwick CG4612MW539RG Gas Range
Hardwick CG4616MA429RG Gas Range
Hardwick CG4616MW429RG Gas Range
Hardwick CG9616A429R Gas Range
Hardwick CG9616A429RW Gas Range
Hardwick CG9616A79R Gas Range
Hardwick CG9616W429R Gas Range
Hardwick CG9616W429RW Gas Range
Hardwick CG9616W79R Gas Range
Hardwick CG9617A439R Gas Range
Hardwick CG9617W439R Gas Range
Hardwick CG9617W540R Gas Range
Hardwick CG9617W540RG Gas Range
Hardwick CG9617W540RQ Gas Range
Hardwick CG9617W560RQ Gas Range
Hardwick CG9617W570R Gas Range
Crosley CGA2D21 Gas Freestanding Range
Crosley CGA3D1 Gas Freestanding Range
Crosley CGA3D3X Gas Freestanding Range
Crosley CGA6C5W Gas Freestanding Range
Magic Chef CGL1125ADH Gas Freestanding Range
Crosley CGW2D21 Gas Freestanding Range
Crosley CGW3D1 Gas Freestanding Range
Crosley CGW3D3X Gas Freestanding Range
Crosley CGW6C5W Gas Freestanding Range
Hardwick CH9616A79R Gas Range
Hardwick CH9616W79R Gas Range
Hardwick CH9626A79R Gas Range
Hardwick CH9626W79R Gas Range
Hardwick CJ1616A49R Gas Range
Hardwick CJ1616W49R Gas Range
Hardwick CKG4612MA539RG Gas Range
Hardwick CKG4612MW539RG Gas Range
Admiral CNPA100AXL Free Standing Gas Range
Admiral CNPA100AXW Free Standing Gas Range
Magic Chef CPL1100ADQ Gas Freestanding Range
Magic Chef CPL1100ADW Gas Freestanding Range
Magic Chef CPL1110ADH Gas Freestanding Range
Magic Chef CPL1110ADL Gas Freestanding Range
Magic Chef CPL1110ADT Gas Freestanding Range
Maytag CRL5300BXA Gas Freestanding Range
Maytag CRL5300BXW Gas Freestanding Range
Maytag CRP205 Gas Range
Maytag CRP5300AXL Gas Range
Maytag CRP5300AXW Gas Range
Admiral CRPA200AXL Gas Freestanding Range
Admiral CRPA200AXW Gas Freestanding Range
Maytag D31100PAAL Gas Freestanding Range
Maytag D31100PATL Gas Freestanding Range
Maytag D31100PAWL Gas Freestanding Range
Maytag D31100SAAL Gas Freestanding Range
Maytag D31100SAWL Gas Freestanding Range
Maytag D3110PRALT Gas Range
Maytag D3110PRWLT Gas Range
Maytag D3120SRALT Gas Range
Maytag D3120SRWLT Gas Range
Maytag G1110PRA Gas Freestanding Range
Maytag G1110PRW Gas Freestanding Range
Maytag G3110PRA-M Gas Range
Maytag G3110PRW-M Gas Range
Maytag G3216SRA-M Gas Range
Maytag G3216SRW-M Gas Range
Maytag G3216WRA-M Gas Range
Maytag G3216WRW-M Gas Range
Maytag G3227WRA-M Gas Range
Maytag G3227WRAM3 Gas Range
Maytag G3227WRAM4 Gas Range
Maytag G3227WRW-M Gas Range
Maytag G3227WRWM3 Gas Range
Maytag G3227WRWM4 Gas Range
Maytag G3227XRA-M Gas Range
Maytag G3227XRAM3 Gas Range
Maytag G3227XRAM4 Gas Range
Maytag G3227XRW-M Gas Range
Maytag G3227XRWM3 Gas Range
Maytag G3227XRWM4 Gas Range
Maytag G3267XRA-M Gas Range
Maytag G3267XRAM3 Gas Range
Maytag G3267XRAM4 Gas Range
Maytag G3267XRW-M Gas Range
Maytag G3267XRWM3 Gas Range
Maytag G3267XRWM4 Gas Range
Maytag G4131WRAM4 Gas Range
Maytag G4131WRWM4 Gas Range
Maytag G4231WRAM4 Gas Range
Maytag G4231WRWM4 Gas Range
Maytag GA3110PRWM Gas Range
Maytag GA3216WRAM Gas Range
Maytag GA3216WRWM Gas Range
Maytag GA3277WUAM Gas Range
Maytag GA3277WUWM Gas Range
Maytag GA3277XUAM Gas Range
Maytag GA3277XUWM Gas Range
Maytag GC3277WUAM Gas Range
Maytag GC3277WUWM Gas Range
Maytag GC3277XUAM Gas Range
Maytag GC3277XUWM Gas Range
Maytag GM1110PRW Gas Range
Maytag GM3110PRAM Gas Freestanding Range
Maytag GM3110PRWM Gas Freestanding Range
Maytag GM3216WRWM Gas Range
Maytag GM3267WUAM Gas Range
Maytag GM3267WUWM Gas Range
Maytag GM3267XUAM Gas Range
Maytag GM3267XUWM Gas Range
Maytag GV1110PRW Gas Range
Jenn-Air H1100PAW Gas Slide-In Range
Hardwick H1100PRA Gas Range
Hardwick H1100PRW Gas Range
Hardwick H31000PAAD Gas Range
Hardwick H31000PAWD Gas Range
Hardwick H3100PPA Gas Range
Hardwick H3100PPW Gas Range
Hardwick H3110PPA Gas Range
Hardwick H3110PPW Gas Range
Hardwick H3110PRA Gas Range
Hardwick H3110PRW Gas Range
Hardwick H3120SPA Gas Range
Hardwick H3120SPW Gas Range
Hardwick H3120SRA Gas Range
Hardwick H3120SRW Gas Range
Hardwick H4100PRA Gas Range
Hardwick H4100PRW Gas Range
Jenn-Air J31100PAW Gas Range
KitchenAid KCGS350ESS05 Cooktop, Gas
KitchenAid KCGS356ESS05 Cooktop, Gas
KitchenAid KCGS550ESS05 Cooktop, Gas
KitchenAid KCGS556ESS05 Cooktop, Gas
KitchenAid KCGS950ESS05 Cooktop, Gas
KitchenAid KCGS956ESS05 Cooktop, Gas
KitchenAid KRFF302EBL01 Refrigerator
KitchenAid KRFF302ESS01 Refrigerator
KitchenAid KRFF302EWH01 Refrigerator
Maytag LCRP205 Gas Range
Maytag MGC7430DS05 Cooktop, Gas
Maytag MGC7536DS05 Cooktop, Gas
Maytag MGC9536DS05 Cooktop, Gas
GE N1100PAW Gas Freestanding Range
GE N1100PRA Gas Freestanding Range
GE N1100PRA-L Gas Freestanding Range
GE N1100PRW Gas Freestanding Range
GE N1100PRW-L Gas Freestanding Range
Magic Chef U41EA-14 Gas Range
Magic Chef U41EA-14GW-AU Gas Range
Magic Chef U41EA-2GLNW-19 Gas Range
Magic Chef U41EA-2GLW-DO Gas Range
Magic Chef U41EA-2GNW Gas Range
Magic Chef U41EA-2GW Gas Range
Magic Chef U41EA-2GW-AQ Gas Range
Magic Chef U41EA-2W Gas Range
Magic Chef U41EA-3GLNW-19 Gas Range
Magic Chef U41EA-3GLNW-AQ Gas Range
Magic Chef U41EA-3GLW Gas Range
Magic Chef U41EA-3GLW-AQ Gas Range
Magic Chef U41EN-14GW-AU Gas Range
Magic Chef U41EN-2GLNW-19 Gas Range
Magic Chef U41EN-2GLNW-FC Gas Range
Magic Chef U41EN-2GLW-DO Gas Range
Magic Chef U41EN-2GNW Gas Range
Magic Chef U41EN-2GW Gas Range
Magic Chef U41EN-2GW-AQ Gas Range
Magic Chef U41EN-2W Gas Range
Magic Chef U41EN-3GLNW-AQ Gas Range
Magic Chef U41EN-3GLW-AQ Gas Range
Magic Chef U41EN-3LW-AD Gas Range
Magic Chef U41EY-2GLW-DO Gas Range
Magic Chef U41EY-2GW Gas Range
Magic Chef U41EY-3GLNW-AQ Gas Range
Whirlpool WCG55US0HB00 Gas Cooktop
Whirlpool WCG55US0HB05 Cooktop, Gas
Whirlpool WCG55US0HS05 Cooktop, Gas
Whirlpool WCG55US6HB05 Cooktop, Gas
Whirlpool WCG55US6HS05 Cooktop, Gas
Whirlpool WCG97US0HS05 Cooktop, Gas

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