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Lid Lock Quick Release


This is a new, genuine part manufactured by GE for GE and Hotpoint appliances.
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Part Number PD00044337
Manufacturer Part WH01X27954
Manufactured By GE OEM Info
In Stock
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Part Description

Washer Lid Lock Quick Release.  This is a new GENUINE GE replacement part.

Compatible Brands

  • GE
  • Hotpoint

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This Part PD00044337 (Mfg #WH01X27954) replaces these parts:

  • WH01X24114
  • WH01X26114

Our Competitor’s Part Numbers for this part

  • 4813578
  • AP6331854
  • EAP12343280
  • PS12343280

Part Production Numbers

  • 290D1580P001
  • 290D1580P002
  • EG-380843 M

Repair Stories

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  • Lid Lock Quick Release
Product Rating
Russel from NJ

Washing machine would not begin when start was pushed.


None, other than a steady hand.

Repair & Advice

I learned how to change the part by watching this video.

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  • Lid Lock Quick Release
Product Rating
Steven from OR

My son opened the GE top-load washer lid while it was spinning and broke the lid lock. Machine would not function.


Phillips #2 screw driver, nut driver, and telescopic magnet to retrieve dropped screws.

Repair & Advice

I watched several YouTube videos to get a general feel for what needed to be done. None of them covered my model specifically. Looking at the washer, I mapped out the parts I had to take off and the screws required to accomplish removal. Unplugged the machine from power, turned off water and removed the water hoses (wasn't really necessary) as the back plate was slotted to go over the hose couplings. Found the screws needed to remove the control panel and unhooked all the quick disconnects. Removed the lid to reduce the weight and had one of my son's hold the top assembly up while I removed the broken lid lock and installed the new one. Reversed the order of disassembly. Reinstalled the water lines and power and turned the water back on. Total time - 30 minutes. The two hours I spent looking at YouTube videos was worth the effort as I had a good idea on how to proceed with the disassembly and tools needed. I did drop one screw and used a telescopic magnet to reach down into the overflow tray and pull the screw up to my level, even though it was not visible to me.

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  • Lid Lock Quick Release
Product Rating
Brenda from TX

The lid lock was broken and the washer wouldn’t change cycles.


Flat tool to take off the part then just snapped the new one in. Very easy to install.

Repair & Advice

After removing the old part I was able to just plug in the part snap it in and it was good to go.

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Model Cross Reference

This part PD00044337 (Mfg #WH01X27954) works with all models listed.
Help me find my model number
Manufacturer Appliance Model Description
GE GTW460ASJ5WW Washer
GE GTW485ASJ2WS Washer
Hotpoint HTW200ASK0WW Washer
GE GTW720BPN0DG Washer
GE GTW720BSN0WS Washer
GE GTW725BPN0DG Washer
GE GTW725BSN0WS Washer
Hotpoint HTW240ASK5WS Washer
GE GTW220ACK1WW Washer
GE GTW220ACK2WW Washer
GE GTW220ACK3WW Washer
GE GTW220ACK4WW Washer
GE GTW220ACK5WW Washer
GE GTW330ASK0WW Washer
GE GTW330ASK1WW Washer
GE GTW330ASK2WW Washer
GE GTW330ASK3WW Washer
GE GTW330ASK4WW Washer
GE GTW460AMJ0WW Washer
GE GTW460AMJ1WW Washer
GE GTW460AMJ2WW Washer
GE GTW460AMJ3WW Washer
GE GTW460AMJ4WW Washer
GE GTW460ASJ0WW Washer
GE GTW460ASJ1WW Washer
GE GTW460ASJ2WW Washer
GE GTW460ASJ3WW Washer
GE GTW460ASJ4WW Washer
GE GTW460ASJ6WW Washer
GE GTW460ASJ7WW Washer
GE GTW460ASJ8WW Washer
GE GTW460ASJ9WW Washer
GE GTW465ASN0WW Washer
GE GTW485ASJ0WS Washer
GE GTW485ASJ0WW Washer
GE GTW485ASJ1WS Washer
GE GTW485ASJ3WS Washer
GE GTW485ASJ4WS Washer
GE GTW485ASJ5WS Washer
GE GTW490ACJ0WS Washer
GE GTW490ACJ0WW Washer
GE GTW490ACJ1WS Washer
GE GTW490ACJ1WW Washer
GE GTW490ACJ2WS Washer
GE GTW490ACJ2WW Washer
GE GTW490ACJ3WS Residential
GE GTW490ACJ3WW Residential
GE GTW490ACJ4WS Residential
GE GTW490ACJ4WW Washer
GE GTW490ACJ5WS Washer
GE GTW490ACJ5WW Washer
GE GTW680BPL0DG Washer
GE GTW680BPL1DG Washer
GE GTW680BSJ0WS Washer
GE GTW680BSJ1WS Washer
GE GTW680BSJ2WS Washer
GE GTW680BSJ3WS Washer
GE GTW680BSJ4WS Washer
GE GTW680BSJ5WS Washer
GE GTW680BSJ6WS Washer
GE GTW685BPL0DG Washer
GE GTW685BPL1DG Washer
GE GTW685BSL0WS Washer
GE GTW685BSL1WS Washer
GE GTW750CPL0DG Washer
GE GTW750CPL1DG Washer
GE GTW750CSL0DG Washer
GE GTW750CSL0WS Washer
GE GTW750CSL1WS Washer
GE GTW755CPM0DG Washer
GE GTW755CPM1DG Washer
GE GTW755CSM0WS Washer
GE GTW755CSM1WS Washer
Hotpoint HTW200ASK1WW Washer
Hotpoint HTW200ASK2WW Washer
Hotpoint HTW200ASK3WW Washer
Hotpoint HTW200ASK4WW Washer
Hotpoint HTW240ASK0WS Washer
Hotpoint HTW240ASK1WS Washer
Hotpoint HTW240ASK2WS Washer
Hotpoint HTW240ASK3WS Washer
Hotpoint HTW240ASK4WS Washer

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