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Part Number PD00025191
Manufacturer Part WE4M532
Manufactured By GE OEM Info
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Part Description

Dryer Timer.  This is a new GENUINE GE replacement part.

Compatible Brands

  • GE
  • Hotpoint

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This Part PD00025191 (Mfg #WE4M532) replaces these parts:

  • 234D1296P004
  • TMD1FM07
  • WE4M362

Our Competitor’s Part Numbers for this part

  • 3029573
  • AP5788219
  • PS8746223
  • EAP8746223

Repair Stories

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  • Timer
Product Rating
Matthew from OH

My timer just needed to be replaced


I just needed a starbit and regular flat head screwdriver.

Repair & Advice

My timer ended up breaking on the knob end and the plastic deteriorated. Due to that, I needed a replacement timer and I got on extremely quickly because of Parts Dr. It all works well now and I have no complaints. You just need to take off the front of the board with all the controls on it. That requires unscrewing a few screws on the back and then unhatcging the front end to reach the timer. Before any of that, unplug the drier. I then unlatched all the wires, unscrewed the housing screws and replaced the timer within 5 minutes. It was extremely easy, I would just recommend taking a picture of the wiring to ensure ease of replacement.

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  • Timer
Product Rating
Jose from TX

Dryer would not start cyle


Screwdriver and pliers

Repair & Advice

Just remove 6 screws from the back plate of the dryer and take a pic of electrical wiring on the timer, turn the timer from the back to remove and remove wires, connect wires to new timer and install. Make sure to install the knob before closing the back plate to avoid pushing the timer out, re install the back plate and you are ready to go.

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  • Timer
Product Rating
Carl from FL

Controls didn’t work



Repair & Advice

Watch how you take it apart take a picture !! Very easy. Great service and prices.

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Model Cross Reference

This part PD00025191 (Mfg #WE4M532) works with all models listed.
Help me find my model number
Manufacturer Appliance Model Description
Hotpoint HTDX100ED0WW Electric Dryer
Hotpoint HTDX100ED4WW Electric Dryer
Hotpoint HTDX100ED3WW Electric Dryer
Hotpoint HTDX100ED6WW Electric Dryer
Hotpoint HTDX100ED1WW Electric Dryer
Hotpoint HTDX100ED2WW Electric Dryer
Hotpoint HTDX100ED5WW Electric Dryer
Hotpoint HTDX100EM4WW Electric Dryer
Hotpoint HTDX100EM6WW Electric Dryer
GE DBLR333EG1CC Electric Dryer
GE DBLR333EG1WW Electric Dryer
GE DBLR333EG2CC Electric Dryer
GE DBLR333EG2WW Electric Dryer
GE DBLR333EG3CC Electric Dryer
GE DBLR333EG3WW Electric Dryer
GE DBLR333EG4CC Electric Dryer
GE DBLR333EG4WW Electric Dryer
GE DBLR333EG5CC Electric Dryer
GE DBLR333EG5WW Electric Dryer
GE DBLR333EG6CC Electric Dryer
GE DBLR333EG7WW Electric Dryer
GE DLLLR33EJ0WW Electric Dryer
GE DLLLR33EJ1WW Electric Dryer
GE GHDX100EM0WW Electric Dryer
GE GTDX100EM2WW Electric Dryer
Hotpoint HTDX100EM0WW Electric Dryer
Hotpoint HTDX100EM1WW Electric Dryer
Hotpoint HTDX100EM3WW Electric Dryer
Hotpoint HTDX100EM5WW Electric Dryer
GE GTDX100EM1WW Electric Dryer
GE GTDX100EM0WW Electric Dryer
GE DBLR333EG6WW Electric Dryer
Hotpoint NBXR333EG7WW Electric Dryer
Hotpoint HTDX100EM7WW Electric Dryer
Hotpoint HTDX100EM8WW Electric Dryer
Hotpoint NBXR333EG2WW Electric Dryer
Hotpoint NBXR333EG3WW Electric Dryer
Hotpoint NBXR333EG4WW Electric Dryer
Hotpoint NBXR333EG5WW Electric Dryer
Hotpoint NBXR333EG6WW Electric Dryer
Hotpoint HTDX100EM2WW Electric Dryer
Hotpoint NBXR333EG1WW Electric Dryer
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