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Main Control Board


This is a new, genuine part manufactured by GE.
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Part Number PD00053517
Manufacturer Part WD21X24900
Manufactured By GE OEM Info
In Stock
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Part Description

Dishwasher Main Control Board.  This is a new GENUINE GE replacement part.

Compatible Brands

  • GE

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This Part PD00053517 (Mfg #WD21X24900) replaces these parts:

  • WD21X23096
  • WD21X23717
  • WD21X24117
  • WD21X24798

Our Competitor’s Part Numbers for this part

  • AP6890957
  • PS12726419
  • EAP12726419

Part Production Numbers

  • GE265D1462G501MP00
  • 265D1462G501

Repair Stories

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  • Main Control Board
Product Rating
Peter from IL

Would not start, door open error even when closed. Replaced door latch switch, but still would not work.


Screwdriver, ratchet, extension and socket.

Repair & Advice

Ran diagnostic tests after no start and it always thought that the door was open, even when closed. I thought it was the switch in the door and replaced that, but still the same error code. Replaced the main board and it fired right up and still working fine. Make sure to rerun tests before wrapping it all up in case it does not solve the problem. I had to go back in as I forgot to plug in the heater connector on the main board after that function was not working at first. Part was an exact replacement. Different part number, but most likely just an updated number. Was a genuine GE part, not an aftermarket part.

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  • Main Control Board
Product Rating
Peter from NY

Dishwasher would not start. Orange flashing light on front of the unit with repeated repeated cycles of beeping.


Screwdriver and pliers

Repair & Advice

I initially believed this was a door latch problem. When that replacement didn’t work, I tried replacing the main control board, which solved the issue.

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  • Main Control Board
Product Rating
Brandon from MI

All lights worked on panel but dishwasher would not start.


Socket screwdriver.

Repair & Advice

I check everything else on dishwasher filters, connections and latch. the mother board was the solution.

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Model Cross Reference

This part PD00053517 (Mfg #WD21X24900) works with all models listed.
Help me find my model number
Manufacturer Appliance Model Description
GE GDF520PGJ2BB Dishwasher
GE GDF520PGJ2CC Dishwasher
GE GDF520PGJ2WW Dishwasher
GE GDF520PGJ4BB Dishwasher
GE GDF520PGJ4CC Dishwasher
GE GDF520PGJ4WW Dishwasher
GE GDF520PMJ2ES Dishwasher
GE GDF520PMJ4ES Dishwasher
GE GDF520PSJ2SS Dishwasher
GE GDF520PSJ4SS Dishwasher
GE GDF610PGJ2BB Dishwasher
GE GDF610PGJ2WW Dishwasher
GE GDF610PGJ4BB Dishwasher
GE GDF610PGJ4WW Dishwasher
GE GDF610PMJ2ES Dishwasher
GE GDF610PMJ4ES Dishwasher
GE GDF610PSJ2SS Dishwasher
GE GDF610PSJ4SS Dishwasher
GE GDF620HGJ2BB Dishwasher
GE GDF620HGJ2WW Dishwasher
GE GDF620HGJ4BB Dishwasher
GE GDF620HGJ4WW Dishwasher
GE GDF620HMJ2ES Dishwasher
GE GDF620HMJ4ES Dishwasher
GE GDF620HSJ2SS Dishwasher
GE GDF620HSJ4SS Dishwasher
GE GDT535PGJ2BB Dishwasher
GE GDT535PGJ2WW Dishwasher
GE GDT535PGJ4BB Dishwasher
GE GDT535PGJ4WW Dishwasher
GE GDT535PGJ5BB Dishwasher
GE GDT535PGJ5WW Dishwasher
GE GDT535PSJ2SS Dishwasher
GE GDT535PSJ4SS Dishwasher
GE GDT535PSJ5SS Dishwasher
GE GDT545PGJ2BB Dishwasher
GE GDT545PGJ2WW Dishwasher
GE GDT545PGJ4BB Dishwasher
GE GDT545PGJ4WW Dishwasher
GE GDT545PSJ2SS Dishwasher
GE GDT545PSJ4SS Dishwasher
GE GDT625PGJ2BB Dishwasher
GE GDT625PGJ2WW Dishwasher
GE GDT625PGJ4BB Dishwasher
GE GDT625PGJ4WW Dishwasher
GE GDT625PSJ2SS Dishwasher
GE GDT625PSJ4SS Dishwasher
GE GDT635HGJ2BB Dishwasher
GE GDT635HGJ2WW Dishwasher
GE GDT635HGJ4BB Dishwasher
GE GDT635HGJ4WW Dishwasher
GE GDT635HMJ2ES Dishwasher
GE GDT635HMJ4ES Dishwasher
GE GDT635HSJ2SS Dishwasher
GE GDT635HSJ4SS Dishwasher
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