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This is a new, genuine OEM part manufactured by Frigidaire.
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This is a new, genuine OEM part manufactured by Frigidaire.
Out of Stock
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This Part (Mfg #316104401) replaces these parts:

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This part Mfg #316104401 works with all models listed.

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Manufacturer Appliance Model Description
Tappan TGF317AWA Range
White-Westinghouse WLF311SHWA Gas Range
White-Westinghouse WLF311SHWB Gas Range
Frigidaire FGF316BSB Range
Frigidaire FGF316WGSF Range
Frigidaire FGF316ASB Range
Frigidaire FLF316ASA Gas Range
Frigidaire FLF316ASB Gas Range
Frigidaire FLF316CSA Gas Range
Frigidaire FLF316CSB Gas Range
Frigidaire FLF316WHSA Gas Range
Frigidaire FLF316WHSB Gas Range
Frigidaire FLF316WHSC Gas Range
Frigidaire FLF316WHTB Gas Range
Frigidaire FLF316WHTC Gas Range
Frigidaire FPF311PHDA Gas Range
Frigidaire FPF311PHSA Range
Frigidaire FPF311PHSB Range
Frigidaire FPF311PHSC Range
Frigidaire FPF311PHWA Gas Range
Frigidaire FPF311PHWB Range
Frigidaire FPF311PHWC Range
Frigidaire FPF312ASA Gas Range
Frigidaire FPF312BSA Gas Range
Frigidaire FPF312BSB Gas Range
Frigidaire FSF311PHWA Gas Range
Frigidaire FSF312ASA Range
Gibson GGF316BSA Gas Range
Gibson GPF311PHWA Gas Range
Frigidaire FGF311PHSD Gas Range
Frigidaire FGF311PHSE Gas Range
Frigidaire FGF312ASA Gas Range
Frigidaire FGF312BSA Gas Range
Frigidaire FGF312BSB Gas Range
Frigidaire FGF316ASA Range
Frigidaire FGF316BQB Range
Frigidaire FGF316BSA Range
Frigidaire FGF316WGSA Range
Frigidaire FGF316WGSC Range
Frigidaire FGF316WGSD Range
Frigidaire FGF316WGSE Range
Frigidaire FGF316WGSH Gas Range
Frigidaire FGF316WGSJ Range
Frigidaire FGF316WGSK Range
Frigidaire FGF316WGTG Gas Range
Frigidaire FGF316WGTH Gas Range
Frigidaire FGF316WGSG Gas Range
Kenmore 79071001300 Gas Range
Kenmore 79071001301 Gas Range
Kenmore 79071002100 Gas Range
Kenmore 79071002101 Gas Range
Kenmore 79071004100 Gas Range
Kenmore 79071011200 Gas Range
Kenmore 79071012300 Gas Range
Kenmore 79071012301 Gas Range
Kenmore 79071022101 Gas Range
Kenmore 79071022102 Gas Range
Kenmore 79071030300 Gas Range
Kenmore 79071031300 Gas Range
Kenmore 79071031301 Gas Range
Kenmore 79071032300 Gas Range
Kenmore 79071032301 Gas Range
Kenmore 79071042300 Gas Range
Kenmore 79071042301 Gas Range
Kenmore 79071042302 Gas Range
Kenmore 79071102001 Gas Range
Kenmore 79071102004 Gas Range
Kenmore 79071105890 Gas Range
Kenmore 79071105891 Gas Range
Kenmore 79071105892 Gas Range
Kenmore 79071105893 Gas Range
Kenmore 79071106890 Gas Range
Kenmore 79071106891 Gas Range
Kenmore 79071106892 Gas Range
Kenmore 79071106893 Gas Range
Kenmore 79071107001 Gas Range
Kenmore 79071107004 Gas Range
Kenmore 79071190100 Gas Range
Kenmore 79071191100 Gas Range
Kenmore 79071672100 Gas Range
Kenmore 79071672101 Gas Range
Kenmore 79071770100 Gas Range
Kenmore 79071771100 Gas Range
Kenmore 79072042300 Gas Range
Kenmore 79072042301 Gas Range
Kenmore 79072042302 Gas Range
Kenmore 79072112100 Gas Range
Kenmore 79072112101 Gas Range
Kenmore 79074042300 Gas Range
Frigidaire MPF311PGWC Gas Range - P5995322699
Frigidaire MPF311PGWD Gas Range - P5995322707
Frigidaire MPF311SGWC Gas Range - P5995322699
Frigidaire MPF311SGWD Gas Range - P5995322707
Frigidaire MPF311PGWE Range
Frigidaire MPF311SGWE Range
Frigidaire MGF316WGSA Gas Range - P5995308698
Frigidaire MGF316WGSC Gas Range - P5995322442
Frigidaire MGF316WGSD Gas Range - P5995322459
Frigidaire MGF316WGSE Gas Range - P5995322459
Frigidaire MGF316WGSF Gas Range - P5995322459
Frigidaire MGF316WGSG Gas Range
Frigidaire MGF316WGSH Gas Range
Frigidaire MGF316WGSJ Gas Range
Frigidaire MGF316WGSK Gas Range
Frigidaire MLF311SGDA Gas Range - P5995308664
Frigidaire MLF311SGWA Gas Range - P5995308664
Frigidaire MLF311SGWC Gas Range - P5995322699
Frigidaire MLF311SGWD Gas Range - P5995322707
Tappan TGF317AWB Range
Tappan TGF317BWA Range
Tappan TGF317BWB Gas Range
Frigidaire MPF311SGWA Gas Range - P5995308664
Frigidaire 2221 Gas Range
Kenmore 7916102190 Gas Range
Kenmore 7916102890 Gas Range
Kenmore 7916112190 Gas Range
Kenmore 7916112890 Gas Range
Frigidaire G30LPNW1 Gas Range - 5995204731
Frigidaire G30LPNW2 Gas Range - 5995211389
Frigidaire G30LPNW3 Gas Range - 5995215331
Frigidaire G30NW1 Gas Range - 5995205829
Frigidaire G30NW2 Gas Range - 5995205829
Frigidaire G30NW3 Gas Range - 5995205829
Frigidaire G30NW4 Gas Range - 5995205829
Frigidaire G30NW5 Gas Range - 5995217154
Frigidaire G30NW6 Gas Range - 5995220943
Frigidaire G30NW7 Gas Range - 5995220943
Frigidaire G30PNW1 Gas Range - Lf32490120
Frigidaire G30PNW2 Gas Range - 5995214185
Frigidaire G30PNW3 Gas Range - 5995214185
Frigidaire G30PNW4 Gas Range - 5995214185
Frigidaire G30PNW6 Gas Range - 5995223145
Frigidaire G30PNW7 Gas Range - 5995232435
Frigidaire G31BPNW1 Gas Range - Lf32490130
Frigidaire G31BPNW2 Gas Range - Lf32490130
Frigidaire G31BPNW3 Gas Range - 5995213351
Frigidaire G31BPNW4 Gas Range - 5995225835
Frigidaire G31BPNW5 Gas Range - 5995232450
Frigidaire G31BPNW6 Gas Range - 5995239166
Frigidaire G32BNW1 Gas Range - Lf32490110
Frigidaire G32BNW2 Gas Range - Lf32490160
Frigidaire G32BNW3 Gas Range - 5995220950
Frigidaire G32BNW4 Gas Range - 5995220950
Frigidaire G32BNW5 Gas Range - 5995238853
Frigidaire MGF316WFSA Gas Range - 5995293833
Frigidaire MGF316WFSB Gas Range
Frigidaire MGF316WFSC Gas Range - 5995302055

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