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This is a new, genuine OEM part manufactured by Frigidaire.
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In Stock
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This is a new, genuine OEM part manufactured by Frigidaire.
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This part Mfg #316011300 works with all models listed.

Does this fit my model?

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Manufacturer Appliance Model Description
Tappan TGF336BHDA Gas Range
Tappan TGF336BHDB Gas Range
Tappan TGF336BHDC Gas Range
Tappan TGF336BHDD Gas Range
Tappan TGF336BHDE Gas Range
Tappan TGF336BHWA Gas Range
Tappan TGF336BHWB Gas Range
Tappan TGF336BHWC Gas Range
Tappan TGF336BHWD Gas Range
Tappan TGF336BHWE Gas Range
Tappan TGF336CHSA Gas Range
Tappan TGF336CHSD Gas Range
Frigidaire FGF378WCCD Gas Range
Frigidaire FGF378WCCB Gas Range
Frigidaire FGF379WECS Range
Frigidaire FGF378WCCA Gas Range
Frigidaire FGF378WCCC Gas Range
Frigidaire FGF378WCCF Gas Range
Frigidaire FGF378WCCG Gas Range
Frigidaire 283460B Gas Range
Frigidaire 283460C Gas Range
Frigidaire 283467B Gas Range
Frigidaire 283467C Gas Range
Frigidaire FGF379WECN Range
Frigidaire FGF379WECR Range
Tappan TGF326WHSD Gas Range
Tappan TGF326WHSE Range
Gibson GGF333BFDA Gas Range - 5995295382
Gibson GGF333BFDB Gas Range - 5995300026
Gibson GGF333BFWA Gas Range - 5995295382
Gibson GGF333BFWB Gas Range - 5995300026
Gibson GGF334BHDD Range
Gibson GGF334BHWD Range
Frigidaire FGF326WGSA Gas Range
Frigidaire FGF326WGSD Gas Range
Frigidaire FGF326WGSE Gas Range
Frigidaire FGF326WGSF Gas Range
Frigidaire FGF326WGSG Gas Range
Frigidaire FGF326WGSH Gas Range
Frigidaire FGF326WGSJ Gas Range
Frigidaire FGF326WGTA Gas Range
Frigidaire FGF326WGTD Gas Range
Frigidaire FGF326WGTE Gas Range
Frigidaire FGF326WGTF Gas Range
Frigidaire FGF326WGTG Gas Range
Frigidaire FGF326WGTH Gas Range
Frigidaire FGF351SGWA Gas Range - 5995307955
Frigidaire FGF351SGWB Gas Range - P5995313433
Frigidaire FGF351SGWC Gas Range
Frigidaire FGF354BGDA Gas Range
Frigidaire FGF354BGDB Gas Range
Frigidaire FGF354BGDC Gas Range - P5995320784
Frigidaire FGF354BGDD Gas Range
Frigidaire FGF354BGDE Gas Range
Frigidaire FGF354BGDF Gas Freestanding Range
Frigidaire FGF354BGWA Gas Range
Frigidaire FGF354BGWB Gas Range
Frigidaire FGF354BGWC Gas Range - P5995320784
Frigidaire FGF354BGWD Gas Range
Frigidaire FGF354BGWE Gas Range
Frigidaire FGF354BGWF Gas Freestanding Range
Frigidaire FGF355BXAWA Gas Range
Frigidaire FGF376WECJ Gas Range
Frigidaire FGF376WESH Gas Range
Frigidaire FGF376WESJ Gas Range
Frigidaire FGF379WESK Range
Frigidaire FGF379WESL Range
Frigidaire FGF379WESM Range
Frigidaire FGF379WESN Range
Frigidaire FGF379WESP Range
Frigidaire FGF379WJCA Gas Range
Frigidaire FGF379WJCB Gas Range
Frigidaire FGF379WXACA Gas Range
Frigidaire FGF379WXBCA Gas Range
Frigidaire FGFB74BJBA Range
Frigidaire FGFB74BJBB Range
Frigidaire FGF379WECA Gas Range
Frigidaire FGF379WECB Gas Range - 5995284261
Frigidaire FGF379WECC Gas Range - 5995284261
Frigidaire FGF379WECD Gas Range - 5995288957
Frigidaire FGF379WECE Gas Range - 5995296596
Frigidaire FGF379WECF Gas Range - 5995299558
Frigidaire FGF379WECG Gas Range - 5995299558
Frigidaire FGF379WECJ Gas Range
Frigidaire FGF379WECK Range
Frigidaire FGF379WECM Range
Frigidaire FGF379WECP Range
Tappan 30-3053-00-01 Gas Range - 5995247409
Tappan 30-3053-00-02 Gas Range - 5995261368
Tappan 30-3053-00-03 Gas Range - 5995271276
Tappan 30-3053-00-04 Gas Range - 5995279147
Tappan 30-3053-23-01 Gas Range - 5995247409
Tappan 30-3053-23-02 Gas Freestanding Range
Tappan 30-3053-23-03 Gas Range
Tappan 30-3053-23-04 Gas Range - 5995279147
Tappan 32-2642-00-01 Gas Range - 5995222139
Tappan 32-2642-00-02 Gas Range - 5995238424
Tappan 32-2642-08-01 Gas Range - 5995222139
Tappan 32-2642-23-01 Gas Range - 5995222139
Tappan 32-2642-23-02 Gas Range - 5995238424
Tappan 32-2642-32-02 Gas Range - 5995238424
Frigidaire MGF313SCDB Gas Range - 5995277109
Frigidaire MGF313SCDC Gas Range - 5995286324
Frigidaire MGF313SCWB Gas Range - 5995277109
Frigidaire MGF313SCWC Gas Range - 5995286324
Frigidaire MGF326WGSA Range
Frigidaire MGF326WGSB Range
Frigidaire MGF326WGSD Range
Frigidaire MGF326WGTA Range
Frigidaire MGF326WGTD Range
Frigidaire MGF331BFDA Gas Range - 5995298378
Frigidaire MGF331BFDB Gas Range - 5995302063
Frigidaire MGF331BFWA Gas Range - 5995295754
Frigidaire MGF331BFWB Gas Range - 5995302063
Frigidaire MGF333BEDA Gas Range - 5995282190
Frigidaire MGF333BEDB Gas Range - 5995282190
Frigidaire MGF333BEDC Gas Range - 5995287140
Frigidaire MGF333BEWA Gas Range - 5995282190
Frigidaire MGF333BEWB Gas Range - 5995282190
Frigidaire MGF333BEWC Gas Range - 5995287140
Frigidaire MGF333SEDA Gas Range - 5995282026
Frigidaire MGF333SEDB Gas Range - 5995282026
Frigidaire MGF333SEDC Gas Range - 5995286316
Frigidaire MGF333SEWA Gas Range - 5995282026
Frigidaire MGF333SEWB Gas Range - 5995282026
Frigidaire MGF333SEWC Gas Range - 5995286316
Frigidaire MGF334BGBA Gas Range - P5995314605
Frigidaire MGF334BGBB Gas Range - P5995313565
Frigidaire MGF334BGBC Gas Range - P5995313649
Frigidaire MGF334BGBD Gas Range
Frigidaire MGF334BGDA Gas Range - P5995308847
Frigidaire MGF334BGDC Gas Range - P5995313649
Frigidaire MGF334BGDD Gas Range
Frigidaire MGF334BGWA Gas Range - P5995308847
Frigidaire MGF334BGWB Gas Range - P5995313565
Frigidaire MGF334BGWC Gas Range - P5995313649
Frigidaire MGF334BGWD Gas Range
Frigidaire MGF334BGWE Gas Range - P5995323093
Frigidaire MGF334WGSB Gas Range - P5995313565
Tappan 14-3083-08-01 Gas Cooktop - 5995251575
Tappan TGF334BCWH Gas Range - 5995300059
Tappan TGF362BBBA Gas Range
Frigidaire MGF354BFDA Gas Range - 5995295853
Frigidaire MGF354BFDB Gas Range - 5995300190
Frigidaire MGF354BFWA Gas Range - 5995295853
Frigidaire MGF354BFWB Gas Range - 5995300190
Frigidaire MGF354BGDA Gas Range - P5995310298
Frigidaire MGF354BGDB Gas Range - P5995310298
Frigidaire MGF354BGDC Gas Range - P5995323101
Frigidaire MGF354BGWA Gas Range - P5995310298
Frigidaire MGF354BGWB Gas Range - P5995310298
Frigidaire MGF354BGWC Gas Range - P5995323101
Frigidaire FGF379WECL Range
White-Westinghouse WGF354BJDA Gas Range
White-Westinghouse WGF354BJWA Gas Range
Tappan TGC3X4XCB1 Gas Cooktop - 5995272191
Tappan TGC3X4XCBA Gas Cooktop - 5995272209
Tappan TGC3X4XCC1 Gas Cooktop - 5995272191
Tappan TGC3X4XCCA Gas Cooktop - 5995272209
Tappan TGC3X4XCD1 Gas Cooktop - 5995272191
Tappan TGC3X4XCDA Gas Cooktop - 5995272209
Tappan TGC3X4XCW1 Gas Cooktop - 5995272191
Tappan TGC3X4XCWA Gas Cooktop - 5995272209
Tappan TGF326WHTD Gas Range
Tappan TGF326WHTE Range
Tappan TGF331SCDA Gas Range - 5995272118
Tappan TGF331SCDB Gas Range - 5995275251
Tappan TGF331SCDC Gas Range - 5995285011
Tappan TGF331SCWA Gas Range - 5995272118
Tappan TGF331SCWB Gas Range - 5995275251
Tappan TGF331SCWC Gas Range - 5995285011
Tappan TGF334BCDA Gas Range - 5995271292
Tappan TGF334BCDB Gas Range - 5995275327
Tappan TGF334BCDC Gas Range - 5995284188
Tappan TGF334BCDD Gas Range - 5995284188
Tappan TGF334BCDE Gas Range - 5995289039
Tappan TGF334BCDF Gas Range - 5995293932
Tappan TGF334BCDG Gas Range - 5995295432
Tappan TGF334BCDH Gas Range - 5995300059
Tappan TGF334BCWA Gas Range - 5995271292
Tappan TGF334BCWB Gas Range - 5995275327
Tappan TGF334BCWC Gas Range - 5995284188
Tappan TGF334BCWD Gas Range - 5995284188
Tappan TGF334BCWE Gas Range - 5995289039
Tappan TGF334BCWF Gas Range - 5995293932
Tappan TGF334BCWG Gas Range - 5995295432
Tappan TGF351SHWB Gas Range
Tappan TGF351SHWC Gas Range
Tappan TGF354SCDA Gas Range - 5995271516
Tappan TGF354SCDB Gas Range - 5995274999
Tappan TGF354SCDC Gas Range - 5995285359
Tappan TGF354SCDD Gas Range - 5995294492
Tappan TGF354SCWA Gas Range - 5995271516
Tappan TGF354SCWB Gas Range - 5995274999
Tappan TGF354SCWC Gas Range - 5995285359
Tappan TGF354SCWD Gas Range - 5995294492
Tappan TGF362BBBB Gas Range
Tappan TGF362BBBC Gas Range
Tappan TGF362BBBD Gas Range
Tappan TGF362BBBE Gas Range
Tappan TGF362BBBF Gas Range
Tappan TGF362BBBH Gas Range
Tappan TGF364SCDA Gas Range
Tappan TGF364SCWA Gas Range
Tappan TGF377WJCA Gas Range
Frigidaire MGF354CGSA Gas Range - P5995310298
Frigidaire MGF354CGSB Gas Range - P5995310298

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