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Door Hinge
This is a new, genuine OEM part manufactured by GE for GE and Haier appliances.
In Stock
In Stock
Door Hinge WB10X26766
Door Hinge WB10X26766
Door Hinge WB10X26766
Door Hinge WB10X26766
Door Hinge WB10X26766

Door Hinge


This is a new, genuine OEM part manufactured by GE for GE and Haier appliances.
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Part Description

Range door hinge.  This is a new GENUINE GE replacement part.

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Part Numbers

Our Competitor’s Part Numbers for this part

  • 4586004
  • AP6286192
  • PS12170279
  • EAP12170279

Compatible Brands

  • GE
  • Haier

Model Cross Reference

This part PD00080680 (Mfg #WB10X26766) works with all models listed.

Does this fit my model?

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Manufacturer Appliance Model Description
GE JGS760BEL1TS Gas Range
GE JGS760EEL1ES Gas Range
GE JGS760SEL1SS Gas Range
GE JGB860SEJ6SS Gas Freestanding Range
GE JGB860BEJ1TS Gas Freestanding Range
GE PGS960BEL1TS Gas Range
GE PGS930SEL1SS Gas Range
GE JGB860FEJ1DS Gas Freestanding Range
GE JGS760FEL1DS Gas Slide-In Range
GE P2S930SEL1SS Dual Fuel Range
GE PGB960BEJ1TS Gas Freestanding Range
GE PGB960EEJ3ES Gas Range
GE PGB960EEJ4ES Gas Freestanding Range
GE PGB960FEJ1DS Gas Freestanding Range
GE PGB960SEJ4SS Gas Freestanding Range
GE PGB980ZEJ4SS Gas Freestanding Range
GE PGB980ZEJ5SS Gas Freestanding Range
GE PGS930BEL1TS Gas Range
GE PGS930FEL1DS Gas Slide-In Range
GE PGS960EEL1ES Gas Range
GE PGS960FEL1DS Gas Slide-In Range
GE PGS960SEL1SS Gas Range
GE PGS960FEL2DS Gas Slide-In Range
GE JGS760SEL2SS Gas Slide-In Range
GE JGS760BEL2TS Gas Slide-In Range
GE JGS760EEL2ES Gas Slide-In Range
GE JGS760FEL2DS Gas Slide-In Range
GE P2S930SEL2SS Slide-In Range
GE PGS930BEL2TS Gas Slide-In Range
GE PGS930FEL2DS Gas Slide-In Range
GE PGS930SEL2SS Gas Slide-In Range
GE PGS960BEL2TS Gas Slide-In Range
GE PGS960EEL2ES Gas Slide-In Range
GE PGS960SEL2SS Gas Slide-In Range
GE PGS930SEL3SS Slide-In Gas Range
GE P2S930SEL4SS Dual Fuel Range
GE JGS760EEL3ES Slide-In Gas Range
GE JGS760EEL4ES Gas Range
GE PGS930YP1FS Gas Range
GE PGS960SEL3SS Slide-In Gas Range
GE JGS760SEL3SS Slide-In Gas Range
GE JGB860BEJ2TS Gas Range
GE JGS760FP2DS Gas Range
GE JGS760SP2SS Gas Range
GE PGS930YP2FS Gas Range
GE JGBS86EP1ES Gas Range
GE PGS960YP1FS Gas Range
Haier QGSS740BN1TS Gas Range
Haier QSS740BN1TS Free Standing Gas Range
Haier QSS740RN1SS Electric Range
GE PGS960EEL3ES Slide-In Gas Range
GE PGS930YP3FS Gas Range
GE PGS930BEL4TS Gas Range
GE PGS930FEL3DS Slide-In Gas Range
GE PGS960BEL4TS Gas Range
GE PGS960BEL3TS Slide-In Gas Range
GE PGS930BEL3TS Slide-In Gas Range
GE PGS960FEL4DS Gas Range
GE PGS930SEL4SS Gas Range
GE JGS760SEL4SS Gas Range
GE JGS760SP3SS Gas Range
GE JGS760EP1ES Gas Range
GE JGS760BEL4TS Gas Range
GE JGS760DP3BB Gas Range
GE JGS760FP3DS Gas Range
GE JGS760EP3ES Gas Range
GE JGS760BEL3TS Slide-In Gas Range
GE JGS760BP1TS Gas Range
GE JGS760FEL4DS Gas Range
GE JGSS86SP2SS Gas Range
GE PS96PZR1SS Electric Range
GE JGBS86SP2SS Gas Range
GE PGB960BEJ3TS Gas Range
GE PGB965BP1TS Gas Range
GE PGB960SEJ6SS Gas Range
GE PGB960FEJ3DS Gas Range
GE P2S930YP1FS Dual Fuel Slide-In Range
GE P2S930YP3FS Dual Fuel Range
GE P2S930YP2FS Dual Fuel Range
GE PGB965YP2FS Gas Range
GE JGS760FEL3DS Slide-In Gas Range
GE PGS930FEL4DS Gas Range
GE JGS760EP2ES Gas Range
GE JGB860FEJ2DS Gas Range
GE PGS960EEL4ES Gas Range
GE PGS930BP1TS Gas Range
GE PGS960YP2FS Gas Range
GE PGS960SEL4SS Slide-In Gas Range
GE PGS930BP2TS Gas Range
GE PGS930YP5FS Gas Range
GE P2S930YP5FS Dual Fuel Range
GE P2S930YP4FS Dual Fuel Range
GE P2S930YP6FS Gas Range Or Dual Fuel
Haier QSS740RN2SS Electric Range

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