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This is a new, genuine OEM part manufactured by GE.
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This is a new, genuine OEM part manufactured by GE.
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This part PD00080490 (Mfg #WB10X21738) works with all models listed.

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Manufacturer Appliance Model Description
GE JT5500DF2BB Electric Wall Oven
GE JT5500DF2WW Electric Wall Oven
GE JT5500DF3BB Electric Wall Oven
GE JT5500DF3WW Electric Wall Oven
GE PT7800DH2BB Built-In Oven With Microwave
GE JCT3000DF2BB Electric Range
GE JCT3000DF2WW Electric Range
GE JCT3000DF3BB Electric Range
GE JCT3000DF3WW Electric Range
GE JCT5000DF2BB Electric Range
GE JCT5000DF2WW Electric Range
GE JCT5000DF3BB Electric Range
GE JCT5000DF3WW Electric Range
GE JT1000DF2BB Electric Wall Oven
GE JT1000DF3BB Electric Wall Oven
GE JT3000DF2BB Electric Oven
GE JT3000DF2CC Electric Oven
GE JT3000DF2WW Electric Oven
GE JT3000DF3BB Electric Oven
GE JT3000DF3CC Electric Oven
GE JT3000DF3WW Electric Oven
GE JT3800DH1BB Electric Oven
GE JT3800DH2BB Electric Oven
GE JT3800DH3BB Electric Oven
GE JT5000DF2BB Electric Wall Oven
GE JT5000DF2WW Electric Wall Oven
GE JT5000DF3BB Electric Wall Oven
GE JT5000DF3WW Electric Wall Oven
GE PT7550DF3BB Electric Wall Oven
GE JT3500DF2BB Electric Wall Oven
GE JT3500DF2CC Electric Wall Oven
GE JT3500DF2WW Electric Wall Oven
GE JT3500DF3BB Electric Wall Oven
GE JT3500DF3CC Electric Wall Oven
GE JT3500DF3WW Electric Wall Oven
GE ZEK7000SH2SS Electric Wall Oven
GE ZEK7500SH2SS Electric Wall Oven
GE PCT7050DF2BB Electric Range
GE PCT7050DF2WW Electric Range
GE PCT7050DF3BB Electric Range
GE PCT7050DF3WW Electric Range
GE PCT7050DF4BB Electric Range
GE PCT7050DF4WW Electric Range
GE PCT7050DF5BB Electric Range
GE PCT7050DF5WW Electric Range
GE PT7050DF2BB Electric Oven
GE PT7050DF2WW Electric Oven
GE PT7050DF3BB Electric Oven
GE PT7050DF3WW Electric Oven
GE PT7050DF4BB Electric Oven
GE PT7050DF4WW Electric Oven
GE PT7050DF5BB Electric Oven
GE PT7050DF5WW Electric Oven
GE PT7550DF2BB Electric Wall Oven
GE PT7550DF2WW Electric Wall Oven
GE PT7550DF3WW Electric Wall Oven
GE PT7550DF4BB Electric Wall Oven
GE PT7550DF4WW Electric Wall Oven
GE PT7550DF5BB Electric Wall Oven
GE PT7550DF5WW Electric Wall Oven
GE PT7800DH1BB Built-In Oven With Microwave
GE PT7800DH1WW Built-In Oven With Microwave
GE PT7800DH2WW Built-In Oven With Microwave
GE PT7800DH3BB Built-In Oven With Microwave
GE PT7800DH3WW Built-In Oven With Microwave
GE PT7800DH4BB Built-In Oven With Microwave
GE PT7800DH4WW Built-In Oven With Microwave
GE PT9050DF2BB Electric Oven
GE PT9050DF3BB Electric Oven
GE PT9050DF4BB Electric Oven
GE PT9050DF5BB Electric Oven
GE PT9550DF2BB Electric Wall Oven
GE PT9550DF3BB Electric Wall Oven
GE PT9550DF4BB Electric Wall Oven
GE PT9550DF5BB Electric Wall Oven

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