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Water Inlet Valve


This is a new, genuine part manufactured by Whirlpool for Jenn Air and Kitchen Aid appliances.
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Part Number PD00043244
Manufacturer Part W10897719
Manufactured By Whirlpool OEM Info
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Part Description

Ice Machine Water Inlet Valve.  For ice machine with regulator.  This is a new GENUINE Whirlpool replacement part.

Compatible Brands

  • Jenn Air
  • Kitchen Aid

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This Part PD00043244 (Mfg #W10897719) replaces these parts:

  • W10646596
  • W10860899
  • W10870921

Our Competitor’s Part Numbers for this part

  • 4460683
  • AP6030793
  • PS11765823
  • EAP11765823

Part Production Numbers

  • S-86-QO N
  • K-78741
  • W10870920

Repair Stories

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  • Water Inlet Valve
Product Rating
Dorothy from PA

Ice maker was not making ice. No water flow in ice maker dispenser when called by control unit. Suspected water inlet valve.


Allen wrench, screw driver, multi-meter

Repair & Advice

Unplugged unit from electrical outlet. Turned off water supply. Located the water inlet valve assembly. Disconnected the electrical connector from the assembly solenoid. Measure the resistance of the solenoid. Found solenoid was open (infinite resistance). Once the problem was identified the actual assembly replacement was easy

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  • Water Inlet Valve
Product Rating
Ryan from MS

Ice machine not getting water to reservoir



Repair & Advice

Under the counter ice machine suddenly stopped working after a year in our brand new home. We have a terrible water system where we live so the filter inside the unit kept clogging after only a month or so. As a temporary solution for an event at our home that would require more ice than usual I removed the filter inside the machine to ensure ice would be made. Then of course, got busy and totally forgot to replace it. So of course things went south from there. We did not purchase the $300 extended warranty when we moved into our home and I knew this would probably be anywhere from a $500-$700 fix, depending on the part that was bad. So I started researching online and narrowed it down to a couple possible issues. I took a gamble that it would be the intake valve since everything else seemed to be working properly. Machine would cool and if I kept pouring water into the reservoir manually every 30 minutes or so the machine would make ice. As luck would have it, this part was the solution. Perfect replacement, truly a five minute issue. Took me longer to get the stupid machine out from under the counter than to replace the part. $89 fix to our $2k ice machine. Saved me a ton. Can’t thank you guys enough for having the parts to order directly and for having awesome diagrams online. You have a customer for life in the appliance parts arena!

Model Cross Reference

This part PD00043244 (Mfg #W10897719) works with all models listed.
Help me find my model number
Manufacturer Appliance Model Description
Jenn-Air JIM158XYCX1 Ice Maker
Jenn-Air JIM158XYCX2 Freestanding Ice Maker
Jenn-Air JIM158XYRS1 Ice Maker
Jenn-Air JIM158XYRS2 Freestanding Icemaker
KitchenAid KUID308ESS0 Ice Maker
KitchenAid KUID308ESS1 Ice Maker
KitchenAid KUID308ESS2 Freestanding Icemaker
KitchenAid KUID508ESS0 Ice Maker
KitchenAid KUID508ESS1 Ice Maker
KitchenAid KUID508ESS2 Freestanding Icemaker
KitchenAid KUIS18PNZB1 Ice Maker
KitchenAid KUIS18PNZB2 Freestanding Icemaker
KitchenAid KUIS18PNZW1 Ice Maker
KitchenAid KUIS18PNZW2 Freestanding Icemaker
KitchenAid KUIX305EBL0 Ice Maker
KitchenAid KUIX305EBL1 Freestanding Icemaker
KitchenAid KUIX305ESS0 Ice Maker
KitchenAid KUIX305ESS1 Ice Maker
KitchenAid KUIX305ESS2 Freestanding Icemaker
KitchenAid KUIX305EWH0 Ice Maker
KitchenAid KUIX305EWH1 Freestanding Icemaker
KitchenAid KUIX505EBS0 Freestanding Icemaker
KitchenAid KUIC15POZP1 Ice Maker
KitchenAid KUIC15POZP2 Freestanding Icemaker
KitchenAid KUIX505EBS1 Freestanding Icemaker
KitchenAid KUIX505ESS0 Ice Maker
KitchenAid KUIX505ESS1 Ice Maker
KitchenAid KUIX505ESS2 Freestanding Icemaker
Jenn-Air JIM159XYCX0 Freestanding Ice Maker
Jenn-Air JIM159XYRS0 Freestanding Ice Maker
KitchenAid KUIX335HBL00 Freestanding Icemaker
KitchenAid KUIX335HPS00 Freestanding Icemaker
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