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Basket Drive Hub Kit

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Part Number PD00024069
Manufacturer Part W10820039
Manufactured By Whirlpool OEM Info
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Part Description

Washer basket drive hub kit.  This is a new GENUINE Whirlpool replacement part.

Compatible Brands

  • Kenmore
  • Maytag
  • Whirlpool

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This Part PD00024069 (Mfg #W10820039) replaces these parts:

  • 280145
  • W10118114
  • 8545953
  • 8545948

Our Competitor’s Part Numbers for this part

  • 1200151
  • AP3892170
  • PS1485595
  • EAP1485595

Repair Stories

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  • Basket Drive Hub Kit
Product Rating
Daniel from VA

Replace washer's main bearing set



Repair & Advice

Watch youtube very helpful

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  • Basket Drive Hub Kit
Product Rating
Frank from NJ

Noisy spin cycle


Common tools

Repair & Advice

While replacing bearings, shaft and seals, I decided to change the basket drive. It's a simple task.

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  • Basket Drive Hub Kit
Product Rating
Liliana from SC

Washer had error code the bearings for tub to turn were worn out.



Repair & Advice

My husband removed cover and screws and took out part and it was a very simple process and reinstalled the new part.

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Model Cross Reference

This part PD00024069 (Mfg #W10820039) works with all models listed.
Help me find my model number
Manufacturer Appliance Model Description
Kenmore 11027032600 Washer
Kenmore 11027032601 Automatic Washer
Kenmore 11027032602 Elite Oasis Washer
Kenmore 11027032603 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11027042600 Washer
Kenmore 11027042601 Residential Washers
Kenmore 11027042602 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11027042603 Elite Oasis Washer
Kenmore 11027052600 Residential Washers
Kenmore 11027052601 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11027052602 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11027062600 Elite Oasis HE Washer
Kenmore 11027062601 Elite Oasis HE Washer
Kenmore 11027062602 Elite Oasis HE Washer
Kenmore 11027062603 Elite Oasis HE Washer
Kenmore 11027062604 Elite Oasis HE Washer
Kenmore 11027072600 Elite Oasis Washer
Kenmore 11027072601 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11027072602 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11027072603 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11027072604 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11027082600 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11027082601 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11027082602 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11027082603 Washer
Kenmore 11027082604 Elite Oasis Washer
Kenmore 11027082605 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11027086600 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11027086601 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11027086602 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11027086603 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11027086604 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11027086605 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11027087600 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11027087601 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11027087602 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11027087603 Elite Oasis Washer
Kenmore 11027087604 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11027087605 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11027092600 Washer
Kenmore 11027092601 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11027092602 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11027092603 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11027152600 Automatic Washer
Kenmore 11027152601 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11027152602 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11028032700 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11028032701 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11028042700 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11028042701 Washer
Kenmore 11028062800 Elite Oasis HE Washer
Kenmore 11028072800 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11028081700 Elite Oasis HT Washer
Kenmore 11028082700 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11028087700 Elite Oasis HT Washer
Kenmore 11028091700 Washer
Kenmore 11028092700 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11028097700 Washer
Kenmore 11028102310 Automatic Washer
Kenmore 11028103310 Series 700 Washer
Maytag 7MMVWB850WL0 Automatic Washer
Maytag 7MMVWB950AG0 Automatic Washer
Whirlpool 7MWTW7800XW0 Automatic Washer
Whirlpool 7MWTW8800AW0 Automatic Washer
Maytag MTW6300TQ0 Residential Washer
Maytag MTW6300TQ1 Residential Washer
Maytag MTW6400TQ0 Residential Washer
Maytag MTW6500TQ0 Residential Washer
Maytag MTW6600TB0 Residential Washer
Maytag MTW6600TB1 Residential Washer
Maytag MTW6600TQ0 Bravos Washer
Maytag MTW6600TQ1 Residential Washer
Maytag MTW6700TQ0 Bravos Washer
Maytag MTW6700TQ1 Bravos Washer
Maytag MVWB300WQ0 Bravos Washer
Maytag MVWB300WQ1 Bravos Washer
Maytag MVWB300WQ2 Bravos Washer
Maytag MVWB400VQ0 Bravos Washer
Maytag MVWB450WQ0 Bravos Washer
Maytag MVWB450WQ1 Bravos Washer
Maytag MVWB450WQ2 Bravos Washer
Maytag MVWB455YQ0 Automatic Washer
Maytag MVWB700BW0 Bravos XL Washer
Maytag MVWB700VQ0 Bravos Washer
Maytag MVWB725BG0 Bravos XL Washer
Maytag MVWB725BW0 Bravos XL Washer
Maytag MVWB750WB0 Bravos Washer
Maytag MVWB750WB1 Bravos Washer
Maytag MVWB750WB2 Bravos Washer
Maytag MVWB750WL0 Bravos Washer
Maytag MVWB750WL1 Bravos Washer
Maytag MVWB750WL2 Bravos Washer
Maytag MVWB750WQ0 Bravos Washer
Maytag MVWB750WQ1 Bravos Washer
Maytag MVWB750WQ2 Bravos Washer
Maytag MVWB750WR0 Bravos Washer
Maytag MVWB750WR1 Bravos Washer
Maytag MVWB750WR2 Bravos Washer
Maytag MVWB750YW0 Bravos XL Washer
Maytag MVWB755YL0 Automatic Washer
Maytag MVWB755YQ0 Automatic Washer
Maytag MVWB755YR0 Automatic Washer
Maytag MVWB800VB0 Bravos Washer
Maytag MVWB800VQ0 Bravos Washer
Maytag MVWB800VU0 Residential Washer
Maytag MVWB850WB0 Bravos Washer
Maytag MVWB850WB1 Bravos Washer
Maytag MVWB850WB2 Bravos Washer
Maytag MVWB850WL0 Bravos Washer
Maytag MVWB850WL1 Bravos Washer
Maytag MVWB850WL2 Bravos Washer
Maytag MVWB850WQ0 Bravos Washer
Maytag MVWB850WQ1 Bravos Washer
Maytag MVWB850WQ2 Bravos Washer
Maytag MVWB850WR0 Bravos Washer
Maytag MVWB850WR1 Bravos Washer
Maytag MVWB850WR2 Bravos Washer
Maytag MVWB850YG0 Bravos XL Washer
Maytag MVWB850YG1 Bravos XL Washer
Maytag MVWB850YW0 Bravos XL Washer
Maytag MVWB850YW1 Bravos XL Washer
Maytag MVWB880BW0 Automatic Washer
Maytag MVWB950YG0 Bravos XL Washer
Maytag MVWB950YG1 Bravos XL Washer
Maytag MVWB950YW0 Bravos XL Washer
Maytag MVWB950YW1 Bravos XL Washer
Maytag MVWB980BG0 Bravos XL HE Washer
Maytag MVWB980BW0 Bravos XL HE Washer
Whirlpool WTW6200SW0 Cabrio Washer
Whirlpool WTW6200SW1 Cabrio Washer
Whirlpool WTW6200SW2 Cabrio Washer
Whirlpool WTW6200SW3 Cabrio Washer
Whirlpool WTW6200VW0 Cabrio Washer
Whirlpool WTW6200VW1 Cabrio Washer
Whirlpool WTW6300SB0 Cabrio Washer
Whirlpool WTW6300SB1 Cabrio Washer
Whirlpool WTW6300SB2 Cabrio Washer
Whirlpool WTW6300SG0 Cabrio Washer
Whirlpool WTW6300SG1 Cabrio Washer
Whirlpool WTW6300SG2 Cabrio Washer
Whirlpool WTW6300SW0 Cabrio Washer
Whirlpool WTW6300SW1 Cabrio Washer
Whirlpool WTW6300SW2 Cabrio Washer
Whirlpool WTW6300WW0 Cabrio Washer
Whirlpool WTW6340WW0 Cabrio Washer
Whirlpool WTW6400SW0 Cabrio Washer
Whirlpool WTW6400SW1 Cabrio Washer
Whirlpool WTW6400SW2 Cabrio Washer
Whirlpool WTW6400SW3 Cabrio Washer
Whirlpool WTW6500WW1 Cabrio Washer
Whirlpool WTW6600SB0 Cabrio Washer
Whirlpool WTW6600SB1 Cabrio Washer
Whirlpool WTW6600SB2 Cabrio Washer
Whirlpool WTW6600SB3 Cabrio Washer
Whirlpool WTW6600SG0 Cabrio Washer
Whirlpool WTW6600SG1 Cabrio Washer
Whirlpool WTW6600SG2 Cabrio Washer
Whirlpool WTW6600SG3 Cabrio Washer
Whirlpool WTW6600SW0 Cabrio Washer
Whirlpool WTW6600SW1 Cabrio Washer
Whirlpool WTW6600SW2 Residential Washer
Whirlpool WTW6600SW3 Residential Washer
Whirlpool WTW6700TU1 Cabrio Washer
Whirlpool WTW6700TU2 Cabrio Washer
Whirlpool WTW6700TW0 Cabrio Washer
Whirlpool WTW6700TW1 Cabrio Washer
Whirlpool WTW6700TW2 Cabrio Washer
Whirlpool WTW6800WB1 Cabrio Washer
Whirlpool WTW6800WE1 Residential Washer
Whirlpool WTW6800WL1 Cabrio Washer
Whirlpool WTW6800WU1 Residential Washer
Whirlpool WTW6800WW1 Cabrio Washer
Whirlpool WTW7300XW0 Cabrio Washer
Whirlpool WTW7300XW1 Cabrio Washer
Whirlpool WTW7300XW2 Cabrio Washer
Whirlpool WTW7320YW0 Automatic Washer
Whirlpool WTW7340XW0 Cabrio Washer
Whirlpool WTW7340XW1 Cabrio Washer
Whirlpool WTW7340XW2 Cabrio Washer
Whirlpool WTW7600XW0 Cabrio Washer
Whirlpool WTW7600XW1 Cabrio Washer
Whirlpool WTW7600XW2 Automatic Washer
Whirlpool WTW7800XB0 Cabrio Washer
Whirlpool WTW7800XB1 Automatic Washer
Whirlpool WTW7800XB2 Cabrio Washer
Whirlpool WTW7800XB3 Cabrio Washer
Whirlpool WTW7800XB4 Cabrio Washer
Whirlpool WTW7800XL0 Cabrio Washer
Whirlpool WTW7800XL1 Cabrio Washer
Whirlpool WTW7800XL2 Cabrio Washer
Whirlpool WTW7800XL3 Cabrio Washer
Whirlpool WTW7800XL4 Cabrio Washer
Whirlpool WTW7800XW0 Cabrio Washer
Whirlpool WTW7800XW1 Cabrio Washer
Whirlpool WTW7800XW2 Cabrio Washer
Whirlpool WTW7800XW3 Cabrio Washer
Whirlpool WTW7800XW4 Cabrio Washer
Whirlpool WTW7990XG0 Vantage Washer
Whirlpool WTW7990XG1 Vantage Washer
Whirlpool WTW8000BW0 Cabrio Platinum Washer
Whirlpool WTW8100BW0 Cabrio Platinum Washer
Whirlpool WTW8200YW0 Cabrio Platinum Washer
Whirlpool WTW8240YW0 Cabrio Platinum Washer
Whirlpool WTW8500BC0 Cabrio Platinum Washer
Whirlpool WTW8500BR0 Cabrio Platinum Washer
Whirlpool WTW8500BW0 Cabrio Platinum Washer
Whirlpool WTW8540BC0 Cabrio Platinum Washer
Whirlpool WTW8540BC1 Cabrio Platinum Washer
Whirlpool WTW8540BW0 Cabrio Platinum Washer
Whirlpool WTW8540BW1 Cabrio Platinum Washer
Whirlpool WTW8600YW0 Cabrio Platinum Washer
Whirlpool WTW8600YW1 Cabrio Platinum Washer
Whirlpool WTW8800YC0 Cabrio Platinum Washer
Whirlpool WTW8800YC1 Automatic Washer
Whirlpool WTW8800YW0 Cabrio Platinum Washer
Whirlpool WTW8800YW1 Cabrio Platinum Washer
Whirlpool WTW8900BC0 Cabrio Platinum Washer
Whirlpool WTW8900BW0 Cabrio Platinum Washer
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