Grease Filter

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Part Number PD00026333
Manufacturer Part W10169961A
Manufactured By Whirlpool OEM
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Part Description

Grease Filter for range vent hood.  This is a new GENUINE Whirlpool replacement part.

Compatible Brands

  • Jenn Air
  • Kitchen Aid
  • Whirlpool

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This Part PD00026333 (Mfg #W10169961A) replaces these parts:

  • 8190858
  • W10169961
  • W10833076

Our Competitor’s Part Numbers for this part

  • 1551344
  • AP4482237
  • PS2372036
  • EAP2372036

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  • Grease Filter
Product Rating
Tasneem from TX

Firstly grease filters


Replacement filter

Repair & Advice

I couldn't find the replacement filters anywhere and it was very experience getting the part from whirlpool. Parts Dr carried the filter and price was cheaper than anywhere else

Model Cross Reference

This part PD00026333 (Mfg #W10169961A) works with all models listed.
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Manufacturer Appliance Model Description
Whirlpool GXI6536DXS0 36" Professional Hood
Whirlpool GXI6536DXS1 36" Professional Hood
Whirlpool GXI6536DXS2 36" Island-mount Canopy Range Hood
Whirlpool GXW6530DXS0 30" & 36" Professional Hood
Whirlpool GXW6530DXS1 30" & 36" Professional Hood
Whirlpool GXW6530DXS2 30" & 36" Professional Hood
Whirlpool GXW6530DXS3 Range Hood
Whirlpool GXW6530DXS4 Hood
Whirlpool GXW6536DXS0 30" & 36" Professional Hood
Whirlpool GXW6536DXS1 30" & 36" Professional Hood
Whirlpool GXW6536DXS2 30" & 36" Professional Hood
Whirlpool GXW6536DXS3 Range Hood
Whirlpool GXW6536DXS4 Hood
Whirlpool GXW7230DAS0 30" Wall-mount Canopy Range Hood
Whirlpool GXW7230DAS1 Range Hood
Whirlpool GXW7330DXS0 (30")(36") Professional Hood
Whirlpool GXW7330DXS1 (30")(36") Professional Hood
Whirlpool GXW7336DXS0 (30")(36") Professional Hood
Whirlpool GXW7336DXS1 (30")(36") Professional Hood
Ikea IH6242SM0 60cm Range Hood (vented)
Ikea IH6242WM0 Range Hood
Ikea IH6302WS0 30" Or 36" Canopy Hood
Ikea IH6302YS0 30" Professional Hood
Ikea IH6362WS0 30" Or 36" Canopy Hood
Ikea IHI6530BS0 30" Professional Hood
Ikea IHI75UC6FS0 Hood/ventilation, Island
Ikea IHW2530BS0 30" Professional Hood
Ikea IHW51UC0FS0 Canopy Wall Hood
Ikea IHW51UC0FS1 Range Hood
Ikea IHW53UC0FS0 Range Hood
Ikea IHW53UC0FS1 Range Hood
Ikea IHW57UC0FS0 Hood
Ikea IHW57UC0FS1 Range Hood
Ikea IHW61UC0FS Hood/ventilation, Professional
Ikea IHW6302VM0 Hoods
Ikea IHW6302WM0 30" Range Hood (vented)
Ikea IHW6302YB0 30" Professional Hood
Ikea IHW6362VM0 Hoods
Ikea IHW6362WM0 90cm Range Hood (vented)
Ikea IHW6530BS0 30" Professional Hood
Ikea IHW7302YS0 30" Professional Hood
Jenn-Air JXT6030ADR0 Range Hood
Jenn-Air JXT6036ADR0 Range Hood
Jenn-Air JXW6030WR0 30/36" Range Hood (vented)
Jenn-Air JXW6036WR0 30/36" Range Hood (vented)
KitchenAid KXI2536YSS0 36" Professional Hood
KitchenAid KXI2536YSS1 36" Professional Hood
KitchenAid KXW2330YSS0 (30")(36") Professional Hood
KitchenAid KXW2330YSS1 (30")(36") Professional Hood
KitchenAid KXW2336YSS0 (30")(36") Professional Hood
KitchenAid KXW2336YSS1 (30")(36") Professional Hood
KitchenAid KXW2530YSS0 30" & 36" Professional Hood
KitchenAid KXW2530YSS1 (30")(36") Professional Hood
KitchenAid KXW2530YSS2 30" & 36' Wall-mount Canopy Range Hood
KitchenAid KXW2536YSS0 30" & 36" Professional Hood
KitchenAid KXW2536YSS1 (30")(36") Professional Hood
KitchenAid KXW2536YSS2 30" & 36' Wall-mount Canopy Range Hood
Whirlpool UXT5530AAB0 (30")(36") Professional Hood
Whirlpool UXT5530AAS0 (30")(36") Professional Hood
Whirlpool UXT5530AAS1 (30")(36") Professional Hood
Whirlpool UXT5530AAW0 (30")(36") Professional Hood
Whirlpool UXT5536AAS0 (30")(36") Professional Hood
Whirlpool UXT5536AAS1 (30")(36") Professional Hood
Whirlpool UXW6536BSS0 Hood
Whirlpool WVW51UC0FS0 Canopy Wall Hood
Whirlpool WVW51UC0FS1 Range Hood
Whirlpool WVW51UC6FS0 Range Hood
Whirlpool WVW51UC6FS1 Range Hood
Whirlpool WVW53UC0FS0 Hood
Whirlpool WVW53UC0FS1 Range Hood
Whirlpool WVW53UC6FS0 Hood
Whirlpool WVW53UC6FS1 Range Hood
Whirlpool WVW57UC0FS0 Hood
Whirlpool WVW57UC0FS1 Range Hood
Whirlpool WVW57UC6FS0 Hood
Whirlpool WVW57UC6FS1 Range Hood

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