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This is a new, genuine OEM part manufactured by GE.
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In Stock
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This is a new, genuine OEM part manufactured by GE.
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  • Standard – $10.99
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This Part (Mfg #WB24X5167) replaces these parts:

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This part Mfg #WB24X5167 works with all models listed.

Does this fit my model?

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Manufacturer Appliance Model Description
GE JET1050A1 Microwave
GE JET1050Y4 Microwave
GE JET1060A1 Microwave
GE JET1060A2 Microwave
GE JET107001 Microwave
GE JET108001 Microwave
GE JET1110Y4 Microwave
GE JET1120A1 Microwave
GE JET1120A2 Microwave
GE JET114001 Microwave
GE JET1300A1 Microwave
GE JET890A1 Microwave
GE JHP65G*01 Electric Range
GE JHP65G*02 Electric Range
GE JHP65G*D1 Electric Range
GE JHP75G*01 Electric Range
GE JHP75G*02 Electric Range
GE JHP75G*03 Electric Range
GE JHP75G*D1 Electric Range
GE JHP97G*D1 Electric Range
GE JHP97G*Y2 Electric Range
GE JHP97G*Y3 Electric Range
GE JHP97G*Y5 Oven
GE JHP97G*Y6 Oven
GE JHP98G*Y3 Electric Range
GE JHP98G*Y4 Electric Range
GE JHP98G*Y5 Electric Range
GE JKP80G*03 Electric Oven
GE JKP80G*04 Gas Wall Oven
GE JKP80G*05 Electric Oven
GE JKP80G*06 Electric Oven
GE JKP97G*06 Gas Wall Oven
GE JKP97G*08 Electric Oven
GE JKP97G*09 Oven
GE JKP97G*10 Oven
GE JKP97G*11 Oven
GE JKP97G*12 Oven
GE JVM46007 Microwave
GE JVM48002 Microwave
GE JVM48003 Microwave
GE JVM48004 Microwave
GE JVM48006 Microwave
GE JVM48007 Microwave
GE JVM55005 Microwave
GE JVM57002 Microwave
GE JVM57003 Microwave
GE JVM59003 Microwave
GE JVM60001 Microwave
GE JVM60002 Microwave
GE JVM61001 Microwave
GE JVM61B001 Microwave/Hood Combo
GE JVM62002 Microwave
GE JVM62003 Microwave
GE JVM64001 Microwave
GE JVM64003 Microwave
GE JVM64004 Microwave
GE JVM70001 Oven
GE JVM72001 Microwave
GE JVM72003 Microwave
GE JVM72004 Microwave
GE JX65001 Oven
GE JX65002 Oven
GE JX90001 Oven
Hotpoint RE9260Y2 Microwave
Hotpoint RE9260Y3 Microwave
Hotpoint RE9280Y1 Microwave
Hotpoint RE9280Y3 Microwave
GE RK966G*11 Electric Oven
Hotpoint RK955G*01 Oven
Hotpoint RK955G*D1 Oven
Hotpoint RK959G*D1 Oven
Hotpoint RK966G*08 Oven
Hotpoint RK966G*12 Oven
GE JKP65G*01 Oven
GE JKP65G*04 Oven
GE JKP65G*05 Oven
GE JKP65G*06 Oven
GE JKP65G*D1 Oven
GE JVM58002 Microwave
GE JVM58003 Microwave
GE JVM57001 Microwave
GE JVM59001 Microwave
Hotpoint RE9520A1 Microwave
Hotpoint RE9310Y2 Microwave
Hotpoint RE9310Y3 Microwave
Hotpoint RE932001 Microwave
Hotpoint RVM43001 Microwave
Hotpoint RVM43002 Microwave
Hotpoint RVM43003 Microwave
Hotpoint RVM44005 Microwave
Hotpoint RVM54001 Microwave
Hotpoint RVM54002 Microwave
Hotpoint RVM58002 Microwave
Hotpoint RVM58003 Microwave
Hotpoint RVM60001 Microwave
Hotpoint RX66001 Oven
Hotpoint RX66002 Oven
Hotpoint RH966G*D1 Electric Range
Hotpoint RH966G*Y2 Electric Range
Hotpoint RH966G*Y3 Electric Range
Hotpoint RH966G*Y4 Electric Range
Hotpoint RH966G*Y5 Electric Range
Hotpoint RH966G*Y6 Electric Range
Hotpoint RH967G*01 Electric Range
Hotpoint RH967G*D1 Electric Range
GE JET1050Y3 Countertop Microwave
GE JET1110Y3 Countertop Microwave
GE JET132001 Countertop Microwave
GE JET13200A1 Countertop Microwave
GE JET720X2 Countertop Microwave
GE JET750W1 Countertop Microwave
GE JET760X2 Countertop Microwave
GE JET820V1 Countertop Microwave
GE JET820W1 Countertop Microwave
GE JET850W1 Countertop Microwave
GE JET850W2 Countertop Microwave
GE JET850W3 Countertop Microwave
GE JET860W1 Countertop Microwave
GE JET860Y1 Countertop Microwave
GE JET860Y2 Countertop Microwave
GE JET860Y3 Countertop Microwave
GE JET870V1 Countertop Microwave
GE JET870V2 Countertop Microwave
GE JET870V3 Countertop Microwave
GE JET870W1 Countertop Microwave
GE JET880V1 Countertop Microwave
GE JET880V2 Countertop Microwave
GE JET880V3 Countertop Microwave
GE JET880W1 Countertop Microwave
GE JET880Y1 Countertop Microwave
GE JET880Y2 Countertop Microwave
GE JET880Y3 Countertop Microwave
GE JET890X1 Countertop Microwave
GE JET900V1 Countertop Microwave
GE JET900W1 Countertop Microwave
GE JET900W2 Countertop Microwave
GE JET910V1 Countertop Microwave
GE JET910V2 Countertop Microwave
GE JET910V3 Countertop Microwave
GE JET910Y1 Countertop Microwave
GE JET910Y2 Countertop Microwave
GE JET910Y3 Countertop Microwave
GE JET92001 Countertop Microwave
GE JHP97G*V2 Electric Range/Microwave Combo
GE JHP97G*W1 Electric Range/Microwave Combo
GE JHP97G*W2 Electric Range/Microwave Combo
GE JHP97G*Y1 Electric Range/Microwave Combo
GE JHP98G*W1 Electric Range/Microwave Combo
GE JHP98G*W2 Electric Range/Microwave Combo
GE JHP98G*Y1 Electric Range/Microwave Combo
GE JKM92*01 Electric Range
GE JKP97G*02 Electric Range
GE JKP97G*03 Electric Range
GE JKP97G*04 Electric Range
GE JKP97G*05 Electric Range
GE JVM45001 Electric Range/Microwave Combo
GE JVM46001 Electric Range/Microwave Combo
GE JVM46002 Electric Range/Microwave Combo
GE JVM46003 Electric Range/Microwave Combo
GE JVM46004 Electric Range/Microwave Combo
GE JVM46005 Electric Range/Microwave Combo
GE JVM46006 Electric Range/Microwave Combo
GE JVM48001 Microwave/Hood Combo
GE JVM58001 Microwave/Hood Combo
GE JVM62001 Microwave/Hood Combo
GE JX97001 Oven
GE JX97002 Oven
Hotpoint RE9250V1 Countertop Microwave
Hotpoint RE9250W1 Countertop Microwave
Hotpoint RE9250W2 Countertop Microwave
Hotpoint RE9270V1 Electric Range
Hotpoint RE9280V1 Electric Range
Hotpoint RE9280W1 Electric Range
Hotpoint RE9280W2 Electric Range
Hotpoint RE9310V1 Electric Range
Hotpoint RE9310W1 Electric Range
Hotpoint RE9310W2 Electric Range
Hotpoint RE9310Y1 Countertop Microwave
Hotpoint RE9400W1 Electric Range
Hotpoint RE9400W2 Electric Range
Hotpoint RE9420Y1 Electric Range
Hotpoint RE9420Y2 Microwave
Hotpoint RE9420Y3 Microwave
Hotpoint RE9420Y4 Microwave
Hotpoint RE9430A1 Microwave
Hotpoint RE9430A2 Microwave
Hotpoint RE9430W1 Electric Range
Hotpoint RE9440V1 Electric Range
Hotpoint RE9440W1 Electric Range
Hotpoint RE9450Y1 Electric Range
Hotpoint RE9450Y2 Microwave
Hotpoint RE9450Y3 Microwave
Hotpoint RE9450Y4 Microwave
Hotpoint RE946001 Microwave
Hotpoint RE947001 Microwave
Hotpoint RH966G*V2 Electric Range
Hotpoint RH966G*W1 Electric Range
Hotpoint RH966G*W2 Electric Range
Hotpoint RH966G*Y1 Electric Range
Hotpoint RK932*01 Electric Range
Hotpoint RK932001 Electric Range
Hotpoint RK966G*02 Electric Range
Hotpoint RK966G*03 Electric Range
Hotpoint RK966G*04 Electric Range
Hotpoint RK966G*05 Electric Range
Hotpoint RK966G*07 Electric Range
Hotpoint RVM42001 Microwave
Hotpoint RVM42002 Microwave

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