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Door Shelf Bin (Right)

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Part Number PD00002189
Manufacturer Part DA97-12650A
Manufactured By Samsung OEM Info
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Part Description

Refrigerator Door Shelf Bin For The Right Door.  White Color With Clear Front.  This is a new GENUINE Samsung replacement part.

Compatible Brands

  • Samsung

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Our Competitor’s Part Numbers for this part

  • 2692337
  • AP5620330
  • PS4176653
  • EAP4176653

Part Production Numbers

  • DA63-06963

Repair Stories

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  • Door Shelf Bin (Right)
Product Rating
Christopher from OH

Child-induced blunt force trauma of the right upper door shelf bin.


Model number, Google, a Credit card , a parcel delivery service, scissors, my CNS with attached working organ and musculoskeletal system, a few choice words for my child and their actions.

Repair & Advice

It was on a sunny winter day when horror struck my beloved Samsung refrigerator top right door bin. My seven year old son had decided that the current allotment of cream cheese on his bagel did not meet his personal requirements. Resolved to be the Victor not the Victim in the situation, my son took it upon himself to remedy the indiscretion to his bagel. Covertly, he opened the right side of the French Doors and; by use of the ledge created from the exposed bottom drawer freezer and the outside edge of the top door shelf bin, leveraged himself up. Unfortunately, physics not being the strong skills set of a seven year old, his weight at this angle; concentrated into a pound per square inch ratio against the failure threshold of the plastic components, caused a catastrophic series of events that resulted in my son, butter, a few taco bell and ketchup packets, the cream cheese in question, a hard boiled egg, and the shattered remains of the door shelf bin, lying on the floor of my kitchen. Of course this is speculation on my part; according to my son, "he was never here and this never happened". Post cleanup, by my son via a temper-tantrum and stern wording from me, I promptly got on Google and went to Partsdr.Com with my model number in hand. The search was easy and I ordered the part assured by the guarantee this would fit. Their checkout process was streamlined and easy to use with their prices being the best I know of for parts. I chose the standard shipping expecting to be able to use the discomfort of having to rearrange my refrigerator for a few days against my son; much to my surprise , it arrives ex THE NEXT DAY! Using a pair of scissors, I cut open the box and marveled at a perfect replica of the original door shelf bin. A few minutes later and after removing some protective plastic tape, I installed the door shelf bin into its new home. It took longer to re-re-arrange the refrigerator than installing the bin. Thank you partsdr.Com for a positive outcome to a dastardly deed. Let me know if you need a seven year to test product durability.

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  • Door Shelf Bin (Right)
Product Rating
Gregory from TX

Grandma broke the refrigerator shelf!


Bought the shelf from Mr the parts dr.

Repair & Advice

Raise the old shelf. Took protective covering off plastic. Slid new shelf down in place. Bought jar of pickles to place in my new shelf. Enjoyed renewed aesthetic. Closed refrigerator door. Carried on with life. Total time spent (minus pickle purchase): less than one minute. Also, parts doctor was extremely fast with shipping and lowest priced. Couldn't be more satisfied.

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  • Door Shelf Bin (Right)
Product Rating
Cynthia J from NM

Right door cabinet of my french door Samsung cracked and we needed a replacement


No tools necessary.

Repair & Advice

This is our second Samsung refrigerator and I can't believe how cheaply some of the parts have gotten. Our first refrigerator we owned for 6 years before we sold and moved to NM and never had a problem with the the appliance. Built our new house back in 2015 and of course, based on previous experience order a new Samsung french door refrigerator. Here we are in 2018 and the enclosed shelf on the right door just cracked in 2 places. Enter Parts Dr. who had the best price, the item in stock and very, very quick delivery. I'm sure that I will need parts for this refrigerator in the future and the first place I'll go is to Parts Dr.


Model Cross Reference

This part PD00002189 (Mfg #DA97-12650A) works with all models listed.
Help me find my model number
Manufacturer Appliance Model Description
Samsung RF260BEAEBC/AA-01 Refrigerator
Samsung RF260BEAEBC/AA-02 Refrigerator
Samsung RF260BEAESG/AA-00 Refrigerator
Samsung RF260BEAESG/AA-01 Refrigerator
Samsung RF260BEAESG/AA-02 Refrigeration
Samsung RF260BEAESP/AA-0001 Refrigerator
Samsung RF260BEAESP/AA-01 Refrigerator
Samsung RF260BEAESPAA0001 Refrigerator
Samsung RF260BEAESR/AA-00 Refrigerator
Samsung RF260BEAESR/AA-02 Refrigerator
Samsung RF260BEAEWW/AA-0001 Refrigerator
Samsung RF260BEAEWW/AA-01 Refrigerator
Samsung RF261BEAEBC/AA-0001 Refrigerator
Samsung RF261BEAEBC/AA-01 Refrigerator
Samsung RF261BEAESG/AA-00 Refrigerator
Samsung RF261BEAESG/AA-01 Refrigerator
Samsung RF261BEAESG/AA-02 Refrigerator
Samsung RF261BEAESP/AA-0001 Refrigerator
Samsung RF261BEAESP/AA-01 Refrigerator
Samsung RF261BEAESPAA0001 Refrigerator
Samsung RF261BEAESR/AA-0001 Refrigerator
Samsung RF261BEAESR/AA-01 Refrigerator
Samsung RF261BEAEWW/AA-0001 Refrigerator
Samsung RF261BEAEWW/AA-01 Refrigerator
Samsung RF261BEAEWWAA0001 Refrigerator
Samsung RF263BEAEBC/AA-01 Refrigerator
Samsung RF263BEAEBC/AA-02 Refrigerator
Samsung RF263BEAEBC/AA-03 Refrigerator
Samsung RF263BEAEBC/AA-04 Refrigerator
Samsung RF263BEAESG/AA-00 Refrigerator
Samsung RF263BEAESG/AA-01 Refrigerator
Samsung RF263BEAESP/AA-01 Refrigerator
Samsung RF263BEAESP/AA-02 Refrigerator
Samsung RF263BEAESP/AA-03 Refrigerator
Samsung RF263BEAESP/AA-04 Refrigerator
Samsung RF263BEAESPAA0001 Refrigerator
Samsung RF263BEAESR/AA-00 Refrigerator
Samsung RF263BEAESR/AA-01 Refrigerator
Samsung RF263BEAESR/AA-02 Refrigerator
Samsung RF263BEAESR/AA-03 Refrigerator
Samsung RF263BEAESR/AA-04 Refrigerator
Samsung RF263BEAEWW/AA-00 Refrigerator
Samsung RF263BEAEWW/AA-0000 Refrigerator
Samsung RF263BEAEWW/AA-0001 Refrigerator
Samsung RF263BEAEWW/AA-0002 Refrigerator
Samsung RF263BEAEWW/AA-0003 Refrigerator
Samsung RF263BEAEWW/AA-0004 Refrigerator
Samsung RF263BEAEWW/AA-01 Refrigerator
Samsung RF263BEAEWW/AA-02 Refrigerator
Samsung RF263BEAEWW/AA-03 Refrigerator
Samsung RF263BEAEWW/AA-04 Refrigerator
Samsung RF263TEAEBC/AA-00 Refrigerator
Samsung RF263TEAEBC/AA-0001 Refrigerator
Samsung RF263TEAEBC/AA-01 Refrigerator
Samsung RF263TEAEBC/AA-02 Refrigerator
Samsung RF263TEAEBC/AA-03 Refrigerator
Samsung RF263TEAEBC/AA-04 Refrigerator
Samsung RF263TEAESG/AA-00 Refrigerator
Samsung RF263TEAESG/AA-01 Refrigerator
Samsung RF263TEAESP/AA-00 Refrigerator
Samsung RF263TEAESR/AA-00 Refrigerator
Samsung RF263TEAESR/AA-01 Refrigerator
Samsung RF263TEAESR/AA-02 Refrigerator
Samsung RF263TEAESR/AA-03 Refrigerator
Samsung RF263TEAESR/AA-04 Refrigerator
Samsung RF263TEAEWW/AA-00 Refrigerator
Samsung RF263TEAEWW/AA-0002 Refrigerator
Samsung RF263TEAEWW/AA-0003 Refrigerator
Samsung RF263TEAEWW/AA-01 Refrigerator
Samsung RF263TEAEWW/AA-02 Refrigerator
Samsung RF263TEAEWW/AA-03 Refrigerator
Samsung RF263TEAEWW/AA-04 Refrigerator
Samsung RF26HFPNBSR/AA-00 Refrigerator
Samsung RF26HFPNBSR/AA-0000 Refrigerator
Samsung RF26HFPNBSRAA0000 Refrigerator
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