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Magnetic Door Plunger Kit

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Part Number PD00008064
Manufacturer Part AGM73610701
Manufactured By LG OEM Info
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6 Repair Stories

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Part Description

Washer Magnetic Door Plunger Kit.  Includes magnetic door plunger, spring, and instruction sheet.  This is a new GENUINE LG replacement part.

Compatible Brands

  • Kenmore
  • LG

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Our Competitor’s Part Numbers for this part

  • 2002592
  • AP5331994
  • PS3618292
  • EAP3618292

Repair Stories

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  • Magnetic Door Plunger Kit
Product Rating
Wolfgang from FL




Repair & Advice


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  • Magnetic Door Plunger Kit
Product Rating
James from FL

Magnet plunger button clip broke.



Repair & Advice

The replacement is a genuine LG part. Line it up properly and it snaps in easily. It is just a matter of time until the button cover breaks again. The button is badly designed.

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  • Magnetic Door Plunger Kit
Product Rating
David from CO

One of the magnetic door plunger's plastic tabs broke for the second time.



Repair & Advice

The plastic part of the plunger fell out of the door since one of its tabs was broken. I have no suggestions as to how to prevent this from recurring. When it is unbroken, the magnet works well to hold the door partially open.

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Model Cross Reference

This part PD00008064 (Mfg #AGM73610701) works with all models listed.
Help me find my model number
Manufacturer Appliance Model Description
Kenmore 79641002610 Washer
Kenmore 79641003610 Washer
Kenmore 79641072310 Washer
Kenmore 79641072311 Washer
Kenmore 79641073310 Washer
Kenmore 79641073311 Washer
Kenmore 79641172210 Washer
Kenmore 79641182310 Washer
Kenmore 79641182311 Washer
Kenmore 79641262610 Washer
Kenmore 79641282310 Washer
Kenmore 79641302610 Washer
Kenmore 79641303610 Washer
Kenmore 79641392510 Washer
Kenmore 79641392511 Residential
Kenmore 79641392610 Washer
Kenmore 79641393510 Washer
Kenmore 79641393511 Residential Washers^
Kenmore 79641393610 Washer
Kenmore 79641472210 Washer
Kenmore 79641473210 Washer
Kenmore 79641482410 Washer
Kenmore 79641532110 Washer
Kenmore 79641532210 Washer
Kenmore 79641538110 Washer
Kenmore 79641542110 Washer
Kenmore 79641548110 Washer
Kenmore 79641548210 Washer
Kenmore 79641549110 Elite Washer
Kenmore 79641549210 Residential Washer
Kenmore 79641572210 Washer
Kenmore 79641573210 Washer
Kenmore 79641682610 Washer
Kenmore 79641683610 Washer
Kenmore 79641722000 Residential
Kenmore 79641722010 Washer
Kenmore 79641728000 Washer
Kenmore 79641728010 Washer
Kenmore 79641728900 Washingmachine
Kenmore 79641782810 Residential
Kenmore 79641783810 Washer
Kenmore 79641962610 Washer
Kenmore 79641963610 Washer
Kenmore 79641982410 Washer
Kenmore 79641983410 Washer
LG WM1388HW Washer
LG WM2140CW Washer
LG WM2240CW Washing Machine
LG WM2250CW Washer
LG WM2350HRC Washing Machine
LG WM2350HWC Washing Machine
LG WM2450HRA Washing Machine
LG WM2650HRA Washing Machine
LG WM2650HWA Washer
LG WM2655HVA Washer
LG WM3050CW Washer
LG WM3070HRA/00 Washing Machine
LG WM3070HWA Washing Machine
LG WM3150HVC Washing Machine
LG WM3150HWC Washing Machine
LG WM3170CW/01 Washer
LG WM3250HWA Washer
LG WM3270CW Washer
LG WM3360HRCA Washing Machine
LG WM3360HVCA Washing Machine
LG WM3360HWCA Washing Machine
LG WM3470HVA Washer
LG WM3470HWA/00 Washer
LG WM3488HS Washer
LG WM3488HS/00 Washer
LG WM3488HW Washer
LG WM3488HW/00 Washer
LG WM3550HVCA Washing Machine
LG WM3550HWCA Washing Machine
LG WM3670HRA/00 Residential
LG WM3670HVA Washer
LG WM3670HWA Washer
LG WM3670HWA/00 Washer
LG WM3770HVA Washer
LG WM3770HWA Washer
LG WM3997HWA Laundry Center
LG WM3997HWA/00 Laundry Center
LG WM4070HVA Washer
LG WM4070HWA Washer
LG WM4270HVA/01 Washer
LG WM4270HWA/01 Washer
LG WM4370HKA Washer
LG WM4370HWA Washer
LG WM5000HVA Washer
LG WM8000HVA Washer
LG WM8000HWA Washer
LG WM8100HVA Washer
LG WM8100HWA Washer
LG WM8500HVA Washer
LG WM9500HKA Washer
LG WT1801HVA Washer
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