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Freezer Basket


This is a new, genuine part manufactured by Whirlpool for Admiral, Amana, Magic Chef and Whirlpool appliances.
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Part Number PD00007037
Manufacturer Part 8210434A
Manufactured By Whirlpool OEM Info
In Stock
This product is in stock and ships tomorrow.
2 Repair Stories

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Part Description

Freezer Basket, White Color.  Approximate size: 10" High x 17 1/4" Wide x 11 1/8" Deep.  This is a new GENUINE Whirlpool replacement part.

Compatible Brands

  • Admiral
  • Amana
  • Magic Chef
  • Whirlpool

View Model Cross Reference Table

This Part PD00007037 (Mfg #8210434A) replaces these parts:

  • 4356354
  • 8210434
  • 09100065
  • 14212733
  • R0660007
  • Y09100065

Our Competitor’s Part Numbers for this part

  • 1940047
  • AP5263127
  • PS3496963
  • EAP3496963

Repair Stories

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  • Freezer Basket
Product Rating
Frank from KS

No problem--just wanted a second freezer basket to help organize things.


No tool needed

Repair & Advice

1. Open freezer lid. 2. Insert freezer basket. 3. Close lid.

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  • Freezer Basket
Product Rating
Jon from IA

No problem just adding a basket for convenience.



Repair & Advice

Unwrap, and put it in the freezer.....Done !

Model Cross Reference

This part PD00007037 (Mfg #8210434A) works with all models listed.
Help me find my model number
Manufacturer Appliance Model Description
Amana AC101KW-P1317802WW Chest Freezer
Amana AC101KW-P1317811WW Chest Freezer
Amana AC101KW-P1317818WW Chest Freezer
Amana AC101KW-P1317820WW Chest Freezer
Amana AC101KW/P1317802W Chest Freezer
Amana AC221KW-P1317819WW Chest Freezer
Amana AC50KW-P1317817WW Chest Freezer
Amana AC70KW/P1317801W Chest Freezer
Amana AC70KW/P1317801WW Chest Freezer
Amana AC70KW/P1317810WW Chest Freezer
Amana AFC0701AW-PAFC0701AW0 Freezers
Amana AFC0703BW Amana Freezer
Amana AFC1005BW Amana Chest Freezer
Amana C150FW/P1125111W Chest Freezer
Amana C151FW/P1125112W Chest Freezer
Whirlpool TCF1510DW00 Chest Freezer
Amana C100DW/C28S-BAMW250 Chest Freezer
Amana C100DW/P1125103WW Chest Freezer
Amana C100FW/P1125109W Chest Freezer
Magic Chef C12J Brands Freezer
Amana C70FW/P1125108W Chest Freezer
Maytag C7HS/V5ZUC Brands Freezer
Magic Chef C7J Magic Chef Freezer
Maytag CFC0735ARW Magic Chef Freezer
Maytag CFC0735GRW Magic Chef Freezer
Maytag CFC1036ARW Magic Chef Freezer
Maytag CFC1036GRW Magic Chef Freezer
Maytag CFC1236ARW Magic Chef Freezer
Maytag CFC1236GRW Magic Chef Freezer
Maytag GH0725NXEW Magic Chef Freezer
Maytag GH1026NXEW Magic Chef Freezer
Whirlpool EH070CFXCQ00 Chest Freezer
Whirlpool EH070FXAN00 Chest Freezer
Whirlpool EH070FXDN00 Chest Freezer
Whirlpool EH070FXEN00 Chest Freezer
Whirlpool EH070FXEN01 Chest Freezer
Whirlpool EH070FXEN06 Chest Freezer
Whirlpool EH070FXGW00 Chest Freezer
Whirlpool EH070FXGW01 Chest Freezer
Whirlpool EH070FXGW05 Chest Freezer
Whirlpool EH070FXGW06 Chest Freezer
Whirlpool EH070FXVN00 Chest Freezer
Whirlpool EH100FXAN00 Chest Freezer
Whirlpool EH100FXDN00 Chest Freezer
Whirlpool EH100FXEN00 Chest Freezer
Whirlpool EH100FXEN06 Chest Freezer
Whirlpool EH100FXGW00 Chest Freezer
Whirlpool EH100FXGW01 Chest Freezer
Whirlpool EH100FXGW05 Chest Freezer
Whirlpool EH100FXGW06 Chest Freezer
Whirlpool EH100FXVN00 Chest Freezer
Maytag MFC1005BEW Maytag Chest Freezer
Roper RH1099RBW00 Chest Freezer
Roper RH1099REW00 Chest Freezer
Roper RH1099REW06 Freezers
Roper RH1200RWW00 Freezers*
Roper RH1200RXW00 Freezers*
Amana AFC1004AW-PAFC1004AW0 Chest Freezer
Crosley WCC12F Chest
Crosley WCC12H3 Chest
Crosley WCC12W3 Chest
Crosley WCC10E Chest
Crosley WCC07F Chest
Crosley WCC07W3 Chest
Kenmore 67517031790 Chest Freezer
Kenmore 67517031790-C28H-DKUW246 Chest Freezer
Kenmore 67517031791 Chest Freezer
Kenmore 67517031792 Chest Freezer
Kenmore 67517031792-C28H-DKUW245 Chest Freezer
Kenmore 67517031793-C28H-EKUW240 Chest Freezer
Kenmore 67517031793-C28H-FKUW245 Chest Freezer
Kenmore 67517031794-C28H-GKUW242 Chest Freezer
Kenmore 67517031796-C28H-GKUW240 Chest Freezer
Kenmore 67517031797-C28H-GKUW241 Chest Freezer
Kenmore 6751923173-C35H-FKUW250 Chest Freezer
Kenmore 67519231794-C35H-GKUW252 Chest Freezer
Kenmore 67519231795-C35H-FKUW253 Chest Freezer
Kenmore 67519231795-C35H-GKUW253 Chest Freezer
Kenmore 67519231796-C35H-FKUW255 Chest Freezer
Kenmore 67519231796-C35H-GKUW250 Chest Freezer
Whirlpool TCF1010FW06 Freezers
Whirlpool TCF1010FW00 Chest Freezer
Whirlpool TCF1010FW01 Chest Freezer
Whirlpool TCF1010FW02 Freezer
Whirlpool TCF1010FW05 Chest Freezer
Whirlpool TCF1010GW00 Chest Freezer
Whirlpool TCF1010GW01 Chest Freezer
Whirlpool TCF1010GW02 Freezer
Whirlpool TCF1010GW05 Chest Freezer
Roper RH0799RBW00 Chest Freezer
Roper RH0799REW00 Chest Freezer
Roper RH0799REW01 Chest Freezer
Roper RH0799REW06 Freezers
Crosley WCC10F Chest
Crosley WCC10H3 Chest
Crosley WCC10W3 Chest
Amana AC151KW-P1317816WW Chest Freezer
Amana C101DW/C28S-BAMW260 Chest Freezer
Amana C101DW/P1125104WW Chest Freezer
Amana C101FW/P1125110W Chest Freezer
Amana C221FW/P1125113W Chest Freezer
Amana C221FW/P1125114WW Chest Freezer
Roper RH1000RAW00 Freezers*
Roper RH1000RDW00 Chest Freezer
Roper RH1000REW00 Chest Freezer
Roper RH1000REW01 Chest Freezer
Roper RH1000REW05 Chest Freezer
Roper RH1000REW06 Freezers
Roper RH1000RYW00 Freezers*
Whirlpool TCF0710DW00 Chest Freezer
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