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Power Nut


This is a new, genuine part manufactured by Whirlpool for Jenn Air, Kenmore, Kitchen Aid, Roper and Whirlpool appliances.
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Part Number PD00005042
Manufacturer Part WP777533
Manufactured By Whirlpool OEM Info
In Stock
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3 Repair Stories

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Part Description

Trash compactor power nut.  This nut has two "wings" that stick out the sides.  This is a new GENUINE Whirlpool replacement.

Compatible Brands

  • Jenn Air
  • Kenmore
  • Kitchen Aid
  • Roper
  • Whirlpool

View Model Cross Reference Table

This Part PD00005042 (Mfg #WP777533) replaces these parts:

  • 749059
  • 14210387
  • 7-49059
  • 7-77533
  • 777533
  • Y777533

Our Competitor’s Part Numbers for this part

  • 2869
  • AP6011544
  • PS11744741
  • EAP11744741

Repair Stories

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  • Power Nut
Product Rating

Because I put an empty paper roll cylinder, it entered the side of the ram and twisted it. It then locked the door and I could not open it. I found out that one of the power nuts needed replacement.


Vise grip - to rotate the chain at the base of the compactor. Screw driver to take out the screws at the base and at the top.

Repair & Advice

Because I put an empty paper roll cylinder, it entered the side of the ram and twisted it. It then locked the door and I could not open it. I found out that one of the power nuts needed replacement. I looked up the part on several sites, but on the Sears site it was too expensive, and I found it here at an acceptable price, so I bought 2. I replaced both of them and am very happy with my compactor working again.

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  • Power Nut
Product Rating
William from NJ

Trash compactor would not run.


Philips screw driver, block of wood to hold compacting ram in place.

Repair & Advice

Hardest part of this repair is getting compactor out kitchen cabinetry. This is case by case problem controlled by location of unit.

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  • Power Nut
Product Rating
Jim from NY

Trash compactor sear kenmore


Screwdriver and nut drive, tablet for pictures to put back together

Repair & Advice

This solved my problem of the compactor geting stuck in it's cycle. the powernuts are made of nylon or plastic and simply stripped over the years. replacing then worked like a charm. the compactor works like new now! PS the hours for repair are based on also having to clean and lube the hole compactor while it was disassembled. you wouldn't believe what you'll find after years of use! I also recommend pressure washing it if you have one

Model Cross Reference

This part PD00005042 (Mfg #WP777533) works with all models listed.
Help me find my model number
Manufacturer Appliance Model Description
Kenmore 6221388550 Trash Compactor
Kenmore 6651388550 Trash Compactor
Kenmore 6221338550 Trash Compactor
Kenmore 6221358550 Trash Compactor
Kenmore 6228369301NZ Kenmore Compactor
Kenmore 6228415001NO Sears Compactor
Kenmore 6228416001GO Kenmore Compactor
Kenmore 62284169900 Sears Compactor
Kenmore 6228419001GO Kenmore Compactor
Kenmore 62284199910 Kenmore Compactor
Kenmore 62284199920 Sears Compactor
Kenmore 6651330590 Compactor
Kenmore 6651336582 Compactor
Kenmore 6651338582 Compactor
Kenmore 6651339580 Compactor
Kenmore 6651339581 Compactor
Kenmore 6651340590 Compactor
Kenmore 6651350190 Compactor
Kenmore 6651350590 Compactor
Kenmore 6651358550 Trash Compactor
Kenmore 6651358551 Trash Compactor
Kenmore 6651386580 Trash Compactor
Kenmore 6651386581 Trash Compactor
Kenmore 6651386582 Compactor
Kenmore 6651388580 Trash Compactor
Kenmore 6651388581 Trash Compactor
Kenmore 6651388582 Compactor
Kenmore 6651396580 Trash Compactor
Kenmore 6651396581 Trash Compactor
Kenmore 6651396582 Compactor
Kenmore 6651398180 Compactor
Kenmore 6651398181 Compactor
Kenmore 6651398551 Trash Compactor
Kenmore 6651398580 Trash Compactor
Kenmore 6651398581 Trash Compactor
Kenmore 6651398582 Compactor
Kenmore 665427303-1 Compactor
Kenmore 665427303-2 Compactor
Kenmore 665427303-4 Compactor
Kenmore 665427303-5 Compactor
Kenmore 665427303-3 Compactor
Kenmore 6657491000 Compactor
Kenmore 6657495000 Compactor
Kenmore 6657496000 Compactor
Kenmore 6657496001 Compactor
Kenmore 6657497000 Compactor
Kenmore 6657498100 Compactor
Kenmore 6657499000 Compactor
Kenmore 6657499001 Compactor
Kenmore 6657499002 Compactor
Kenmore 6658369301NZ Kenmore Compactor
Kenmore 6658401000 Compactor
Kenmore 6658401001 Compactor
Kenmore 6658401002 Compactor
Kenmore 6658406000 Compactor
Kenmore 6658406001 Compactor
Kenmore 6658406002 Compactor
Kenmore 6658407000 Compactor
Kenmore 6658407001 Compactor
Kenmore 6658407002 Compactor
Kenmore 6658409000 Computor
Kenmore 6658409001 Compactor
Kenmore 6658409002 Compactor
Kenmore 6658409003 Sears Compactor
Kenmore 6658415000 Sears Compactor
Kenmore 6658415001NO Sears Compactor
Kenmore 6658416000 Sears Compactor
Kenmore 6658416001G0 Kenmore Compactor
Kenmore 66584169900 Sears Compactor
Kenmore 6658419000 Sears Compactor
Kenmore 6658419001GO Kenmore Compactor
Kenmore 66584199900 Compactor
Kenmore 66584199910 Kenmore Compactor
Kenmore 66584199920 Sears Compactor
Kenmore 19025 (1988) Trash Masher Compactor
Whirlpool BLNC800AV2 Compactors
Whirlpool BLNC800EV2 Compactors
Jenn-Air TC400 Compactor
Jenn-Air TC406 Compactor
Jenn-Air TC406W Compactor
Whirlpool TC4700XYP0 Compactors
Whirlpool TC8700XYP0 Compactors
Whirlpool TC8750XYP0 Compactors
KitchenAid KCC1500 Compactors
Whirlpool TU4000XRP0 Compactors
Whirlpool TU4000XRP1 Compactors
Whirlpool TU4000XRP2 Compactors
Whirlpool TU4000XRP3 Compactors
Whirlpool TU4000XRPE Compactors
Whirlpool TU8100XTP2 Compactors
Whirlpool TU8000XLP0 Compactors
Whirlpool TU8000XRP0 Compactors
Whirlpool TU8000XRP1 Compactors
Whirlpool TU8000XRP2 Compactors
KitchenAid 4KUCC150S0 Compactors
KitchenAid 4KUCC150S1 Compactors
KitchenAid 4KUCC150S2 Compactors
KitchenAid 4KUCC151T0 Compactors
KitchenAid 4KUCC151T1 Compactors
KitchenAid 7KCCC150T0 Compactors
KitchenAid 7KCCC150T1 Compactors
KitchenAid 7KFCC150S0 Compactors
KitchenAid 7KFCC150S1 Compactors
Whirlpool AMB750WP01 Compactors
Whirlpool JJTF8500XLP1 Compactors
Whirlpool JJTF8500XLP2 Compactors
Whirlpool JJTF8500XLP3 Compactors
Whirlpool JJTF8500XLP4 Compactors
Whirlpool JJTF8500XLP5 Compactors
Whirlpool JJTU4100XTP0 Compactors
Whirlpool JJTU4100XTP1 Compactors
Whirlpool JJTU4600XTP0 Compactors
Whirlpool JJTU4600XTP1 Compactors
Whirlpool JJTU8100XTP0 Compactors
Whirlpool JJTU8100XTP1 Compactors
KitchenAid KCC1510 Compactors
Roper KU1550VP0 Compactors
Roper KU1550VP1 Compactors
KitchenAid KUCC150S0 Compactors
KitchenAid KUCC150S1 Compactors
KitchenAid KUCC150S2 Compactors
KitchenAid KUCC151T0 Compactor
KitchenAid KUCC151T1 Compactors
KitchenAid KUCC151T2 Compactors
Whirlpool NC800AV1 Compactors
Whirlpool NC800EV1 Compactors
Whirlpool TF4500XLP0 Compactors
Whirlpool TF4500XLP1 Compactors
Whirlpool TF4500XRP0 Compactors
Whirlpool TF4500XRP1 Compactors
Whirlpool TF4500XRP2 Compactors
Whirlpool TF4500XRP3 Compactors
Whirlpool TF4600XTP0 Trash Masher Compactor
Whirlpool TF4600XTP1 Compactor
Whirlpool TF4600XTP2 Compactors
Whirlpool TF4700XXP0 Compactors
Whirlpool TF8500XLP0 Compactors
Whirlpool TF8500XRP0 Compactors
Whirlpool TF8500XRP1 Compactors
Whirlpool TF8500XRP2 Compactors
Whirlpool TF8503XLP0 Compactors
Whirlpool TF8503XLP1 Compactors
Whirlpool TF8600XTP0 Compactors
Whirlpool TF8600XTP1 Compactors
Whirlpool TF8600XTP2 Compactors
Whirlpool TF8700XXP0 Compactors
Whirlpool TU4000XMP0 Compactors
Whirlpool TU4100XTP0 Compactors
Whirlpool TU4100XTP1 Compactors
Whirlpool TU4100XTP2 Compactors
Whirlpool TU4100XTP3 Compactors
Whirlpool TU4700XXP0 Compactors
Whirlpool TU8003XLP0 Compactors
Whirlpool TU8100XTP0 Compactors
Whirlpool TU8100XTP1 Compactors
Whirlpool TU8100XTP3 Compactors
Whirlpool TU8150XTP0 Compactors
Whirlpool TU8150XTP1 Compactors
Whirlpool TU8150XTP2 Compactors
Whirlpool TU8700XXP0 Compactors
Whirlpool TU8750XXP0 Compactors
Kenmore 6651336580 Trash Compactor
Kenmore 6651336581 Trash Compactor
Kenmore 6651338550 Trash Compactor
Kenmore 6651338580 Trash Compactor
Kenmore 6651338581 Trash Compactor
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