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Filter Assembly


This is a new, genuine part manufactured by Frigidaire.
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Part Number PD00046533
Manufacturer Part 5304513574
Manufactured By Frigidaire OEM Info
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Part Description

Dryer filter assembly.  This is a new GENUINE Frigidaire replacement part.

Compatible Brands

  • Frigidaire

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Our Competitor’s Part Numbers for this part

  • 4839170
  • AP6329649
  • PS12365508
  • EAP12365508

Repair Stories

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  • Filter Assembly
Product Rating
William from TX

Upgraded 617 dryer with new clamshell style lint filter


Phillips screw driver

Repair & Advice

If upgrading, remove spade connectors from old grill and connect to new grill as the connectors that snap together are different between the 617 and 627. The dryer sensor will work just fine. Also you will need to buy a 2 inch #10 stainless pan head screw to use inside the drum as the new grill is much taller. Otherwise it is very easy upgrade to keep lint from building up on the blower wheel on older Electrolux dryers. You will need to order the new style filter as well.

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  • Filter Assembly
Product Rating
Lawrence from ME

Dryer making noise due to excess lint in exhaust fan.



Repair & Advice

Actually bought this part for dryer model EFME417SIWO, which says it does not fit (earlier model) but it does (you will need longer screws). The dryer started making a lot of noise, and after watching some YouTube videos, it turned out the earlier filter assembly was a bad design and was letting too much lint by so that it built upon the exhaust fan blades, causing the noise. You have to use a long flexible grabber and maybe a hose attached to a vacuum to clean out the fan blades. One video recommended changing to this later filter assembly as it is much more effective at stopping the lint. Everything fit okay, but I had a hard time finding longer versions of the 2 end screws (2" instead of the much shorter originals), the threads seem an odd pitch and I ended up using a different type for one screw than the other because the threads are weak in the sheet metal and became compromised after trying too many types. The 2 front screws are fine to re-use. Cleaning the fan out was the hard part, the filter assembly swapped right out, you need the filter and the housing/grille assembly that matches it (530451374 and 5304515376). It seems like a good upgrade so far, you don't want to have to clean the fan out on a regular basis. You will also need to re-attach the sensor wires, mine seemed to fit right on the new sensor. I am not including the fan cleaning in the Difficulty and Install time, which takes an hour or more and is a little difficult just because the fan is hard to reach.

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  • Filter Assembly
Product Rating
Thomas from IL

The factory-installed lint system on the Electrolux dryer was insufficient and allowed lint to pass to blower assembly and collect on blower wheel, eventually throwing wheel out of balance and causing dryer to make noise.


Screwdriver (dryer disassembly), needle nose pliers (wire harness support removal).

Repair & Advice

Found a YouTube video to help with dryer disassembly. Changing the filter assembly was extremely easy and required little disassembly, but I needed to get to the blower wheel to clean it, or else this conversion would not have addressed root issue. the installation of the replacement filter assembly was extremely easy. Parts fit perfectly and when I was done, looked like a factory installation. Now I no longer need to worry about lint bypassing the filter and clogging the blower.

Model Cross Reference

This part PD00046533 (Mfg #5304513574) works with all models listed.
Help me find my model number
Manufacturer Appliance Model Description
Electrolux EFMC427UIW0 Dryer
Electrolux EFMC527UIW0 Dryer
Electrolux EFMC527UTT0 Dryer
Electrolux EFMC627UIW0 Dryer
Electrolux EFMC627UTT0 Dryer
Electrolux EFME427UIW0 Dryer
Electrolux EFME527UIW0 Dryer
Electrolux EFME527UTT0 Dryer
Electrolux EFME627UIW0 Dryer
Electrolux EFME627UTT0 Dryer
Electrolux EFMG427UIW0 Dryer
Electrolux EFMG527UIW0 Dryer
Electrolux EFMG527UTT0 Dryer
Electrolux EFMG627UIW0 Dryer
Electrolux EFMG627UTT0 Dryer
Electrolux EFDC317TIW1 Dryer
Electrolux EFDE317TIW1 Dryer
Electrolux EFDG317TIW1 Dryer
Electrolux EFME627UTT1 Dryer
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