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Grease Filter

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Part Number PD00027851
Manufacturer Part 5304464105
Manufactured By Frigidaire OEM Info
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Part Description

Microwave Grease Filter.  This is a new GENUINE Frigidaire replacement part.

Compatible Brands

  • Frigidaire

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Our Competitor’s Part Numbers for this part

  • PS1993472
  • 1381132
  • AP4322869
  • EAP1993472

Model Cross Reference

This part PD00027851 (Mfg #5304464105) works with all models listed.
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Manufacturer Appliance Model Description
Frigidaire CFMV152KBA Microwave/hood Combo
Frigidaire CFMV152KMA Microwave/hood Combo
Frigidaire CFMV152KQA Microwave/hood Combo
Frigidaire CFMV152KSA Microwave/hood Combo
Frigidaire CFMV152KWA Microwave/hood Combo
Frigidaire CFMV157GBA Microwave/hood Combo
Frigidaire CFMV157GCA Microwave/hood Combo
Frigidaire CFMV157GMA Microwave/hood Combo
Frigidaire CFMV157GQA Microwave/hood Combo
Frigidaire CFMV157GSA Microwave/hood Combo
Frigidaire CFMV162LBA Microwave Oven
Frigidaire CFMV162LMA Microwave Oven
Frigidaire CFMV162LQA Microwave Oven
Frigidaire CFMV162LSA Microwave Oven
Frigidaire CFMV162LWA Microwave Oven
Frigidaire CFMV164LSA Microwave Oven
Frigidaire CMWV150KBA Microwave
Frigidaire CMWV150KBB Microwave Oven
Frigidaire CMWV150KWA Microwave
Frigidaire FFMV162LBA Microwave Oven
Frigidaire FFMV162LMA Microwave Oven
Frigidaire FFMV162LQA Microwave Oven
Frigidaire FFMV162LSA Microwave Oven
Frigidaire FFMV162LWA Microwave Oven
Frigidaire FFMV163PBA Microwave Oven
Frigidaire FFMV163PSA Microwave Oven
Frigidaire FFMV163PWA Microwave Oven
Frigidaire FFMV164LSA Microwave Oven
Frigidaire FMV152KBA Microwave
Frigidaire FMV152KMA Microwave
Frigidaire FMV152KQA Microwave
Frigidaire FMV152KSA Microwave
Frigidaire FMV152KWA Microwave
Frigidaire FMV157GBA Microwave/hood Combo
Frigidaire FMV157GCA Microwave/hood Combo
Frigidaire FMV157GMA Microwave/hood Combo
Frigidaire FMV157GQA Microwave/hood Combo
Frigidaire FMV157GSA Microwave/hood Combo
Frigidaire LFMV164QFA Microwave Oven
Frigidaire MMV150KBA Microwave Oven
Frigidaire MMV150KWA Microwave Oven
Frigidaire MWV150KBA Microwave
Frigidaire MWV150KBB Microwave Oven
Frigidaire MWV150KWA Microwave
Frigidaire MWV150KWB Microwave Oven
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