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This is a new, genuine OEM part manufactured by Frigidaire.
In Stock
In Stock
Washer 5303304015



This is a new, genuine OEM part manufactured by Frigidaire.
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In Stock

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Part Description

Washing machine washer.  This is a new GENUINE Frigidaire replacement part.

Part Number


Manufacturer Part


Manufactured By

Frigidaire OEM Info

Part Numbers

This Part PD00027130 (Mfg #5303304015) replaces these parts:

Our Competitor’s Part Numbers for this part

  • 631614
  • AP2146121
  • PS463985
  • EAP463985

Compatible Brands

  • Frigidaire

Model Cross Reference

This part PD00027130 (Mfg #5303304015) works with all models listed.

Does this fit my model?

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Manufacturer Appliance Model Description
Frigidaire FFEW2425LSA Wall Oven
Kenmore 79030473400 Gas Wall Oven
Kenmore 79030473401 Gas Wall Oven
Kenmore 79030473402 Gas Wall Oven
Kenmore 79030473403 Gas Wall Oven
Kenmore 79030553800 Gas Wall Oven
Kenmore 79030553801 Gas Wall Oven
Kenmore 79030553802 Gas Wall Oven
Kenmore 79030553803 Gas Wall Oven
Kenmore 79040453800 Electric Oven
Kenmore 79040453801 Electric Oven
Kenmore 79040453802 Electric Oven
Kenmore 79040453803 Electric Oven
Frigidaire FEF450WBDA Electric Range
Frigidaire FEF450WBWA Electric Range
Frigidaire FEF450WCDA Electric Range
Frigidaire FEF450WCDB Electric Range
Frigidaire FEF450WCDC Electric Range
Frigidaire FEF450WCWA Electric Range
Frigidaire FEF450WCWB Electric Range
Frigidaire FEF450WCWC Electric Range
Tappan TEB554CCB1 Electric Wall Oven - 5995273769
Tappan TEB554CCB2 Electric Wall Oven - 5995278883
Tappan TEB554CCB3 Electric Wall Oven - 5995285953
Tappan TEB554CCBA Electric Wall Oven - 5995273769
Tappan TEB554CFBA Electric Wall Oven - 5995294641
Kenmore 7909464990 Electric Range
Frigidaire PLEB27T8ACB Electric Oven
Frigidaire FGX831CS1 Laundry Center
Kenmore 79045123510 Wall Oven
Frigidaire FWT425RHS0 Washer
Frigidaire FEB556BBB2 Electric Wall Oven - 5995272860
Frigidaire FEB556BBBB Electric Wall Oven - 5995272860
Frigidaire FEB556BBBD Electric Wall Oven - 5995281754
Frigidaire FEB556CBSB Electric Wall Oven - 5995272860
Frigidaire FEB556CBSD Electric Wall Oven - 5995281754
Frigidaire FEB556CBT2 Electric Wall Oven - 5995272860
Frigidaire FEB556CBTB Electric Wall Oven - 5995272860
Frigidaire FEB556CBTD Electric Wall Oven - 5995281754
Frigidaire FEB556CEBA Electric Wall Oven - 5995285631
Frigidaire FEB556CEBB Electric Wall Oven - 5995288338
Frigidaire FEB556CEBC Electric Wall Oven - 5995290995
Frigidaire FEB556CEBH Electric Wall Oven
Frigidaire FEB556CESA Electric Wall Oven - 5995285631
Frigidaire FEB556CESB Electric Wall Oven - 5995288338
Frigidaire FEB556CESC Electric Wall Oven - 5995290995
Frigidaire FEB556CESE Electric Wall Oven - 5995301966
Frigidaire FEB556CESF Electric Wall Oven - P5995317095
Frigidaire FEB556CESG Electric Wall Oven
Frigidaire FEB556CESH Electric Wall Oven
Frigidaire FEB556CETA Electric Wall Oven - 5995285631
Frigidaire FEB556CETB Electric Wall Oven - 5995288338
Frigidaire FEB556CETC Electric Wall Oven - 5995290995
Frigidaire FEB556CETE Electric Wall Oven - 5995301966
Frigidaire FEB556CETF Electric Wall Oven - P5995317095
Frigidaire FEB556CETG Electric Wall Oven
Frigidaire FEB556CETH Electric Wall Oven
Kenmore 9703871220 Washer
Kenmore 9703880220 Washer
Frigidaire FWSB5700DS0 Washer
Frigidaire FWS833AS1 Washer
Frigidaire GLWS1339ES0 Washer
Frigidaire FWTB69RGS0 Washer
Frigidaire MWS833AS2 Washer
Gibson GWT445RFS2 Washer
Frigidaire FGX831CS0 Laundry Center
Frigidaire FGX831MCS0 Laundry Center
Frigidaire FGZ831AS0 Laundry Center
Frigidaire FGZ831AS1 Laundry Center
Frigidaire FGZ831AS2 Laundry Center
Frigidaire FLEB43RGS3 Laundry Center
Frigidaire FLGB43RGS2 Laundry Center
Frigidaire FLGB43RGS3 Laundry Center
Frigidaire FLSG60RGS1 Laundry Center
Frigidaire FLSG60RGS2 Laundry Center
Frigidaire FLSG62MRFS2 Laundry Center
Frigidaire FLSG62MRFS4 Laundry Center
Frigidaire FLSG72GCSB Laundry Center
Frigidaire FLSG72GCSC Laundry Center
Frigidaire FLSG72GCSD Laundry Center
Frigidaire FLSG72GCTB Laundry Center
Frigidaire FLXG42MRES2 Laundry Center
Frigidaire FLXG42MRES3 Laundry Center
Frigidaire FLXG42MRES4 Laundry Center
Frigidaire FLXG46MRES0 Laundry Center
Frigidaire FLXG46MRES1 Laundry Center
Frigidaire FLXG52RBS9 Laundry Center
Frigidaire FLXG52RBSA Laundry Center
Frigidaire FLXG52RBSB Laundry Center
Frigidaire FLXG52RBT9 Laundry Center
Frigidaire FPGF3685LSA Gas Range
Frigidaire FPGF3685LSB Gas Range
Frigidaire CRWS1879AS2 Washer
Frigidaire CRWS5700AS0 Washer
Frigidaire CRWS7900AS1 Washer
Frigidaire CWS3600AS0 Washer
Frigidaire CWS3600AS1 Washer
Frigidaire FTF1040AS0 Washer
Frigidaire FTF630AS0 Washer
Frigidaire FTR630AS0 Washer
Frigidaire FWS1233AS2 Washer
Frigidaire FWS1339AC0 Washer
Frigidaire FWS1339EC0 Washer
Frigidaire FWSB67RGS2 Washer
Frigidaire FWSB7800DS0 Washer
Frigidaire FWT445GC Washer
White-Westinghouse FWT445GC Washer
Frigidaire FWT445GCS0 Washer
Frigidaire FWT648GHS0 Washer
Frigidaire FWT867GHQ0 Washer
Frigidaire FWTB59RGS0 Washer
Frigidaire FWTR425RHS0 Washer
Frigidaire FWTR445RFS0 Washer
Frigidaire FWTR445RFS2 Washer
Frigidaire FWTR549GG Washer
Frigidaire FWTR549GGS0 Washer
Frigidaire FWTR645RHS0 Washer
Frigidaire FWTR645RHS1 Washer
Frigidaire FWTR647GHS0 Washer
Frigidaire FWTR647GHS1 Washer
Frigidaire FWTR865RHQ0 Washer
Frigidaire FWTR865RHS0 Washer
Frigidaire FWTR867GHQ0 Washer
Frigidaire FWTR867GHS0 Washer
Frigidaire FWX221AS1 Washer
Frigidaire FWX221AS2 Washer
Frigidaire FWX833AS1 Washer
Frigidaire FWX833AS2 Washer
Frigidaire FWX833MAS0 Washer
Frigidaire FWX833SAQ0 Washer
Frigidaire FWX833SAS0 Washer
Frigidaire FWXB45RGS1 Washer
Frigidaire FWY833KAS0 Washer
Frigidaire FWY833KCS0 Washer
Electrolux E30EW75DSS1 Wall Oven
Frigidaire GLGT1031CS0 Laundry Center
Frigidaire GLGT1031CS1 Laundry Center
Frigidaire GLGT1041AS0 Laundry Center
Frigidaire GLGT1041AS1 Laundry Center
Frigidaire GLGT1041AS2 Laundry Center
Frigidaire GLWS1233AQ2 Washer
Frigidaire GLWS1233AS1 Washer
Frigidaire GLWS1233AS2 Washer
Frigidaire GLWS1339CS0 Washer
Frigidaire GLWS1339CS1 Washer
Frigidaire GLWS1649AS1 Washer
Frigidaire GLWS1649AS2 Washer
Frigidaire GLWS1749AS2 Washer
Frigidaire GLWS1939AS0 Washer
Frigidaire GLWS1979AS2 Washer
Frigidaire GLWS1979AS3 Washer
Frigidaire GLWY1343AS0 Washer
Frigidaire GLWY1343AS1 Washer
Frigidaire GMWS1339CS0 Washer
Electrolux EW30DS6CGS8 Range
Electrolux EW30DS75KS4 Range
Electrolux EW30ES65GSI Electric Range
Electrolux EW30ES6CGS8 Electric Range
Electrolux EW30IS65JSD Electric Range
Electrolux EW30IS6CJSC Electric Range
Frigidaire FEB398CEBA Electric Wall Oven - 5995288288
Frigidaire FEB398CEBB Electric Wall Oven - 5995288288
Frigidaire FEB398CEBC Electric Wall Oven - P5995322160
Frigidaire FEB398CESA Electric Wall Oven - 5995288288
Frigidaire FEB398CESB Electric Wall Oven - 5995288288
Frigidaire FEB398CESC Electric Wall Oven - P5995322160
Frigidaire FEB398CETA Electric Wall Oven - 5995288288
Frigidaire FEB398CETB Electric Wall Oven - 5995288288
Frigidaire FEB398WECA Electric Wall Oven - 5995288296
Frigidaire FEB398WECC Electric Wall Oven - P5995322376
Frigidaire FEB398WESA Electric Wall Oven - 5995288296
Frigidaire FEB798CCBB Electric Wall Oven - 5995280632
Frigidaire FEB798CCBF Electric Wall Oven - 5995302022
Frigidaire FEB798CCBG Electric Wall Oven - 5995302022
Frigidaire FEB798CCBH Electric Wall Oven - P5995320396
Frigidaire FEB798CCSB Electric Wall Oven - 5995280632
Frigidaire FEB798CCSF Electric Wall Oven - 5995302022
Frigidaire FEB798CCSH Electric Wall Oven - P5995320396
Frigidaire FEB798CCTB Electric Wall Oven - 5995280632
Frigidaire FEB798CCTF Electric Wall Oven - 5995302022
Frigidaire FEB798CCTG Electric Wall Oven - 5995302022
Frigidaire FEB798WCCB Electric Wall Oven - 5995280681
Frigidaire FEB798WCCF Electric Range - 5995299913
Frigidaire FEB798WCCH Wall Oven - P5995320453
Frigidaire FEB798WCCI Electric Wall Oven - P5995334108
Frigidaire FEB798WESD Electric Wall Oven - 5995300562
Frigidaire FEZ831AS0 Laundry Center
Frigidaire FEZ831AS2 Laundry Center
Frigidaire GSTF1670AS0 Washer
Frigidaire GSTR1670AS0 Washer
Frigidaire GSWS1749AS2 Washer
Frigidaire GSWS9331DS0 Washer
Frigidaire GSWS9471DC0 Washer
Frigidaire GSWS9719AS0 Washer
Frigidaire GSWS9719AS1 Washer
Frigidaire GSWS9719AS2 Washer
Gibson GWS1149AS1 Washer
Gibson GWS1339CS0 Washer
Gibson GWS1339CS1 Washer
Gibson GWS1749AS1 Washer
Gibson GWS1749CS0 Washer
Gibson GWS833CS0 Washer
Gibson GWT445RFS0 Washer
Gibson GWT445RFS1 Washer
Gibson GWT445RGS0 Washer
Gibson GWT445RGS1 Washer
Gibson GWT445RGS2 Washer
Gibson GWT645RHS0 Washer - P5995332920
Gibson GWTR645RHS0 Front-Loading Washer - P5995333035
Gibson GWX833CS0 Washer
Gibson GWX933AS1 Washer
Gibson GWY1343AS1 Washer
Frigidaire LWS9313DS0 Laundry
Frigidaire CRWS7900AS0 Washer
Frigidaire FEB398WECD Electric Wall Oven - P5995334116
Frigidaire LWS3312DS0 Laundry
White-Westinghouse SWS1233CS0 Washer
Frigidaire FEB556CBS2 Electric Wall Oven - 5995272860
Frigidaire FEB556CEBE Electric Wall Oven - 5995301966
Frigidaire FEB556CEBF Electric Wall Oven - P5995317095
Gibson GTF1040AS0 Washer
Gibson GTR1040AS0 Washer
Frigidaire FWSB6600ES0 Washer
Kenmore 79040613800 Wall Oven
Kenmore 79040613801 Wall Oven
Kenmore 79040613802 Wall Oven
Kenmore 79040613803 Wall Oven
Frigidaire FWT867GHS0 Washer
Frigidaire PLEB27T8ACA Electric Oven
Frigidaire GLET1142CS0 Laundry Center
Frigidaire GLET1041AS2 Laundry Center
Frigidaire FEB556CEBG Electric Wall Oven
Frigidaire 38802 Washer
Frigidaire FWS6600ES0 Washer
Frigidaire 38712 Washer
White-Westinghouse 38712 Washer
Frigidaire FEB798CCSG Electric Wall Oven - 5995302022
Frigidaire MEF402WBD1 Electric Range - 5995255196
Frigidaire MEF402WBW1 Electric Range - 5995255196
Frigidaire MEF402WCD2 Electric Range - 5995280541
Frigidaire MEF402WCD3 Electric Range - 5995286969
Frigidaire MEF402WCDA Electric Range - 5995273066
Frigidaire MEF402WCW1 Electric Range - 5995273066
Frigidaire MEF402WCW2 Electric Range - 5995280541
Frigidaire MEF402WCW3 Electric Range - 5995286969
Frigidaire MEF402WFD1 Electric Range - 5995296091
Frigidaire MEF402WFW1 Electric Range - 5995296091
White-Westinghouse WTR1240AQ0 Front-Loading Washer
White-Westinghouse WTR1240AS0 Front-Loading Washer
Frigidaire FEZ831AS1 Laundry Center
White-Westinghouse WWS833ES0 Washer
Frigidaire SFWX703AS0 Washer
Frigidaire SGWS1349AS0 Washer
Frigidaire MLXE42REW7 Laundry Center
Frigidaire MLXE42REW8 Laundry Center
White-Westinghouse WLSG62RFW2 Laundry Center
White-Westinghouse WLSG62RFW4 Laundry Center
White-Westinghouse WLSG62RFW5 Laundry Center
White-Westinghouse WLXG42REW2 Laundry Center
White-Westinghouse WLXG42REW3 Laundry Center
White-Westinghouse WLXG42REW4 Laundry Center
White-Westinghouse WLXG42REW5 Laundry Center
Frigidaire NGST127AQ0 Washer
Frigidaire NGST127AS0 Washer
Frigidaire NGSTR127AS0 Washer
White-Westinghouse SWX703AQ2 Washer
White-Westinghouse SWX703AS2 Washer
White-Westinghouse SWX703CQ0 Washer
White-Westinghouse SWX703CS0 Washer
White-Westinghouse SWXG831DQ0 Laundry Center
White-Westinghouse SWXG831DS0 Laundry Center
White-Westinghouse WWX121ES0 Washer
Frigidaire PLCF489GCA Range
Frigidaire PLEF489GCA Electric Range
Frigidaire FWT445GE Washer
White-Westinghouse FWT445GE Washer
Kenmore 41724182300 Washer
Kenmore 41729022890 Freestanding Washer
Kenmore 41729042990 Front-Loading Washer
Kenmore 41729042991 Washer
Kenmore 41729042992 Front-Loading Washer
Kenmore 41729052990 Washer
Kenmore 41729052991 Washer
Kenmore 41739012890 Stack Washer
Kenmore 41739012891 Washer
Kenmore 41739022890 Washer
Kenmore 41739022891 Washer
Kenmore 41740032990 Washer
Kenmore 41740042990 Washer
Kenmore 41740052990 Washer
Kenmore 41740142000 Washer
Kenmore 41741042000 Washer
Kenmore 41741052000 Front-Loading Washer
Kenmore 41741142000 Washer
Kenmore 41742042100 Washer
Kenmore 41742052100 Washer
Kenmore 41742142100 Washer
Kenmore 41743042200 Washer
Kenmore 41743052200 Washer
Kenmore 41743142200 Washer
Kenmore 41790802992 Laundry Center
Kenmore 41790812992 Laundry Center
Kenmore 41790814002 Laundry Center
Kenmore 41790862992 Laundry Center
Kenmore 41790872992 Laundry Center
Kenmore 41791702001 Laundry Center
Kenmore 41792702200 Laundry Center
Kenmore 41793702200 Laundry Center
Kenmore 41793702201 Laundry Center
Kenmore 41793802200 Laundry Center
Kenmore 41793802201 Laundry Center
Kenmore 41793812200 Laundry Center
Kenmore 41793812201 Laundry Center
Kenmore 41793814200 Laundry Center
Kenmore 41793814201 Laundry Center
Kenmore 41793862200 Laundry Center
Kenmore 41793862201 Laundry Center
Kenmore 41793872200 Laundry Center
Kenmore 41793872201 Laundry Center
Kenmore 41794702300 Laundry Center
Kenmore 41794712400 Laundry Center
Kenmore 41794802300 Laundry Center
Kenmore 41794802301 Laundry Center
Kenmore 41794812300 Laundry Center
Kenmore 41794812301 Laundry Center
Kenmore 41794814300 Laundry Center
Kenmore 41794814301 Laundry Center
Kenmore 41794862300 Laundry Center
Kenmore 41794862301 Laundry Center
Kenmore 41794862302 Laundry Center
Kenmore 41794872300 Laundry Center
Kenmore 41794872301 Laundry Center
Kenmore 41794872302 Laundry Center
Sears 970-C40032-00 Washer
Sears 970-C40042-00 Washer
Sears 970-C40052-00 Washer
Frigidaire CRTF1240AS0 Washer
Frigidaire CRTR9300AS0 Washer
Frigidaire FEX831CS0 Laundry Center
Frigidaire FLEB43RGS2 Laundry Center
Frigidaire FLEB8200DS0 Laundry Center
Frigidaire FLGB8200DS0 Laundry Center
Frigidaire FLGB8200DS1 Laundry Center
Frigidaire FLSE60RGS1 Laundry Center
Frigidaire FLSE60RGS2 Laundry Center
Frigidaire FLSE72GCSC Laundry Center
Frigidaire FLSE72GCTC Laundry Center
Frigidaire FWS1339AC1 Washer
Frigidaire FWS833AS2 Washer
Frigidaire FWT445GES0 Washer
Frigidaire FWT445GES1 Washer
Frigidaire FWT445GES2 Washer
Frigidaire FWT449GFS0 Washer
Frigidaire FWT449GFS1 Washer
Frigidaire FWT449GFS2 Washer
Frigidaire FWT645RHS0 Washer
Frigidaire FWT645RHS1 Washer
Frigidaire FWT647GHS0 Washer
Frigidaire FWT647GHS1 Washer
Gibson GES831AS1 Laundry Center
Gibson GES831AS2 Laundry Center
Gibson GES831CS0 Laundry Center
Frigidaire GLET1031CS0 Laundry Center
Frigidaire GLET1041AS0 Laundry Center
Frigidaire GLET1041AS1 Laundry Center
Frigidaire GLGT1142CS0 Laundry Center
Frigidaire GLGT1142CS1 Laundry Center
Frigidaire GLTF1040AS0 Washer
Frigidaire GLTF1240AS0 Washer
Frigidaire GLTF1670AS0 Washer
Frigidaire GLTR1670AS0 Washer
Frigidaire GLWS1339CC0 Washer
Frigidaire GLWS1339EC0 Washer
Frigidaire GLWS1349AS1 Washer
Frigidaire GLWS1649AS4 Washer
Frigidaire GLWS1749AS4 Washer
Frigidaire GLWS1939AS1 Washer
Frigidaire LFW201EW0 Washer
White-Westinghouse SWS1233CQ0 Washer
White-Westinghouse SWS1339CC1 Washer
White-Westinghouse SWS1549AQ1 Washer
White-Westinghouse SWS1549AQ2 Washer
White-Westinghouse SWS1549AS1 Washer
White-Westinghouse SWS1549AS2 Washer
White-Westinghouse SWS1649CQ0 Washer
White-Westinghouse SWS1649CS0 Washer
White-Westinghouse SWS933AQ1 Washer
White-Westinghouse SWS933AQ2 Washer
White-Westinghouse SWS933AS1 Washer
White-Westinghouse SWS933AS2 Washer
White-Westinghouse SWSG1031DQ0 Laundry Center
White-Westinghouse SWSG1031DS0 Laundry Center

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