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Charcoal Filter


This is a new, genuine part manufactured by LG.
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Help me find my model number
Part Number PD00027172
Manufacturer Part 5230W1A003A
Manufactured By LG OEM Info
In Stock
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Part Description

Microwave Charcoal Filter.  This is a new GENUINE LG replacement part.

Compatible Brands

  • LG

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Our Competitor’s Part Numbers for this part

  • 1164492
  • EAP3527523
  • PS3527523
  • AP4439398

Repair Stories

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  • Charcoal Filter
Product Rating
Jani from AL

Microwave charcoal filter was clogged with grease and needed replacing.


None needed.

Repair & Advice

It was very easy to switch out the charcoal filter on my built-in over - the- range microwave. It involved slipping off the plastic trim /cover, popping out the dirty filter, and popping the new one into place, then snapping the cover back on. Took about one minute.

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  • Charcoal Filter
Product Rating
joseph from SC

Replacement filter for microwave.



Repair & Advice

Very simple to replace filter

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  • Charcoal Filter
Product Rating
DAN from FL

Filter had not been changed in over 3 years = new home


Phillips head screw drive and flat head screw driver

Repair & Advice

On the Sears microwave be sure and remove completely the two large screws holding the microwave to the top cabinet. Only loosened them and then broke off the plastic cover tabs trying to remove the cover to get to the filters. I would order two filters just so you have one handy when you get ready to replace the one you install.

Model Cross Reference

This part PD00027172 (Mfg #5230W1A003A) works with all models listed.
Help me find my model number
Manufacturer Appliance Model Description
LG LMH2235ST Microwave
LG LMV1645SB Microwave
LG LMV1645SB01 Microwave
LG LMV1645ST Microwave
LG LMV1645SW Microwave
LG LMV1645SW01 Microwave
LG LMV1650SB Microwave
LG LMV1650ST Microwave
LG LMV1650ST01 Microwave
LG LMV1650SW Microwave Oven
LG LMV2031SB Microwave
LG LMV2031ST Microwave
LG LMV2031SW Microwave
LG LMV2053SB Microwave
LG LMV2053ST Microwave
LG LMV2053ST01 Microwave
LG LMV2053SW Microwave
LG LMV2053SW01 Microwave
LG LMV2073BB Microwave Oven
LG LMV2073BB01 Microwave
LG LMV2073ST Microwave Oven
LG LMV2073WW Microwave Oven
LG LMV2073WW01 Microwave
LG LMV2083SB Microwave
LG LMV2083ST Microwave
LG LMV2083SW Microwave
LG LMVH1711ST Microwave
LG LMVH1750SB Microwave
LG LMVH1750ST Microwave
LG LMVH1750SW Microwave
LG LMVM1945SB Microwave Oven
LG LMVM1945SBQ Microwave Oven
LG LMVM1945SW Microwave Oven
LG LMVM1945T Microwave Oven
LG LMVM1955SB Microwave Oven
LG LMVM1955SBQ Microwave Oven
LG LMVM1955ST Microwave Oven
LG LMVM1955SW Microwave Oven
LG LMVM1955T Microwave Oven
LG LMVM2055SB Microwave
LG LMVM2055ST Microwave
LG LMVM2055SW Microwave
LG LMVM2075SB Microwave
LG LMVM2075ST Microwave
LG LMVM2075SW Microwave
LG LMVM2085SB Microwave
LG LMVM2085ST Microwave
LG LMVM2085SW Microwave
Kenmore 72186013010 Microwave Hood Combo
Kenmore 72164683300 Microwave Hood Combo
LG LMHM2237ST Microwave/hood Combo
Kenmore 72186002010 Microwave Hood Combo
Kenmore 72186003010 Microwave Hood Combo
Kenmore 72186009010 Microwave Hood Combo
Kenmore 72180604500 Microwave Venthood Combination
Kenmore 72180513600 Microwave/hood Combo
Kenmore 72180522500 Microwave/hood Combo
Kenmore 72180523500 Microwave/hood Combo
Kenmore 72180524500 Microwave/hood Combo
Kenmore 72180529500 Microwave/hood Combo
Kenmore 72180402400 Microwave/hood Combo
Kenmore 72180402402 Microwave
Kenmore 72180409400 Microwave/hood Combo
Kenmore 72180409402 Microwave
LG LMV1650ST-01 Microwave
LG LMV2053ST-01 Microwave
LG LMV2053SW-01 Microwave
LG LMV2031BD Microwave
Kenmore 72163662300 Microwave Hood Combo
Kenmore 72163663300 Microwave Hood Combo
Kenmore 72163664300 Microwave Hood Combo
Kenmore 72163669300 Microwave Hood Combo
Kenmore 72163682300 Microwave Hood Combo
Kenmore 72163683300 Microwave Hood Combo
Kenmore 72163684300 Microwave Hood Combo
Kenmore 72163689300 Microwave Hood Combo
Kenmore 72163762300 Microwave Hood Combo
Kenmore 72163763300 Microwave Hood Combo
Kenmore 72163764300 Microwave Hood Combo
Kenmore 72163769300 Microwave Hood Combo
Kenmore 72164662300 Microwave
Kenmore 72164663300 Microwave
Kenmore 72164664300 Microwave
Kenmore 72164669300 Microwave
Kenmore 72164682300 Microwave Hood Combo
Kenmore 72164684300 Microwave Hood Combo
Kenmore 72164689300 Microwave Hood Combo
Kenmore 72180823500 Microwave
Kenmore 72180824500 Microwave
Kenmore 72180829500 Microwave
Kenmore 72180864400 Microwave Hood Combo
Kenmore 72180869400 Microwave Hood Combo
Kenmore 72180882400 Microwave Hood Combo
Kenmore 72180884400 Microwave Hood Combo
Kenmore 72188509800 Microwave Hood Combo
Kenmore 72188519900 Microwave/hood Combo
LG LMV2053SW/01 Microwave
LG LMV2053ST/01 Microwave
Kenmore 72180403400 Microwave/hood Combo
Kenmore 72180403402 Microwave
Kenmore 72180404400 Microwave/Hood Combo
Kenmore 72180404402 Microwave
Kenmore 72180602500 Microwave Venthood Combination
Kenmore 72180603500 Microwave Venthood Combination
Kenmore 72180609500 Microwave Venthood Combination
Kenmore 72180802400 Microwave
Kenmore 72180802401 Microwave
Kenmore 72180803400 Microwave
Kenmore 72180803401 Microwave
Kenmore 72180804400 Microwave
Kenmore 72180804401 Microwave
Kenmore 72180863400 Microwave Hood Combo
Kenmore 72180889400 Microwave Hood Combo
Kenmore 72188502800 Microwave Hood Combo
Kenmore 72180809400 Microwave
Kenmore 72180832500 Microwave - Range Hood
LG LMV2031ST/00 Microwave
Kenmore 72187583610 Microwave/hood Combo
Kenmore 72187587610 Microwave/hood Combo
LG LMVM2033ST/00 Microwave
LG LMVM2033SB/00 Microwave
LG LMVM2033SW/00 Microwave
LG LMH2235ST/00 Microwave/Hood Combo
LG LMHM2237BD/00 Microwave/hood Combo
LG LMHM2237BD/01 Microwave/Hood Combo
LG LMV2031BD/00 Microwave
LG LMV2031SB/00 Microwave
LG LMV2031SW/00 Microwave
LG LMV2053SB/00 Microwave
LG LMV2053ST/00 Microwave
LG LMV2053SW/00 Microwave
LG LMV2073BB/00 Microwave Oven
LG LMV2073BB/01 Microwave
LG LMV2073ST/00 Microwave Oven
LG LMV2073WW/00 Microwave Oven
LG LMV2073WW/01 Microwave
LG LMV2083SB/00 Microwave
LG LMV2083ST/00 Microwave
LG LMV2083SW/00 Microwave
LG LMVH1711ST/00 Microwave
LG LMVH1750SB/00 Microwave
LG LMVH1750ST/00 Microwave
LG LMVH1750SW/00 Microwave
LG LMHM2237ST/01 Microwave/Hood Combo
LG LMVM2033BM 2.0 Cu. Ft. Over The Range Microwave Oven
LG LMVM2075ST-AS1ELGA Stainless-Steel Over-The-Range Microwave
LG LMVM2075ST-AS2ELGA Stainless-Steel Over-The-Range Microwave
LG LMVM2075ST-ASBELGA Stainless-Steel Over-The-Range Microwave

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