Drain Pump Motor

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Part Number PD00001722
Manufacturer Part 4681EA2001T
Manufactured By LG OEM
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Part Description

Front load washer drain pump motor.  Reuse old pump housing.  Includes impeller (not sold separately).  This is a new GENUINE LG replacement part.

Compatible Brands

  • Kenmore
  • LG

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This Part PD00001722 (Mfg #4681EA2001T) replaces these parts:

  • 4681EA2001D
  • 4681EA2001N

Our Competitor’s Part Numbers for this part

  • 2003273
  • AP5328388
  • PS3579318
  • EAP3579318

Repair Stories

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  • Drain Pump Motor
Product Rating
Jeremy from NE

Washer wasn't draining


2 screwdrivers basin to catch water Towels / rags small plastic baggies to keep the screws marker to mark the baggies

Repair & Advice

I had watched the maintenance do it the first time. 1. Prepare rags or towels and lay them in front of the washer. 2. Remove the drawer where you load the soap. once you have cleared that out you will find screws that secure the plastic front top part where the control panel is located. Remove all screws and keep in bags that you labeled. 3.The plastic control panel snaps into place so it will seem still secured. Using a flat screw driver carefully pry it loose. For the bottom part where it meets the metal door, use the flat screw driver like a lever to lift the piece upwards. The whole panel should now come loose. It will still be connected to the unit with the electrical wiring. leave that alone and just place the panel on top of the washer. 4. Using the flat screwdriver open the small panel located at the front lower left side, this is where the drain and pump filter are located. Have a basin ready, remove the black rubber hose and unplug the tip to drain the washer. 5. Remove all screws. 6. Open the door and remove the tension wire that secures the rubber to the door. Look for the spring and pry it off. 7. You can now remove the screws that secure the front to the washer. 8. It will still be attached with wiring connected to the locking mechanism. Remove the screws. The front panel will now come off, just lift out. 9. The pump is now exposed, using a flat head screwdriver press on the back bottom part to release and slide back. 10. Unscrew the pump and replace and secure. 11. Put everything back, just reverse the instructions. Figuring it out the first time is challenging but once you get it, it's not that difficult. Good luck!!!

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  • Drain Pump Motor
Product Rating
Quentin from NE

Washer would not drain.


Screw driver and pliers.

Repair & Advice

You tubed it.

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  • Drain Pump Motor
Product Rating
Edward from MO

Will not drain, loud noise from drain pump.


Nut driver, screw driver and locking pliers.

Repair & Advice

Make sure you make note of Line and Nuetral connections to pump. Also, have towels ready to wipe up water when you disconnect drain pump hose.


Model Cross Reference

This part PD00001722 (Mfg #4681EA2001T) works with all models listed.
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Manufacturer Appliance Model Description
Kenmore 79640272800 Washer
Kenmore 79640272900 Washer
Kenmore 79640311900 Washer
Kenmore 79640318900 Washer
Kenmore 79640441900 Washer
Kenmore 79640448900 Washer
Kenmore 79640518900 Washer
Kenmore 79641028900 Washer
Kenmore 79641072310 Washer
Kenmore 79641073310 Washer
Kenmore 79641162410 Washer
Kenmore 79641162411 Washer
Kenmore 79641172210 Washer
Kenmore 79641172211 Washer
Kenmore 79641182310 Washer
Kenmore 79641182311 Washer
Kenmore 79641262610 Washer
Kenmore 79641272210 Washer
Kenmore 79641272211 Washer
Kenmore 79641282310 Washer
Kenmore 79641282311 Washer
Kenmore 79641283310 Washer
Kenmore 79641302610 Washer
Kenmore 79641303610 Washer
Kenmore 79641372210 Washer
Kenmore 79641372211 Washer
Kenmore 79641379210 Washer
Kenmore 79641382410 Washer
Kenmore 79641382411 Washer
Kenmore 79641383410 Washer
Kenmore 79641383411 Washer
Kenmore 79641392610 Washer
Kenmore 79641393610 Washer
Kenmore 79641472210 Washer
Kenmore 79641473210 Washer
Kenmore 79641482410 Washer
Kenmore 79641483410 Washer
Kenmore 79641532110 Washer
Kenmore 79641532210 Washing Machine
Kenmore 79641538110 Washer
Kenmore 79641542110 Washer
Kenmore 79641548110 Washer
Kenmore 79641549110 Elite Washer
Kenmore 79641583410 Washer
Kenmore 79641722010 Washer
Kenmore 79641728010 Washer
Kenmore 79641728900 Washingmachine
Kenmore 79641962610 Washer
Kenmore 79641963610 Washer
Kenmore 79641982410 Washer
Kenmore 79641983410 Washer
Kenmore 79648842800 Residential Washer
Kenmore 79648852800 Residential Washer
LG CW2079CWD Washer
LG CW2079CWN Washer
LG WD-3243RHD Washer/dryer Combination
LG WD-3245RHD Washer/dryer Combination
LG WD-3274RHD Laundry Center
LG WM0532HW Washer
LG WM0642HS Washer
LG WM0642HW Washer
LG WM0642HW/01 Washer
LG WM0742HGA Washer
LG WM0742HWA Washer
LG WM1333HW Washer
LG WM1355HR Washer
LG WM1355HW Washer
LG WM1811CW Washer
LG WM1812CW Washer
LG WM1814CW Tromm Washer
LG WM1815CS Washer
LG WM1832CW Washer
LG WM2010CW Washer
LG WM2011HW Washer
LG WM2016CW Washer
LG WM2016CW/00 Washer
LG WM2016CW/01 Washer
LG WM2016CW01 Washer
LG WM2032HS Washer
LG WM2032HW Washer
LG WM2042CW Washer
LG WM2050CW Washer
LG WM2075CW Washer
LG WM2077CW Tromm Washer
LG WM2101HW Washer
LG WM2140CW Washer
LG WM2233HD Washer
LG WM2233HU Washer
LG WM2240CW Washing Machine
LG WM2250CW Washer
LG WM2277HB Washer
LG WM2277HS Washer
LG WM2277HW Tromm Washer
LG WM2301HR Washer
LG WM2301HW Washer
LG WM2350HRC Washing Machine
LG WM2350HWC Washing Machine
LG WM2411HW Washer
LG WM2432HW Washer
LG WM2442HW Washer
LG WM2450HRA Washing Machine
LG WM2455HW Washer
LG WM2487HRM Washer
LG WM2487HWMA Residential Washer
LG WM2487WHM Washer
LG WM2496HSM Washer
LG WM2496HWM Washer
LG WM2497HWM Residential Washer
LG WM2501HVA Steam Washer
LG WM2501HWA Washer
LG WM2650HRA Washing Machine
LG WM2650HWA Washer
LG WM2655HVA Washer
LG WM2677HBM Washer
LG WM2677HSM Washer
LG WM2677HWM Washer
LG WM2688HNM Washer
LG WM2688HNMA Washer
LG WM2688HWM Washer
LG WM2688HWMA Washer
LG WM2701HV Washer
LG WM2801HLA Washer
LG WM2801HRA Washer
LG WM2801HWA Washer
LG WM2901HVA Washer
LG WM3001HPA Washer
LG WM3001HRA Washer
LG WM3001HWA Washer
LG WM3050CW Washer
LG WM3070HWA Washing Machine
LG WM3150HVC Washing Machine
LG WM3150HWC Washing Machine
LG WM3170CW/00 Washer
LG WM3170CW00 Washer
LG WM3250HWA Washer
LG WM3360HRCA Washing Machine
LG WM3360HVCA Washing Machine
LG WM3360HWCA Washing Machine
LG WM3370HRA Washer
LG WM3370HRA/00 Washer
LG WM3370HVA Washer
LG WM3370HVA/00 Washer
LG WM3370HVA00 Washer
LG WM3370HWA Washer
LG WM3370HWA/00 Washer
LG WM3370HWA/01 Washer
LG WM3370HWA00 Washer
LG WM3370HWA01 Washer
LG WM3431H Washer
LG WM3431HS Washer
LG WM3431HW Washer
LG WM3431HW01 Washing Machine
LG WM3455HS Washer
LG WM3455HW Washer
LG WM3470HVA Washer
LG WM3470HWA Washer
LG WM3477HW Front Loading Combo
LG WM3550HVCA Washing Machine
LG WM3550HWCA Washing Machine
LG WM3570HVA/01 Washer
LG WM3632HW Washer
LG WM3670HWA Washer
LG WM3677HW Washer
LG WM3875HVCA Washer
LG WM3875HWCA Washer
LG WM3885HCCA Washer
LG WM3885HWCA Washer
LG WM3987HW Washer
LG WM3988HWA Washer
LG WM4070HVA Washer
LG WM4070HWA Washer
LG WM4270HVA/00 Washer
LG WM4270HVA00 Washer
LG WM4270HWA Washer
LG WM4270HWA/00 Washer
LG WM4270HWA00 Washer
LG WM5000HWA Washer
LG WM8000HVA Washer
LG WM8000HWA Washer
LG WM8500HVA Washer
LG WM9000HVA Washer
LG WM9000HWA Washer

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