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Drum Felt Seal
This is a new, genuine OEM part manufactured by LG for Kenmore and LG appliances.
In Stock
In Stock
Drum Felt Seal 4036EL3001A
Drum Felt Seal 4036EL3001A
Drum Felt Seal 4036EL3001A

Drum Felt Seal


This is a new, genuine OEM part manufactured by LG for Kenmore and LG appliances.
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Part Description

Dryer Drum Felt Seal.  This is a new GENUINE LG replacement part.

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Top Rated Repair Story

Matthew from OR

Submitted on Oct. 5, 2019
1 Person Found This Helpful
Product Rating
Dryer made faint scratching screaming sound.
Repair Story
Youtubed a how-to video to take dryer apart. Old seal was almost entirely gone in back. Peeled it off and tried to get Read More

Part Numbers

Our Competitor’s Part Numbers for this part

  • 1267485
  • AP4438638
  • PS3522851
  • EAP3522851

Compatible Brands

  • Kenmore
  • LG

Repair Stories

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Drum Felt Seal
Product Rating
Matthew from OR
Dryer made faint scratching screaming sound.
Repair & Advice
Youtubed a how-to video to take dryer apart. Old seal was almost entirely gone in back. Peeled it off and tried to get new one on. Was very small, so had to stretch the new one significantly. It's very resilient so arms alone weren't enough. Ended up standing on one side and pulling up to stretch it, rotating to even out the effect. Eventually it slipped over the end of the drum. Was surprised to have no adhesive, but none was needed as drum is held very tightly once case is screwed back together properly.

Model Cross Reference

This part PD00007604 (Mfg #4036EL3001A) works with all models listed.

Does this fit my model?

Help me find my model number
Manufacturer Appliance Model Description
Kenmore 79661412310 Dryer
Kenmore 79661412410 Dryer
Kenmore 79661422410 Dryer
Kenmore 79661423410 Dryer
Kenmore 79661512210 Dryer
Kenmore 79661513310 Dryer
Kenmore 79661522210 Dryer
Kenmore 79661523210 Dryer
Kenmore 79661622310 Dryer
Kenmore 79661623310 Dryer
Kenmore 79669002000 Dryer
Kenmore 79669002010 Dryer
Kenmore 79669272000 Dryer
Kenmore 79669272010 Dryer
Kenmore 79669272012 Dryer
Kenmore 79669272900 Dryer
Kenmore 79669278000 Dryer
Kenmore 79669278010 Dryer
Kenmore 79669278900 Dryer
Kenmore 79669472000 Dryer
Kenmore 79669478000 Dryer
Kenmore 79671412310 Dryer
Kenmore 79671412410 Dryer
Kenmore 79671422410 Dryer
Kenmore 79671423410 Dryer
Kenmore 79671512210 Dryer
Kenmore 79671513310 Dryer
Kenmore 79671522210 Dryer
Kenmore 79671523210 Dryer
Kenmore 79671622310 Dryer
Kenmore 79671623310 Dryer
Kenmore 79679002000 Dryer
Kenmore 79679002010 Dryer
Kenmore 79679272000 Dryer
Kenmore 79679272010 Dryer
Kenmore 79679272900 Dryer
Kenmore 79679278000 Dryer
Kenmore 79679278010 Dryer
Kenmore 79679278900 Dryer
Kenmore 79679472000 Dryer
Kenmore 79679478000 Dryer
Kenmore 79680021900 Dryer
Kenmore 79680272900 Dryer
Kenmore 79680311900 Dryer
Kenmore 79680318900 Dryer
Kenmore 79680441900 Dryer
Kenmore 79680448900 Dryer
Kenmore 79680512900 Dryer
Kenmore 79680518900 Dryer
Kenmore 79681022900 Dryer
Kenmore 79681028900 Dryer
Kenmore 79681029900 Dryer
Kenmore 79681172210 Dryer
Kenmore 79681182310 Dryer
Kenmore 79681272210 Dryer
Kenmore 79681282310 Dryer
Kenmore 79681283310 Dryer
Kenmore 79681372210 Dryer
Kenmore 79681373210 Dryer
Kenmore 79681379210 Dryer
Kenmore 79681382410 Dryer
Kenmore 79681383410 Dryer
Kenmore 79681472210 Dryer
Kenmore 79681473210 Dryer
Kenmore 79681532110 Dryer
Kenmore 79681532210 Dryer
Kenmore 79681538110 Dryer
Kenmore 79681538210 Dryer
Kenmore 79681542110 Dryer
Kenmore 79681542210 Dryer
Kenmore 79681548110 Dryer
Kenmore 79681548210 Dryer
Kenmore 79681549110 Dryer
Kenmore 79681549210 Dryer
Kenmore 79681572210 Dryer
Kenmore 79681573210 Dryer
Kenmore 79681722010 Dryer
Kenmore 79681728010 Dryer
Kenmore 79682192900 Dryer
Kenmore 79682198900 Dryer
Kenmore 79682199900 Dryer
Kenmore 79688842800 Dryer
Kenmore 79688852800 Dryer
Kenmore 79690021900 Dryer
Kenmore 79690272800 Dryer
Kenmore 79690272900 Dryer
Kenmore 79690311900 Dryer
Kenmore 79690318900 Dryer
Kenmore 79690441900 Dryer
Kenmore 79690448900 Dryer
Kenmore 79690512900 Dryer
Kenmore 79690518900 Dryer
Kenmore 79691022900 Dryer
Kenmore 79691028900 Dryer
Kenmore 79691029900 Dryer
Kenmore 79691172210 Dryer
Kenmore 79691182310 Dryer
Kenmore 79691272210 Dryer
Kenmore 79691282310 Dryer
Kenmore 79691283310 Dryer
Kenmore 79691372210 Dryer
Kenmore 79691373210 Dryer
Kenmore 79691379210 Dryer
Kenmore 79691382410 Dryer
Kenmore 79691383410 Dryer
Kenmore 79691472210 Dryer
Kenmore 79691473210 Dryer
Kenmore 79691532110 Dryer
Kenmore 79691532210 Dryer
Kenmore 79691538110 Dryer
Kenmore 79691538210 Dryer
Kenmore 79691542110 Dryer
Kenmore 79691548110 Dryer
Kenmore 79691549110 Dryer
Kenmore 79691572210 Dryer
Kenmore 79691573210 Dryer
Kenmore 79691582410 Dryer
Kenmore 79691583410 Dryer
Kenmore 79691722010 Dryer
Kenmore 79691728010 Dryer
Kenmore 79692192900 Dryer
Kenmore 79692198900 Dryer
Kenmore 79692199900 Dryer
Kenmore 79698842800 Dryer
Kenmore 79698852800 Dryer
LG DLE5977S Dryer
LG DLE5977SM Dryer
LG DLG8388NM Dryer
LG DLEX3470W Dryer
LG DLG5988S Dryer
LG DLG5988SM Dryer
LG DLE9577SM Dryer
LG DLE2050W Dryer
Kenmore 79681592410 Dryer
Kenmore 79681593410 Dryer
LG DLE0332W Dryer
LG DLEX3370R Dryer
LG DLEX3370V Dryer
LG DLEX3070W Dryer
LG DLEX3360W Dryer
LG DLEX3470V Dryer
LG DLG3788W Dryer
LG DLE5955W Gas/Electric Dryer
LG DLGX3371R Dryer
LG DLGX3371V Dryer
LG DLGX3371W Dryer
LG DLE2301W Dryer
LG DLEX7177WM Dryer
LG DLE0442W01 Dryer
LG DLGX2551R Dryer
LG DLE2140W Dryer
LG DLEX5101V Dryer
LG DLG1320W Dryer
LG DLE3050W Dryer
LG DLE3733D Dryer
LG DLE3733U Dryer
LG DLE2514W Dryer
LG DLE5001W Dryer
LG DLEX3360R Dryer
LG DLE2532W Dryer
LG DLE5932W Dryer
LG DLG5966G Dryer
LG DLE8377NM Dryer
LG DLG2526W Dryer
LG DLE3733S Dryer
LG DLG5988W Dryer
LG DLG5988WM Dryer
LG DLE2240W Dryer
LG DLE5977W Dryer
LG DLE5977WM Dryer
LG DLE4970W Dryer
LG DLE5955G Gas/Electric Dryer
LG DLGX5102V Dryer
LG DLGX5102W Dryer
LG DLG2522W Dryer
LG DLGX3571V Dryer
LG DLE0442G Electric Dryer
LG DLE1001W Dryer
LG DLE1101W Dryer
LG DLE1310W Dryer
LG DLE1501W Dryer
LG DLE2250W Dryer
LG DLE2301R Dryer
LG DLE2350R Dryer
LG DLE2350W Dryer
LG DLE2512W Dryer
LG DLE2515S Dryer
LG DLE2516W Dryer
LG DLE2522W Dryer
LG DLE2524W Dryer
LG DLE2601R Dryer
LG DLE3170W Dryer
LG DLE3777E Dryer
LG DLE4801W Dryer
LG DLE4870W Dryer
LG DLE5932S Dryer
LG DLE5977BM Dryer
LG DLE5977B Dryer
LG DLE6942W Dryer
LG DLE7177RM Dryer
LG DLE7177WM Dryer
LG DLE8377WM Dryer
LG DLE9577WM Dryer
LG DLEX0001TM Dual-Fuel Dryer
LG DLEX2450R Dryer
LG DLEX2550R Dryer
LG DLEX2550W Dryer
LG DLEX2650R Dryer
LG DLEX2650W Dryer
LG DLEX2655V Electric Dryer
LG DLEX2801L Dryer
LG DLEX2801W Dryer
LG DLEX2901V Dryer
LG DLEX3001P Gas & Electric Dryer
LG DLEX3001R Gas & Electric Dryer
LG DLEX3001W Gas & Electric Dryer
LG DLEX3070R Dryer
LG DLEX3250W Dryer
LG DLEX3360V Dryer
LG DLEX3550V Dryer
LG DLEX3550W Dryer
LG DLEX3875V Dryer
LG DLEX3875W Dryer
LG DLEX3885C Dryer
LG DLEX3885W Dryer
LG DLEX4070V Dryer
LG DLEX4070W Dryer
LG DLEX4270V Dryer
LG DLEX4270W Dryer
LG DLEX5101W Dryer
LG DLEX5170V Dryer
LG DLEX5170W Dryer
LG DLEX5680V Dryer
LG DLEX5680W Dryer
LG DLEX5780VE Dryer
LG DLEX5780WE Dryer
LG DLEX6001V Dryer
LG DLEX6001W Dryer
LG DLEX7177RM Dryer
LG DLEX8377NM Dryer
LG DLEX8377N Dryer
LG DLEX8377WM Dryer
LG DLEY1201V Dual-Fuel Dryer
LG DLEY1201W Dual-Fuel Dryer
LG DLEY1701VE Dryer
LG DLEY1701V Dryer
LG DLEY1701WE Dryer
LG DLGX7188RM Dryer
LG DLGX7188WM Dryer
LG DLG0452G Electric Dryer
LG DLG0452W Dryer
LG DLG5966W Dryer
Kenmore 79691728000 Dryer
LG DLG5988BM Gas & Electric Dryer
LG DLG5988B Dryer
LG DLE2701V Dryer
LG DLE2101W Dryer
LG DLE2601W Dryer
LG DLG2141W Dryer
LG DLG5932W Dryer
Kenmore 79661512211 Dryer
Kenmore 79681582410 Dryer
Kenmore 79681583410 Dryer
Kenmore 79691549210 Dryer
LG DLG8388WM Dryer
LG DLGX4271V Dryer
LG DLGX4271W Dryer
LG DLG5002W Dryer
LG CDG3389WD Dryer
LG CDG3389WN Dryer
LG DLEX5000W Dryer
LG DLG0332W Dryer
LG DLG1102W Dryer
LG DLG2051W Dryer
LG DLG2241W Dryer
LG DLG2251W Dryer
LG DLG2351R Dryer
LG DLG2351W Dryer
LG DLG2511W Dryer
LG DLG2524W Dryer
LG DLG2525S Dryer
LG DLG2526W/00 Dryer
LG DLG2602R Dryer
LG DLG2602W Dryer
LG DLG2702V Dryer
LG DLG3051W Dryer
LG DLG3171W Dryer
LG DLG3744D Dryer
LG DLG3744S Dryer
LG DLG3744U Dryer
LG DLG3744W Dryer
LG DLG5932S Dryer
LG DLG6952W Dryer
LG DLG7188RM Dryer
LG DLG9588SM Dryer
LG DLG9588WM Dryer
LG DLGX0002TM Dual-Fuel Dryer
LG DLGX2451R Dryer
LG DLGX2502V Dual-Fuel Dryer
LG DLGX2502W Electric/gas Dryer
LG DLGX2551W Dryer
LG DLGX2651W Dryer
LG DLGX2656V Gas Dryer
LG DLGX2902V Dryer
LG DLGX3002P Gas & Electric Dryer
LG DLGX3002R Gas & Electric Dryer
LG DLGX3002W Gas & Electric Dryer
LG DLGX3071R Dryer
LG DLGX3071W Dryer
LG DLGX3251R Dryer
LG DLGX3251V Dryer
LG DLGX3251W Dryer
LG DLGX3361R Dryer
LG DLGX3361V Dryer
LG DLGX3361W Dryer
LG DLGX3471V Dryer
LG DLGX3471W Dryer
LG DLGX3551V Dryer
LG DLGX3551W Dryer
LG DLGX3571W Dryer
LG DLGX3876V Dryer
LG DLGX3876W Dryer
LG DLGX3886C Dryer
LG DLGX4071V Dryer
LG DLGX5001V Dryer
LG DLGX5001W Dryer
LG DLGX5171V Dryer
LG DLGX5171W Dryer
LG DLGX5681V Dryer
LG DLGX5681W Dryer
LG DLGX5781VE Dryer
LG DLGX5781WE Dryer
LG DLGX6002V Dryer
LG DLGX6002W Dryer
LG DLGX8388NM Dryer
LG DLGX8388WM Dryer
LG DLGY1202V Dual-Fuel Dryer
LG DLGY1202W Dual-Fuel Dryer
LG DLGY1702WE Dryer
LG DLHX4072V Dryer
LG DLHX4072W Dryer
Kenmore 79661552610 Dryer
Kenmore 79661553610 Dryer
Kenmore 79671552610 Dryer
Kenmore 79671553610 Dryer
Kenmore 79681392610 Dryer
Kenmore 79681393610 Dryer
Kenmore 79691392610 Dryer
Kenmore 79691393610 Dryer
LG DLE3733W Dryer
LG DLE0442W Dryer
LG DLG4871W Dryer
LG DLEX2501V Dual-Fuel Dryer
LG DLEX2501W Dual-Fuel Dryer
LG DLG7188WM Dryer
LG DLGX2802L Dryer
LG DLGX2802W Dryer
LG DLG2302W Dryer
LG DLG2302R Dryer
LG DLGY1702V Dryer
LG DLGY1702VE Dryer
LG CDE3379WD Dryer
LG CDE3379WN Dryer
LG DLE3777W Dryer
LG DLG2532W Dryer
LG DLGX3886W Dryer
LG DLEX5000V Dryer
LG DLG4802W Dryer
LG DLG1502W Dryer
LG DLG2102W Dryer
LG DLEX3370W Dryer
LG DLEX3570V Dryer
LG DLEX3570W Dryer
LG DLG4971W Dryer
Kenmore 79681722000 Dryer
LG DLEX7600KE Dryer
LG DLEX7600WE Dryer
LG DLGX7601KE Dryer
LG DLGX7601WE Dryer
LG DLE7200WE Dryer
LG DLEY1901KE Dryer
LG DLEY1901WE Dryer
LG DLG7201WE Dryer
LG DLGX2651R Dryer
LG DLGY1902KE Dryer
LG DLGY1902WE Dryer
Kenmore 79679272012 Dryer
Kenmore 79661433710 Dryer
Kenmore 79661433810 Dryer
Kenmore 79661522211 Dryer
Kenmore 79661523211 Dryer
Kenmore 79671433710 Dryer
Kenmore 79671433810 Dryer
Kenmore 79681782810 Dryer
Kenmore 79681783810 Dryer
Kenmore 79691782810 Dryer
Kenmore 79691783810 Dryer
LG DLEY1701W Dryer
LG DLE3180W Dryer
LG DLE7200VE Dryer
LG DLEX4370W Dryer
LG DLEX5680VE Dryer
LG DLG3181W Dryer
LG DLG3181W/00 Dryer
LG DLG7201VE Dryer
LG DLGX4371K Dryer
LG DLGX4371W Dryer
LG DLEX4370K Dryer
LG DLGX3876W/00 Dryer
LG DLE3180W/00 Dryer
LG DLE7200VE/00 Dryer
LG DLEX4370K/00 Dryer
LG DLEX4370W/00 Dryer
LG DLEX5680VE/00 Dryer
LG DLG0332W/00 Dryer
LG DLG7201VE/00 Dryer
LG DLGX3876V/00 Dryer
LG DLGX3886C/00 Dryer
LG DLGX4371K/00 Dryer
LG DLGX4371W/00 Dryer
LG DLGX3886W/00 Dryer
Kenmore 79691542210 Dryer
LG DLE7200WE/00 Dryer
LG DLEX2550R/00 Dryer
Kenmore 79681783710 Dryer
LG DLEX3250R Dryer
LG DLEX7600VE Dryer
Kenmore 79580318900 Dryer
LG DLEX3700V/00 Dryer
LG DLG1002W/00 Dryer
Kenmore 79691722000 Dryer
LG DLGX5681VE 7.3 Cu.ft. Ultra Large High Efficiency Steamdryer
LG DLEX3700W/00 Dryer
LG DLE7300WE Dryer
LG DLG7101W/00 Dryer
LG DLGX3701W/00 Dryer
LG DLEX3370V/00 Dryer
LG DLEX3370W/00 Dryer
LG DLEX3370R/00 Dryer
LG DLEX7800VE-ASSEEUS 7.3 Cu.ft. Electric Dryer With Turbosteam
LG DLEX7800VE-ABWEEUS 7.3 Cu.ft. Electric Dryer With Turbosteam
LG DLG7301WE 7.3 Cu. Ft. Smart Wi-Fi Enabled Gas Dryer
LG DLEX3900B Dryer
LG DLE7300VE/00 Dryer
LG DLG3401W Dryer
LG DLEX7800WE Dryer
LG DLGX7801WE Dryer
LG DLGX7801VE Dryer
LG DLEX7880WE/00 Dryer
LG DLEX3900W Dryer
LG DLGX3901B Dryer
LG DLG3601W/00 Dryer
LG DLEX4200W/00 Dryer
Kenmore 79681362910 Dryer
LG WKE100HVA Laundry Center
LG WKE100HWA Laundry Center
LG DLE3600V/00 Dryer
LG DLGX4201B/00 Dryer
Kenmore 79691548210 Dryer
LG DLGX3901W Dryer
LG WKGX201HBA/00 Laundry Center
Kenmore 79681728000 Dryer
LG DLEX4000W 7.4 Cu. Ft. Smart Front Load Electric Dryer
LG DLE7000W/00 Dryer
LG DLGX7901BE Dryer
LG DLEX4200B/00 Dryer
LG DLGX4201W/00 Dryer
LG WKEX200HBA/00 Laundry Center/Combo
LG WKG101HVA Laundry Center
LG DLEX4000B/00 Dryer
LG DLG3601V/00 Dryer
LG WKG101HWA Laundry Center
LG DLGX4501B/00 Dryer
LG DLG7151W/00 Dryer
LG DLG7301WE/00 Dryer
LG DLGX7881WE/00 Dryer
LG WKEX200HWA/00 Laundry Center
LG DLGX7801VE/00 Dryer
LG DLEX4500B/00 Dryer
Kenmore 79681782710 Dryer
LG DLE7150W/00 Dryer
LG DLEX7800WE/00 Dryer
LG DLE7300WE/00 Dryer
Kenmore 79671512211 Dryer
LG DLEX3570W/00 Dryer
LG DLGX3901B/00 Dryer
LG DLGX7801WE/00 Dryer
LG DLG7001W/00 Dryer
LG DLGX2502W/00 Electric/Gas Dryer
LG DLEX4000W/00 Dryer
Kenmore 79574113711 Refrigerator
Kenmore 79691463910 Dryer
Kenmore 79681563910 Dryer
Kenmore 79671522211 Dryer
Kenmore 79671417910 Dryer
Kenmore 79671523211 Dryer
Kenmore 79671412910 Dryer
Kenmore 79671419910 Dryer
Kenmore 79681182311 Dryer
LG DLGX4001B/00 Dryer
Kenmore 79681582411 Dryer
Kenmore 79681562910 Dryer
Kenmore 79681463910 Dryer
Kenmore 79691562910 Dryer
Kenmore 79691462910 Dryer
Kenmore 79691563910 Dryer
Kenmore 79671415910 Dryer
LG DLE7400WE/00 Dryer
LG DLG7401WE/00 Dryer
LG DLGX3371W/00 Dryer
LG WKE100HVA/00 Laundry Center
Kenmore 79691782710 Dryer
LG DLE7400VE/00 Dryer
LG DLG7401VE/00 Dryer
LG DLEX7600WE/00 Dryer
LG DLE2050W/00 Dryer
LG DLGX3701V/00 Dryer
LG DLG3171W/00 Dryer
LG DLE7100W/00 Dryer
LG DLE3500W/00 Dryer
LG DLE3600W/00 Dryer
LG DLEX7800VE Dryer
LG DLG3501W/00 Dryer
LG DLG3401W/00 Dryer
Kenmore 79681462910 Dryer
LG DLG7301VE/00 Dryer
Kenmore 79691362910 Dryer
LG WKGX201HWA Front Load Washtower Washer Gas Dryer Combo
LG DLE3600W 7.4 Cu. Ft. Ultra Large Capacity Electric Dryer
LG DLGX4071W 7.4 Cu. Ft. Ultra Large Capacity Steamdryer

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