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Door Gasket


This is a new, genuine part manufactured by Whirlpool for Admiral, Amana, Hardwick, Magic Chef, Maytag, Norge, Roper and Whirlpool appliances.
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Part Number PD00004209
Manufacturer Part WP4-81049-001
Manufactured By Whirlpool OEM Info
In Stock
This product is in stock and ships tomorrow.
5 Repair Stories

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Part Description

Refrigerator or Freezer Door Gasket, White Color.  Approximate size:  32.16" Wide X 60.45" Long.  This is a new GENUINE Whirlpool replacement part.

Compatible Brands

  • Admiral
  • Amana
  • Hardwick
  • Magic Chef
  • Maytag
  • Norge
  • Roper
  • Whirlpool

View Model Cross Reference Table

This Part PD00004209 (Mfg #WP4-81049-001) replaces these parts:

  • 4356963
  • 4356971
  • 4357014
  • 4357092
  • 4357112
  • 4357120
  • 14213816
  • 14220674
  • 4-81049-001
  • 68001001
  • 68001109
  • R0213229

Our Competitor’s Part Numbers for this part

  • 2313531
  • AP6009085
  • PS11742228
  • EAP11742228

Repair Stories

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  • Door Gasket
Product Rating
Steve from GA

Door gasket on freezer went bad


1/4 inch socket

Repair & Advice

Was easy to change out. UPS damaged the first gasket sent out but y'all got right on it and sent another out very fast. Very good to do business with. Will do business with you again !!!!! Thank You Steve R. Wallace

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  • Door Gasket
Product Rating
Eileen from OK

Frost free want frost free anymore. Original seal was well past is prime.


Impact driver, wrench for removing rusted screws

Repair & Advice

Putting the gasket into the dryer on low for a few minutes made it so much easier to manage. The hardest part is accessing the screws in the corners, and in my car, removing old rusted screws.

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  • Door Gasket
Product Rating
Dale from IN

Amana upright freezer kept frosting up around the door


1/4 in nut driver

Repair & Advice

Door gasket had simply stop working to keep the freeze sealed up. Ordered a gasket from Parts Dr. I arrived promptly in the mail and at the best price I could find after looking on several different web sites. Removing the plastic inner door panel to replace the gasket was easy. The new gasket fit as expected and the whole process too less than an hours time.

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Model Cross Reference

This part PD00004209 (Mfg #WP4-81049-001) works with all models listed.
Help me find my model number
Manufacturer Appliance Model Description
Maytag MQU2057AEW Maytag Upright Freezer
Amana AFU1201AW-PAFU1201A Upright Freezer
Amana AFU1504AW-PAFU1504A Upright Freezer
Amana AFU1704AW-PAFU1704A Upright Freezer
Amana AFU2067AW-PAFU2067AW0 Amana Freezer- Vertical
Amana AFU2067AW0 Amana Freezer- Vertical
Amana AFU2067BW Upright Freezer
Amana ESUF20HW-P1179607WW Frost-free Upright Freezer
Amana ESUF20HW-P1179614WW Frost-free Upright Freezer
Amana ESU12HW/P1179608WW Upright Freezer
Amana ESU15HW/P1179602WW Upright Freezer
Amana ESU15HW/P1179609WW Upright Freezer
Amana ESU15HW/V43S-BAMW250 Upright Freezer
Amana ESU17HW/P1179603WW Upright Freezer
Amana ESU17HW/P1179610WW Upright Freezer
Amana ESU17HW/V48S-BAMW250 Upright Freezer
Amana ESU20HW/P1179604WW Upright Freezer
Amana ESU20HW/P1179611WW Upright Freezer
Amana ESU20HW/V57S-BAMW250 Upright Freezer
Amana ESUF20JW-P1311107W Freezer
Amana AUF150KW-P1317705WW Upright Freezer
Amana AUF150KW-P1317718WW Upright Freezer
Amana AUF170KW-P1317706WW Frostfree Upright Freezer
Amana AUF170KW-P1317707WW Upright Freezer
Amana AUF170KW-P1317719WW Upright Freezer
Amana AUF200KW-P1317707W Frostfree Upright Freezer
Amana AUF200KW-P1317720WW Upright Freezer
Maytag CFU2036ARW Magic Chef Freezer
Maytag CFU2036GRW Magic Chef Freezer
Maytag CFU2046ARW Magic Chef Freezer
Maytag DF20ACLWH Brands Freezer
Maytag DF20ACLWHT Brands Freezer
Maytag DF20BCLWHT Brands Freezer
Maytag DF20BCLWHT/8V014 Brands Freezer
Maytag DF20BCLWHT/8V072 Brands Freezer
Maytag DF20H/V5ZU3 Brands Freezer
Maytag DF20HX/X5Z53 Brands Freezer
Maytag DNF20J Brands Freezer
Maytag GFU2046GRW International Upright Freezer
Hardwick HCF200/8V020 Hardwick Freezer
Hardwick HCF200/8V078 Hardwick Freezer
Amana ESU12HW/V35S-BAMW230 Upright Freezer
Whirlpool EV170NXAN00 Upright Freezer
Whirlpool EV170NXYN00 Upright Freezer
Whirlpool EV200FXAN00 Freezers
Whirlpool EV200FXDN00 Vertical Freezer
Whirlpool EV200FXDN01 Freezer
Whirlpool EV200FXEN00 Vertical Freezer
Whirlpool EV200FXEN01 Vertical Freezer
Whirlpool EV200FXEN02 Vertical Freezer
Whirlpool EV200FXGW01 Vertical Freezer
Whirlpool EV200FXGW02 Vertical Freezer
Whirlpool EV200FXGW03 Vertical Freezer
Whirlpool EV200FXJW00 Vertical Freezer
Whirlpool EV200FXKQ00 Upright Freezer
Whirlpool EV200FXKQ01 Upright Freezer
Whirlpool EV200FXKQ02 Upright Freezer
Whirlpool EV200FXKQ03 Upright Freezer
Whirlpool EV200FXKQ04 Upright Freezer
Whirlpool EV200FXMQ00 Upright Freezer
Whirlpool EV200FXMQ02 Upright Freezer
Whirlpool EV200FXMQ03 Upright Freezer
Whirlpool EV200FXMQ04 Upright Freezer
Whirlpool EV200FXMQ05 Upright Freezer
Whirlpool EV200FXXN00 Freezers
Whirlpool EV200NXAN00 Freezers*
Whirlpool EV200NXAW00 Vertical Freezer
Whirlpool EV200NXDN00 Vertical Freezer
Whirlpool EV200NXDN01 Freezers
Whirlpool EV200NXDW00 Vertical Freezer
Whirlpool EV200NXEN00 Vertical Freezer
Whirlpool EV200NXEN01 Vertical Freezer
Whirlpool EV200NXEN02 Upright Freezer
Whirlpool EV200NXEN03 Vertical Freezer
Whirlpool EV200NXEN04 Vertical Freezer
Whirlpool EV200NXEW00 Vertical Freezer
Whirlpool EV200NXEW01 Vertical Freezer
Whirlpool EV200NXEW02 Upright Freezer
Whirlpool EV200NXEW03 Vertical Freezer
Whirlpool EV200NXEW04 Vertical Freezer
Whirlpool EV200NXGW00 Vertical Freezer
Whirlpool EV200NXGW01 Vertical Freezer
Whirlpool EV200NXGW02 Vertical Freezer
Whirlpool EV200NXGW03 Vertical Freezer
Whirlpool EV200NXJW00 Vertical Freezer
Whirlpool EV200NXKQ00 Upright Freezer
Whirlpool EV200NXKQ02 Upright Freezer
Whirlpool EV200NXKQ04 Upright Freezer
Whirlpool EV201FXJW00 Upright Freezer
Whirlpool EV201NXMQ00 Upright Freezer
Whirlpool EV201NXMQ01 Upright Freezer
Whirlpool EV201NXMQ02 Upright Freezer
Whirlpool EV201NXMQ03 Upright Freezer
Whirlpool EV201NXMQ05 Upright Freezer
Whirlpool EV205FXKQ00 Upright Freezer
Amana ESU12HW/P1179601WW Upright Freezer
Amana AFU2004AW-PAFU2004AW0 Upright Freezer
Maytag MQU2056ARW Maytag Upright Freezer
Roper RV2099RBW00 Vertical Freezer
Roper RV2099RBW01 Vertical Freezer
Roper RV2099REW00 Vertical Freezer
Roper RV2099REW01 Upright Freezer
Roper RV2099REW02 Freezer
Crosley WCF20E Upright
Crosley WCF20F Upright
Whirlpool SVF20NRKQ00 Freezer
Maytag UCP210BCLWH Brands Freezer
Maytag UCP210BCLWH/8V012 Brands Freezer
Maytag UCP210BCLWH/8V070 Brands Freezer
Amana AFU2005BW Amana Upright Freezer
Amana AU120KW-P1317701WW Upright
Amana AU120KW-P1317714WW Upright Freezer
Amana AU150KW-P1317702WW Upright Freezers
Amana AU170KW-P1317703WW Upright
Amana AU170KW-P1317716WW Upright Freezer
Amana AU200KW-P1317704WW Upright
Amana AU200KW-P1317717WW Upright Freezer
Maytag CFU2046GRW Magic Chef Freezer
Whirlpool EV200FXGW00 Vertical Freezer
Whirlpool EV200NXDW01 Freezer
Admiral RFUA200AAW Admiral Freezer
Admiral RFUA20FAAW Admiral Freezer
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Locate Model Number

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