Drawer Front Cover

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Part Number PD00001741
Manufacturer Part 3551JJ2019D
Manufactured By LG OEM
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Part Description

Refrigerator crisper drawer front cover with clear window.  This part no longer includes any printing on the front.  Original part had the words "Optibin Crisper" and "Humidity Control" on the front.  This is a new GENUINE LG replacement part.

Compatible Brands

  • LG

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This Part PD00001741 (Mfg #3551JJ2019D) replaces these parts:

  • 3551JJ2019A

Our Competitor’s Part Numbers for this part

  • 1266794
  • AP4437844
  • PS2407997
  • EAP2407997

Repair Stories

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  • Drawer Front Cover
Product Rating
Charles H from FL

Broke door



Repair & Advice

Broke the crisper door. Ordered the part. It came in a few days. Fixed it. Magic. Thanks

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  • Drawer Front Cover
Product Rating
Darren from CA

One of the plastic tabs that holds drawer in place broke.



Repair & Advice

This is a poorly designed piece by manufacturer. You must bend both tabs in order to get the cover into proper position. Almost to the point of breaking them. It is recommended to use a hair dryer to heat them up so they are more flexible in order to install.

Model Cross Reference

This part PD00001741 (Mfg #3551JJ2019D) works with all models listed.
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Manufacturer Appliance Model Description
LG LFC21760ST Refrigerator
LG LFC25760SB Refrigerator
LG LFC25760ST Refrigerator
LG LFC25760SW Refrigerator
LG LFC25760TT Refrigerator
LG LFD21860ST Refrigerator
LG LFD25860SB Refrigerator
LG LFD25860ST Refrigerator - Stainless Steel
LG LFD25860SW Refrigerator
LG LFD25860TT Refrigerator
LG LFX21960ST Refrigerator
LG LFX25960SB Bottom-mount Refrigerator
LG LFX25960ST Bottom-mount Refrigerator
LG LFX25960SW Bottom-mount Refrigerator
LG LFX25960TT Bottom-mount Refrigerator
LG LRFC21755SB Refrigerator
LG LRFC21755ST Refrigerator Bottom Mount
LG LRFC25750ST Refrigerator Bottom Mount
LG LRFC25750SW Refrigerator Bottom Mount
LG LRFC25750TT Refrigerator Bottom Mount
LG LRFC25750WW Refrigerator
LG LRFD21855ST Refrigerator
LG LRFD25850SB Refrigerator
LG LRFD25850ST Refrigerator
LG LRFD25850SW Refrigerator
LG LRFD25850WW Refrigerator

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