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Motor Mounting Bracket
This is a new, genuine OEM part manufactured by Whirlpool for Admiral, Jenn Air, Kenmore, Magic Chef, Maytag and Whirlpool appliances.
In Stock
In Stock
Motor Mounting Bracket 3415F003-51
Motor Mounting Bracket 3415F003-51

Motor Mounting Bracket


This is a new, genuine OEM part manufactured by Whirlpool for Admiral, Jenn Air, Kenmore, Magic Chef, Maytag and Whirlpool appliances.
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Part Description

Motor Mounting Bracket.  This is a new GENUINE Whirlpool replacement part.

Part Number


Manufacturer Part


Manufactured By

Whirlpool OEM Info

Part Numbers

This Part PD00039014 (Mfg #3415F003-51) replaces these parts:

Our Competitor’s Part Numbers for this part

  • 1542891
  • AP4394933
  • PS2356996
  • EAP2356996

Compatible Brands

  • Admiral
  • Jenn Air
  • Kenmore
  • Magic Chef
  • Maytag
  • Whirlpool

Model Cross Reference

This part PD00039014 (Mfg #3415F003-51) works with all models listed.

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Manufacturer Appliance Model Description
Jenn-Air SVE47100W Electric Slide-In Range
Jenn-Air SVE47100WC Electric Slide-In Range
Jenn-Air SVE47600B Electric Slide-In Range
Jenn-Air SVE47600BC Electric Slide-In Range
Jenn-Air JES9900BAB Electric Slide-In Range
Jenn-Air JES9900BAF Electric Slide-In Range
Jenn-Air JES9900BAS Electric Slide-In Range
Kenmore 62920245 Dual-Fuel Slide-In Range
Kenmore 62946965 Electric Range
Kenmore 62946969 Electric Range
Kenmore 6294697 Electric Range
Kenmore 62946975 Range Wiring Diagram
Kenmore 62946979 Range Wiring Diagram
Jenn-Air 87848 Electric Range
Jenn-Air 87849 Electric Range
Jenn-Air 88170 Electric Freestanding Range
Jenn-Air 88889 Electric Range
Jenn-Air 88890 Electric Range
Jenn-Air 88891 Electric Range
Jenn-Air 89889 Electric Range
Jenn-Air 89890 Electric Range
Jenn-Air 89891 Electric Range
Jenn-Air SEG196 Slide-In Range
Jenn-Air SEG196-C Slide-In Range
Jenn-Air SEG196W Slide-In Range
Jenn-Air SEG196W-C Slide-In Range
Jenn-Air 20239 Electric Range
Jenn-Air SVE47600W Electric Slide-In Range
Jenn-Air SVE47600WC Electric Slide-In Range
Jenn-Air JES9860AAW Electric Slide-In Range
Jenn-Air C100 Electric Range
Jenn-Air C101-C Electric Range
Jenn-Air C101-J Electric Range
Jenn-Air C200 Electric Freestanding Range
Jenn-Air C201 Electric Freestanding Range
Jenn-Air C203-C Electric Freestanding Range
Jenn-Air C206 Electric Freestanding Range
Jenn-Air C206-C Electric Freestanding Range
Jenn-Air C206B Electric Freestanding Range
Jenn-Air C206B-C Electric Freestanding Range
Jenn-Air C206W Electric Freestanding Range
Jenn-Air C206W-C Electric Freestanding Range
Jenn-Air C300 Electric Range
Jenn-Air R200 Electric Range
Jenn-Air JES9750AAS Electric Slide-In Range
Jenn-Air CM100-E Electric Range
Maytag CSE9900ACB Electric Range
Maytag CSE9900ACE Electric Range
Maytag CSG9900AAB Gas Range
Maytag CSG9900AAE Gas Range
Jenn-Air JDS9865BDP Dual-Fuel Slide-In Range
Jenn-Air D146W Electric Freestanding Range
Jenn-Air D156W Electric Freestanding Range
Jenn-Air G101 Electric Range
Jenn-Air JES9860ACS Electric Slide-In Range
Jenn-Air JDS9861AAP Dual-Fuel Slide-In Range
Jenn-Air JES9860ACB Electric Slide-In Range
Jenn-Air JES9860BCB Electric Slide-In Range
Jenn-Air JES9860BCS Electric Slide-In Range
Jenn-Air JES9860BCW Electric Slide-In Range
Jenn-Air JES9900BCB Electric Slide-In Range
Jenn-Air JES9900BCW Electric Slide-In Range
Jenn-Air C301-C Electric Range
Jenn-Air C116 Electric Range
Jenn-Air C116-C Electric Range
Maytag CDE820 Electric Range
Maytag CDE850 Electric Range
Maytag CDE851 Electric Range
Maytag CDE8300ACB Electric Range
Maytag CDE8300ADB Electric Range
Jenn-Air JDS9860AAP Dual-Fuel Slide-In Range
Jenn-Air JES9800AAB Electric Range
Jenn-Air JES9800AAQ Electric Range
Jenn-Air JES9800AAS Electric Range
Jenn-Air JES9800AAW Electric Range
Jenn-Air JES9800ACB Electric Range
Jenn-Air JES9800ACS Electric Range
Jenn-Air JES9800ACW Electric Range
Jenn-Air JES9800BAB Electric Slide-In Range
Jenn-Air JES9800BAF Electric Slide-In Range
Jenn-Air JES9800BAS Electric Slide-In Range
Jenn-Air JES9750AAB Electric Slide-In Range
Jenn-Air JES9860BAB Electric Slide-In Range
Jenn-Air JES9860BAW Electric Slide-In Range
Jenn-Air JES9860BAS Electric Slide-In Range
Kenmore 20133(1988) Electric Slide-In Range
Jenn-Air 20135 Electric Range
Jenn-Air JES9900BCS Electric Slide-In Range
Jenn-Air 4860 Electric Freestanding Range
Jenn-Air JDS9860AAB Dual-Fuel Slide-In Range
Jenn-Air JDS9860ACB Dual-Fuel Slide-In Range
Jenn-Air JDS9860ACP Dual-Fuel Slide-In Range
Jenn-Air JDS9860ACW Dual-Fuel Slide-In Range
Jenn-Air JDS9860BCP Electric Counter Unit Cooktop
Jenn-Air 88168 Electric Freestanding Range
Jenn-Air 88169 Electric Freestanding Range
Kenmore 20213(1988) Electric Wall Oven
Jenn-Air S156 Electric Slide-In Range
Jenn-Air S156W-C Electric Slide-In Range
Jenn-Air JES9860ACW Electric Slide-In Range
Kenmore 20234(1988) Electric Slide-In Range
Jenn-Air 20236 Electric Range
Jenn-Air 20237 Electric Range
Jenn-Air 2300 Jenn-air Cooking
Jenn-Air 2300ERS Electric Range
Jenn-Air 2320ERS Electric Range
Jenn-Air 2325ERS Electric Range
Jenn-Air 2366 Electric Range
Jenn-Air 2390ERS Electric Range
Jenn-Air 2475 Electric Range
Jenn-Air 2480 Electric Range
Jenn-Air 2485 Electric Range
Jenn-Air 2490 Electric Range
Jenn-Air 3875ERS Electric Range
Jenn-Air 3890ERS Electric Range
Jenn-Air 4760 Electric Freestanding Range
Jenn-Air 4770 Electric Freestanding Range
Jenn-Air 4775 Electric Freestanding Range
Jenn-Air 4790 Electric Freestanding Range
Jenn-Air 4855 Electric Freestanding Range
Jenn-Air 4870 Electric Freestanding Range
Jenn-Air C228 Countertop Range Grill
Jenn-Air S156B-C Electric Slide-In Range
Jenn-Air S156W Electric Slide-In Range
Jenn-Air CVEX4270B Cooktop
Kenmore 22302(1988) Electric Cooktop
Whirlpool SC8720EDB0 30" Gas Convertible Cooktop
Whirlpool SC8720EDB06 30" Convertible Downdraft Cooktop
Jenn-Air CVGX2423B Cooktop
Jenn-Air CVE3401B Cooktop
Jenn-Air CVE3401Q Cooktop
Jenn-Air CVE3401W Cooktop
Jenn-Air JED8430ADQ Electric Counter Unit
Jenn-Air CVG4280W Gas Counter Unit Cooktop
Jenn-Air JED8430ADW Electric Counter Unit
Jenn-Air SVE87600B Electric Slide-In Range
Jenn-Air C221 Electric Grill
Jenn-Air CVG4280B Gas Counter Unit Cooktop
Jenn-Air C221-C Jenn-air Cooking
Jenn-Air C221-J Jenn-air Cooking
Kenmore 62912103 Cooktop
Kenmore 62912104 Cooktop
Kenmore 62922001 Cooktop
Kenmore 62922112 Cooktop
Kenmore 62922113 Cooktop
Kenmore 62922116 Electric Cooktop
Kenmore 62922401 Cooktop
Kenmore 62942765 Electric Cooktop
Kenmore 62942769 Electric Cooktop
Kenmore 62942865 Electric Cooktop
Kenmore 62942869 Electric Cooktop
Kenmore 62942975 Counter Unit
Kenmore 62942975790 Counter Unit
Kenmore 62942979 Counter Unit
Kenmore 62942979790 Counter Unit
Kenmore 629CG200 Gas Cooktop
Jenn-Air C301 Electric Grill
Thermador C301 Built-In Convection Oven
Jenn-Air 12103 Gas Counter Unit Cooktop
Jenn-Air 12104 Cooktop
Kenmore 12301 Gas Cooktop
Kenmore 12302(1988) Gas Cooktop
Jenn-Air CVG4380B Gas Counter Unit Cooktop
Jenn-Air G0206B-8 Cooktop
Jenn-Air 22001 Cooktop
Jenn-Air 22112 Cooktop
Jenn-Air 22113 Cooktop
Jenn-Air 22116 Electric Cooktop
Kenmore 22303(1988) Countertop Range Grill
Kenmore 22304(1988) Electric Cooktop
Jenn-Air 22305 Electric Cooktop
Kenmore 22305(1988) Countertop Range Grill
Kenmore 22306(1988) Countertop Range Grill
Kenmore 22307(1988) Electric Cooktop
Kenmore 22308(1988) Countertop Range Grill
Kenmore 22309(1988) Countertop Range Grill
Kenmore 22310(1988) Electric Cooktop
Jenn-Air 22401 Cooktop
Jenn-Air C102 Electric Cooktop
Whirlpool RC8700EDW0 30" Electric Downdraft Cooktop
Whirlpool RC8700EDB0 30" Electric Downdraft Cooktop
Whirlpool RC8720EDW0 30" Electric Downdraft Cooktop
Jenn-Air CG205W Gas Cooktop
Jenn-Air JGD8348CDP Gas Counter Unit Cooktop
Jenn-Air CG206B-C Gas Counter Unit Cooktop
Jenn-Air CG206B-E Gas Counter Unit Cooktop
Jenn-Air CG206B Gas Counter Unit Cooktop
Jenn-Air CG206L Gas Counter Unit Cooktop
Jenn-Air CG206S Gas Counter Unit Cooktop
Jenn-Air CG206L-C Gas Counter Unit Cooktop
Jenn-Air CG206S-C Gas Counter Unit Cooktop
Jenn-Air CG200B Gas Counter Unit Cooktop
Jenn-Air CG106B Gas Cooktop
Jenn-Air CG106B-C Gas Cooktop
Jenn-Air C203 Electric Cooktop
Jenn-Air CM200-E Electric Counter Unit Cooktop
Jenn-Air CM200 Electric Counter Unit Cooktop
Jenn-Air CG200 Gas Cooktop
Jenn-Air CG200L Gas Counter Unit Cooktop
Jenn-Air CVG4280S Gas Counter Unit Cooktop
Jenn-Air CVEX4370B19 43" Electric Built-In Downdraft Cooktop
Jenn-Air CVEX4370B Cooktop
Jenn-Air CVEX4370W Cooktop
Jenn-Air CVE4370B Cooktop
Jenn-Air CVEX4270B19 43" Electric Downdraft Cooktop
Jenn-Air CVEX4270B20 43" Electric Downdraft Cooktop
Jenn-Air S136 Range
Jenn-Air S136B Range
Jenn-Air S136W Range
Jenn-Air S136-C Range
Jenn-Air S136W-C Range
Jenn-Air CVG4380PD Cooktop
Jenn-Air CVG4380PF Cooktop
Jenn-Air CVG4380PG Cooktop
Jenn-Air CVG4380PK Cooktop
Jenn-Air CVG4380PR Cooktop
Jenn-Air CVG4380PU Cooktop
Jenn-Air CVG4380W Gas Counter Unit Cooktop
Jenn-Air CVG4380P Cooktop
Jenn-Air JED8430BDB18 30" Electric Downdraft Cooktop
Jenn-Air JED8430BDB Electric Cooktop
Jenn-Air JED8430BDN Electric Cooktop
Jenn-Air JED8430BDF Electric Cooktop
Jenn-Air JED8430BDS Electric Cooktop
Jenn-Air JED8430BDF18 30" Electric Downdraft Cooktop
Jenn-Air JED8430BDS18 30" Electric Downdraft Cooktop
Jenn-Air JED8430ADB Electric Counter Unit
Jenn-Air SVE87600W Electric Slide-In Range
Jenn-Air R201 Electric Range
Jenn-Air R201-C Electric Range
Jenn-Air GO106 Gas Cooktop
Jenn-Air CVE3400W Cooktop
Jenn-Air S176W Electric Slide-In Range
Jenn-Air S176 Electric Slide-In Range
Jenn-Air CVEX4270W19 43" Electric Downdraft Cooktop
Jenn-Air CVEX4270W Cooktop
Jenn-Air GO206B Cooktop
Jenn-Air GO206B-8 Cooktop
Jenn-Air C316 Electric Cooktop
Jenn-Air C316-C Electric Cooktop
Jenn-Air C316W Electric Cooktop
Jenn-Air C316W-C Electric Cooktop
Jenn-Air JED7430AAB Counter Unit, Electric
Jenn-Air CVGX2423W Cooktop
Jenn-Air C236B Electric Cooktop
Jenn-Air JGD8348BDP Gas Counter Unit Cooktop
Jenn-Air 88353 Jenn-air Cooking
Jenn-Air 88353-8 Jenn-air Cooking
Jenn-Air 89353 Jenn-air Cooking
Jenn-Air 89353-8 Jenn-air Cooking
Maytag 89L-6 Counter Grill
Admiral A89L-4-R Electric Counter Unit Cooktop
Admiral A89L-6-R Electric Counter Unit Cooktop
Jenn-Air C101 Electric Grill
Jenn-Air C106 Electric Grill
Jenn-Air C106-C Electric Grill
Jenn-Air C202 Convertible Cooktop
Jenn-Air C220 Jenn-air Cooking
Jenn-Air C222 Electric Cooktop
Jenn-Air C226 Electric Cooktop
Jenn-Air C226W-C Electric Cooktop
Jenn-Air C228B-C Jenn-air Cooking
Jenn-Air C228W Electric Grill
Jenn-Air C228W-C Jenn-air Cooking
Jenn-Air C236 Electric Cooktop
Jenn-Air C236-C Electric Cooktop
Jenn-Air C236B-C Electric Cooktop
Jenn-Air C236B-E Jenn-air Cooking
Jenn-Air C236NGB Jenn-air Cooking
Jenn-Air C236NGW Jenn-air Cooking
Jenn-Air C236W Electric Cooktop
Jenn-Air C236W-C Electric Cooktop
Jenn-Air C236W-E Jenn-air Cooking
Jenn-Air C238 Cooktop
Jenn-Air C238B-C Cooktop
Jenn-Air C302 Electric Cooktop
Jenn-Air C306 Electric Grill
Jenn-Air C306-C Electric Grill
Jenn-Air CG100B Gas Cooktop
Jenn-Air CG100L Gas Cooktop
Jenn-Air CG100S Gas Cooktop
Jenn-Air CG106L Gas Cooktop
Jenn-Air CG106S Gas Cooktop
Jenn-Air CG106S-C Gas Cooktop
Jenn-Air CM100 Electric Grill
Jenn-Air CVDX4180B Gas Cooktop
Jenn-Air CVDX4180W Gas Cooktop
Jenn-Air CVE1400B Electric Cooktop
Jenn-Air CVE1400B-C Electric Cooktop
Jenn-Air CVE1400W Electric Cooktop
Jenn-Air CVE1400W-C Electric Cooktop
Jenn-Air CVE3400B Cooktop
Jenn-Air CVE4180B Cooktop
Jenn-Air CVE4180B-C Electric Counter Unit Cooktop
Jenn-Air CVE4180S Cooktop
Jenn-Air CVE4180S-C Electric Counter Unit Cooktop
Jenn-Air CVE4180W Cooktop
Jenn-Air CVE4180W-C Electric Counter Unit Cooktop
Jenn-Air CVE4270B Cooktop
Jenn-Air CVE4270B-C Electric Counter Unit Cooktop
Jenn-Air CVE4270S Cooktop
Jenn-Air CVE4270S-C Electric Counter Unit Cooktop
Jenn-Air CVE4270W Cooktop
Jenn-Air CVE4270W-C Electric Counter Unit Cooktop
Jenn-Air CVE4370W Electric Cooktop
Jenn-Air CVEX4100B Cooktop
Jenn-Air CVEX4100W Cooktop
Jenn-Air CVG2420B Cooktop
Jenn-Air CVG2420W Cooktop
Jenn-Air CVG316B Gas Counter Unit Cooktop
Jenn-Air CVG316W Gas Counter Unit Cooktop
Jenn-Air CVG4100B Cooktop
Jenn-Air CVGX2423B18 34" Gas Built-In Downdraft Cooktop
Jenn-Air CVGX2423Q Cooktop
Jenn-Air G102 Electric Cooktop
Jenn-Air G103 Electric Cooktop
Jenn-Air JED7430AAB14 30" Electric Built-in Downdraft Grill
Jenn-Air JGD8348ADP Counter Unit, Gas
Whirlpool SC8720EDW0 30" Gas Convertible Cooktop
Jenn-Air W238 Electric Cooktop
Whirlpool RC8720EDB0 30" Electric Downdraft Cooktop

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