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Drum Baffle (Short)
This is a new, genuine OEM part manufactured by Whirlpool for Crosley and Maytag appliances.
In Stock
In Stock
Drum Baffle (Short) WP33001755
Drum Baffle (Short) WP33001755
Drum Baffle (Short) WP33001755

Drum Baffle (Short)


This is a new, genuine OEM part manufactured by Whirlpool for Crosley and Maytag appliances.
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Part Description

Dryer Drum Baffle (Short).  This baffle is sold individually, and most dryers use two tall baffles and one short baffle. This is a new GENUINE Whirlpool replacement part.

Part Number


Manufacturer Part


Manufactured By

Whirlpool OEM Info

Top Rated Repair Story

Tracey from CA

Submitted on Aug. 9, 2020
Product Rating
Baffle kept coming loose.
Repair Story
Very easy to replace this part. Once I had the front of the dryer off I just took the old screws out pulled the baffle o Read More

Part Numbers

This Part PD00003141 (Mfg #WP33001755) replaces these parts:

Our Competitor’s Part Numbers for this part

  • 516643
  • AP6007937
  • PS11741064
  • EAP11741064

Compatible Brands

  • Crosley
  • Maytag

Repair Stories

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Drum Baffle (Short)
Product Rating
Tracey from CA
Baffle kept coming loose.
Screw driver, wrench.
Repair & Advice
Very easy to replace this part. Once I had the front of the dryer off I just took the old screws out pulled the baffle out and replaced with the new one. 2 screws and that was it. It’s running perfectly now.
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Drum Baffle (Short)
Product Rating
Dixie from OH
The drum baffle broke off.
Repair & Advice
To replace was very easy. Removed the door then two screws on the other side. Top lifted up. Unscrewed the old and screwed in the new. I watched a video and it was just like they said.
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Drum Baffle (Short)
Product Rating
Monica from OH
Baffle broke in drier.
Electric screwdriver to remove screws.
Repair & Advice
Honestly, I YouTubed my appliance and repair instructions. It was quite easy with that.

Model Cross Reference

This part PD00003141 (Mfg #WP33001755) works with all models listed.

Does this fit my model?

Help me find my model number
Manufacturer Appliance Model Description
Maytag MUE2000AYM Stack Laundry
Maytag MUE2000AYW Stack Laundry
Maytag MUE2000AZW Stack Laundry
Maytag MUG2000AWW Stack Laundry
Maytag MHG15PDAEW Stack Laundry
Crosley CDG4205AWJ Dryer
Maytag MDE6800AYW Dryer
Maytag NDG6800AWW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE6657BYQ Washer/Dryer
Maytag NDE6800AYW Washer/Dryer
Crosley CDE4205AZJ Dryer
Crosley CDE4205AZW Dryer
Maytag MDE16CSAYQ Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE16CSAZQ Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE16CSAZW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE16PDAGW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE16PDAYQ Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE16PDAZW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE21PNDYW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE16PRAGW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE16PRAYW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE16PRAZW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE2300AYW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE2300AZW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE2301AYW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE2301AZW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE3000AYA Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE3000AZA Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE3000AZW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE3050AGW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE3500AYQ Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE3500AYW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE3500AZW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE3600AZW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE4000AYQ Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE4000AZQ Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE4000AZW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE4057AYQ Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE4057AYW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE4916AYA Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE4916AYW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE4916AZW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE5500AYQ Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE5500AZQ Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE5960AYW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE6000AUW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE6000AYQ Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE6000AYW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE6000AZG Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE6000AZW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE6200AYQ Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE6200AZW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE6400AGW Atlantis Electric Dryer
Maytag MDE6400AZW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE6460AYW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE6460AZW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE6657BYW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE6800AYQ Dryer
Maytag MDE6800AZQ Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE6800AZW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE7057AYQ Dual-Fuel Dryer
Maytag MDE7057AYW Dual-Fuel Dryer
Maytag MDE7057AZW Dual-Fuel Dryer
Maytag MDE7400AYQ Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE7400AZQ Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE7400AZW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE7460AYQ Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE7460AYW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE7550AGW Dryer
Maytag MDE7600AUW Dryer
Maytag MDE7600AYQ Dryer
Maytag MDE7600AZQ Dryer
Maytag MDE7600AZW Dryer
Maytag MDE7657AYQ Dryer
Maytag MDE7657AYW Dryer
Maytag MDE7657BYQ Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE7657BYW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE7658AYQ Washer
Maytag MDE7658AYW Washer
Maytag MDE7658BYQ Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE7658BYW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE7757AYQ Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE7757AYW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE7758AYQ Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE7758AYW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE8000AYQ Dryer
Maytag MDE8000AYW Dryer
Maytag MDE8000AZW Dryer
Maytag MDE8057AYQ Dryer
Maytag MDE8057AYW Dryer
Maytag MDE8057AZW Dryer
Maytag MDE8058AYQ Dryer
Maytag MDE8058AYW Dryer
Maytag MDE8400AYQ Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE8400AYW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE8400AZW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE8416AYA Dryer
Maytag MDE8416AYW Dryer
Maytag MDE8426AAW Dryer
Maytag MDE8426AGW Dryer
Maytag MDE8500AYW Dryer
Maytag MDE8506AYA Dryer
Maytag MDE8506AYW Dryer
Maytag MDE8506AZW Dryer
Maytag MDE8550AGW Dryer
Maytag MDE8550BGW Dryer
Maytag MDE8600AYQ Dryer
Maytag MDE8600AYW Dryer
Maytag MDE8600AZQ Dryer
Maytag MDE8600AZW Dryer
Maytag MDE8757AYQ Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE8757AYW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE9206AYA Electric Dryer
Maytag MDE9206AZW Electric Dryer
Maytag MDE9306AUW Electric Dryer
Maytag MDE9306AYA Electric Dryer
Maytag MDE9306AZA Electric Dryer
Maytag MDE9306AZW Electric Dryer
Maytag MDE9316AYA Dual-Fuel Dryer
Maytag MDE9316AYQ Dual-Fuel Dryer
Maytag MDE9316AZW Dual-Fuel Dryer
Maytag MDE9357AYA Dual-Fuel Dryer
Maytag MDE9357AYW Dual-Fuel Dryer
Maytag MDE9360AYW Electric Dryer
Maytag MDE9390AYW Dryer
Maytag MDE9390AZW Dryer
Maytag MDE9420AYW Dryer
Maytag MDE9420AZW Dryer
Maytag MDE9520AYQ Dryer
Maytag MDE9520AYW Dryer
Maytag MDE9520AZW Dryer
Maytag MDE9557AYA Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE9557AYQ Electric Dryer
Maytag MDE9557AYW Dual-Fuel Dryer
Maytag MDE9557AZA Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE9557AZQ Dual-Fuel Dryer
Maytag MDE9557AZW Dual-Fuel Dryer
Maytag MDE9606AUW Electric Dryer
Maytag MDE9606AYA Electric Dryer
Maytag MDE9606AYQ Electric Dryer
Maytag MDE9606AZA Electric Dryer
Maytag MDE9606AZQ Electric Dryer
Maytag MDE9606AZW Electric Dryer
Maytag MDE9706AYA Dual-Fuel Dryer
Maytag MDE9706AYW Dual-Fuel Dryer
Maytag MDE9706AZW Dual-Fuel Dryer
Maytag MDE9766AYW Dual-Fuel Dryer
Maytag MDE9766AZW Dual-Fuel Dryer
Maytag MDE9800AYQ Dryer
Maytag MDE9800AYW Dryer
Maytag MDE9800AZQ Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE9800AZW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE9806AYW Dual-Fuel Dryer
Maytag MDE9806AZW Dual-Fuel Dryer
Maytag MDE9876AYW Dryer
Maytag MLG23PDFWW Dryer
Maytag MLG23PDHWW Dryer
Maytag MDG4806AWW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MLE2000AZW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MLE15PDAGW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MLE15PDBGW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MLE23MNFYW Dryer
Maytag MLE23PDFUW Dryer
Maytag MLE23PDFYW Dryer
Maytag MLE23PDFZW Dryer
Maytag MLE23PDHGW Dryer
Maytag MLE23PDHYW Dryer
Maytag MLE23PDHZW Dryer
Maytag MLG15PDAEW Dryer
Maytag MLG15PDAGW Dryer
Maytag MLG15PDBGW Dryer
Maytag MLG19PDDWW Washer
Maytag MLG23PDFXW Dryer
Maytag MLG23PDHGW Dryer
Maytag MDE7600AYW Dryer
Crosley CDE4205AYJ Dryer
Crosley CDE4205AYW Dryer
Maytag MDE16CSAGW Commercial Dryer
Maytag MDE2500AYW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE2500AZW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE2600AYW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE2600AZW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE3000AYW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE3600AYQ Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE3600AYW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE4000AYW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE5000AYQ Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE5000AYW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE5000AZW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE5500AYW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE5500AZW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE6200AYW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE6400AYQ Atlantis Electric Dryer
Maytag MDE6400AYW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDE7400AYW Atlantis Electric Dryer
Maytag MDE7500AYQ Dryer
Maytag MDE7500AYW Dryer
Maytag MDE7500AZQ Dryer
Maytag MDE7500AZW Dryer
Maytag MDE9206AYW Electric Dryer
Maytag MDE9306AYW Electric Dryer
Maytag MDE9316AYW Dual-Fuel Dryer
Maytag MDE9606AYW Electric Dryer
Maytag MDE9806AYA Dual-Fuel Dryer
Maytag MDG14PDAEW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDG14PDAGW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDG14PDSAW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDG16CSAEW Dryer
Maytag MDG16CSAGW Dryer
Maytag MDG16CSAWA Dryer
Maytag MDG16CSAWQ Dryer
Maytag MDG16CSAWW Dryer
Maytag MDG16CSAXW Dryer
Maytag MDG16CSBGW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDG16CSSAW Dryer
Maytag MDG16PDBGW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDG16PRAEW Dryer
Maytag MDG16PRAWW Dryer
Maytag MDG16PRAXW Dryer
Maytag MDG2300BWW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDG2301BWW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDG2500BWW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDG2600BWW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDG3000AWA Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDG3000AWQ Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDG3000AWW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDG3000AXA Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDG3000AXQ Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDG3000AXW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDG3050AAW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDG3050AEW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDG3050AGW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDG3500BWQ Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDG3500BWW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDG3600BWQ Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDG3600BWW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDG4000AWQ Dryer
Maytag MDG4000AWW Dryer
Maytag MDG4000AXQ Dryer
Maytag MDG4000AXW Dryer
Maytag MDG4000BWQ Dryer
Maytag MDG4000BWW Dryer
Maytag MDG4057BWQ Dryer
Maytag MDG4057BWW Dryer
Maytag MDG4916AWA Dryer
Maytag MDG4916AWW Dryer
Maytag MDG5000BWQ Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDG5000BWW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDG5500AWQ Dryer
Maytag MDG5500AWW Dryer
Maytag MDG5960BWW Dual-Fuel Dryer
Maytag MDG6000AWQ Dual-Fuel Dryer
Maytag MDG6000AWW Dual-Fuel Dryer
Maytag MDG6000AXW Dual-Fuel Dryer
Maytag MDG6000BWQ Gas Dryer
Maytag MDG6000BWW Gas Dryer
Maytag MDG6200AWQ Dryer
Maytag MDG6200AWW Dryer
Maytag MDG6400AWQ Atlantis Gas Dryer
Maytag MDG6400AWW Atlantis Gas Dryer
Maytag MDG6460AWW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDG6657BWQ Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDG6657BWW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDG6800AWQ Dryer
Maytag MDG6800AWW Dryer
Maytag MDG7057AWQ Dual-Fuel Dryer
Maytag MDG7057AWW Dual-Fuel Dryer
Maytag MDG7057BWQ Dryer
Maytag MDG7057BWW Dryer
Maytag MDG7400AWQ Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDG7460AWQ Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDG7460AWW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDG7500AWQ Dryer
Maytag MDG7500AWW Dryer
Maytag MDG7600AWQ Dryer
Maytag MDG7600AWW Dryer
Maytag MDG7657AWQ Dryer
Maytag MDG7657AWW Dryer
Maytag MDG7657BWQ Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDG7657BWW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDG7658AWQ Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDG7658AWW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDG7658BWQ Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDG7658BWW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDG7757AWQ Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDG7757AWW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDG7758AWQ Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDG7758AWW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDG8000AWQ Dual-Fuel Dryer
Maytag MDG8000AWW Dual-Fuel Dryer
Maytag MDG8000BWQ Gas Dryer
Maytag MDG8000BWW Gas Dryer
Maytag MDG8057AWQ Dual-Fuel Dryer
Maytag MDG8057AWW Dual-Fuel Dryer
Maytag MDG8057BWQ Dryer
Maytag MDG8057BWW Dryer
Maytag MDG8058BWQ Dual-Fuel Dryer
Maytag MDG8058BWW Dual-Fuel Dryer
Maytag MDG8400AWQ Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDG8400AWW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDG8416AWA Dual-Fuel Dryer
Maytag MDG8416AWW Dual-Fuel Dryer
Maytag MDG8426AAW Dual-Fuel Dryer
Maytag MDG8426AEW Dual-Fuel Dryer
Maytag MDG8426AGW Dual-Fuel Dryer
Maytag MDG8500BWW Dryer
Maytag MDG8506AWA Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDG8506AWW Dryer
Maytag MDG8550AGW Dryer
Maytag MDG8550BGW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDG8600AWQ Dryer
Maytag MDG8600AWW Dryer
Maytag MDG8757AWQ Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDG8757AWW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MDG9206AWA Gas Dryer
Maytag MDG9206AWW Gas Dryer
Maytag MDG9206AXW Gas Dryer
Maytag MDG9206BWW Dryer
Maytag MDG9306AWA Gas Dryer
Maytag MDG9306AWW Gas Dryer
Maytag MDG9306AXA Gas Dryer
Maytag MDG9306AXW Gas Dryer
Maytag MDG9316AWA Dual-Fuel Dryer
Maytag MDG9316AWW Dual-Fuel Dryer
Maytag MDG9316BWQ Gas Dryer
Maytag MDG9316BWW Gas Dryer
Maytag MDG9357AWA Dual-Fuel Dryer
Maytag MDG9357AWW Dual-Fuel Dryer
Maytag MDG9360BWW Gas Dryer
Maytag MDG9390AWW Dryer
Maytag MDG9390AXW Dryer
Maytag MDG9390BWW Gas Dryer
Maytag MDG9420BWW Dryer
Maytag MDG9520BWQ Gas Dryer
Maytag MDG9520BWW Gas Dryer
Maytag MDG9557AWW Dual-Fuel Dryer
Maytag MDG9557AXQ Dual-Fuel Dryer
Maytag MDG9557AXW Dual-Fuel Dryer
Maytag MDG9557BWQ Dryer
Maytag MDG9557BWW Dryer
Maytag MDG9606AWA Gas Dryer
Maytag MDG9606AWQ Dryer
Maytag MDG9606AWW Gas Dryer
Maytag MDG9606AXW Gas Dryer
Maytag MDG9606BWQ Dryer
Maytag MDG9606BWW Dryer
Maytag MDG9706AWA Dual-Fuel Dryer
Maytag MDG9706AWW Dual-Fuel Dryer
Maytag MDG9766AWW Dual-Fuel Dryer
Maytag MDG9766AXW Dual-Fuel Dryer
Maytag MDG9800AWQ Dryer
Maytag MDG9800AWW Dryer
Maytag MDG9806AWA Dual-Fuel Dryer
Maytag MDG9806AWW Gas Dryer
Maytag MHE15PDAGW Stack Laundry
Maytag MHG15PDAGW Dryer
Maytag MHW2000AWW Laundry Center
Maytag MLE2000AYW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MLG2000AWW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MLG2000AXW Washer/Dryer
Maytag MLG23PDHXW Dryer

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