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Burner Pan Gasket
This is a new, genuine OEM part manufactured by Frigidaire for Frigidaire, Kenmore and Tappan appliances.
In Stock
In Stock
Burner Pan Gasket 318053901
Burner Pan Gasket 318053901

Burner Pan Gasket


This is a new, genuine OEM part manufactured by Frigidaire for Frigidaire, Kenmore and Tappan appliances.
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Part Description

Range Burner Pan Gasket.  This is a new GENUINE Frigidaire replacement part.

Part Number


Manufacturer Part


Manufactured By

Frigidaire OEM Info

Part Numbers

This Part PD00035662 (Mfg #318053901) replaces these parts:

Our Competitor’s Part Numbers for this part

  • 898489
  • AP2127826
  • PS442167
  • EAP442167

Compatible Brands

  • Frigidaire
  • Kenmore
  • Tappan

Model Cross Reference

This part PD00035662 (Mfg #318053901) works with all models listed.

Does this fit my model?

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Manufacturer Appliance Model Description
Frigidaire PLCF489CCF Range
Frigidaire 74403 Dual-Fuel Range
Kenmore 79076503510 Dual-Fuel Range
Frigidaire PLCF489CCD Range
Frigidaire PLCS389CCB Dual-Fuel Range
Frigidaire PLCF489CCA Range
Frigidaire PLCF489ACB Range
Frigidaire FPDF4085KFA Range
Frigidaire FPDF4085KFB Range
Frigidaire CPDF4085KF1 Range
Frigidaire CPDF4085KF2 Range
Frigidaire CPLCF489DC2 Gas Range
Frigidaire CPLCF489DC3 Gas Range
Frigidaire PLCS389ACB Dual-Fuel Range
Frigidaire PLCF489CCB Range
Frigidaire PLCF489CCC Range
Frigidaire PLCF489CCE Range
Frigidaire PLCF489CCG Range
Frigidaire GLCS376ABA Dual-Fuel Range
Frigidaire GLCS376ABB Dual-Fuel Range
Frigidaire GLCS376ABC Dual-Fuel Range
Frigidaire GLCS376ABD Dual-Fuel Range
Frigidaire GLCS376ASA Dual-Fuel Range
Frigidaire GLCS376ASB Dual-Fuel Range
Frigidaire GLCS376ASC Dual-Fuel Range
Frigidaire GLCS376ASD Dual-Fuel Range
Frigidaire GLCS376CBA Dual-Fuel Range
Frigidaire GLCS376CSA Dual-Fuel Range
Kenmore 79045702300 Gas Range
Kenmore 79045704300 Gas Range
Kenmore 79045709300 Gas Range
Kenmore 79045712100 Dual-Fuel Slide-In Range
Kenmore 79045712102 Gas Range
Kenmore 79045712103 Gas Range
Kenmore 79045714100 Dual-Fuel Slide-In Range
Kenmore 79045714102 Gas Range
Kenmore 79045714103 Gas Range
Kenmore 79045719100 Dual-Fuel Slide-In Range
Kenmore 79045719102 Gas Range
Kenmore 79045719103 Gas Range
Frigidaire FCS388WHCD Dual-Fuel Range
Kenmore 79046812990 Dual-Fuel Slide-In Range
Kenmore 79046812992 Dual-Fuel Slide-In Range
Kenmore 79046812993 Dual-Fuel Slide-In Range
Kenmore 79046813990 Dual-Fuel Slide-In Range
Kenmore 79046813991 Dual-Fuel Slide-In Range
Kenmore 79046813992 Dual-Fuel Slide-In Range
Kenmore 79046813993 Dual-Fuel Slide-In Range
Kenmore 79046814990 Dual-Fuel Slide-In Range
Kenmore 79046814991 Dual-Fuel Slide-In Range
Kenmore 79046814992 Dual-Fuel Slide-In Range
Kenmore 79046814993 Dual-Fuel Slide-In Range
Kenmore 79046819990 Dual-Fuel Slide-In Range
Kenmore 79046819991 Dual-Fuel Slide-In Range
Kenmore 79046819992 Dual-Fuel Slide-In Range
Kenmore 79046819993 Dual-Fuel Slide-In Range
Kenmore 79074403990 Dual-Fuel Range
Kenmore 79074403991 Dual-Fuel Range
Kenmore 79074403992 Dual-Fuel Range
Kenmore 79074403993 Dual-Fuel Range
Kenmore 79074403994 Dual-Fuel Range
Kenmore 79074403995 Dual-Fuel Range
Kenmore 79074503990 Dual-Fuel Range
Kenmore 79074503991 Dual-Fuel Range
Kenmore 79074503992 Dual-Fuel Range
Kenmore 79075902990 Gas Range
Kenmore 79075902993 Range
Kenmore 79075903990 Gas Range
Kenmore 79075903991 Gas Range
Kenmore 79075903992 Gas Range
Kenmore 79075903993 Gas Range
Kenmore 79075904990 Gas Range
Kenmore 79075904993 Range
Kenmore 79075909990 Gas Range
Kenmore 79075909993 Range
Frigidaire FCS388CEBC Range
Frigidaire FCS388CEBE Range
Frigidaire FCS388CESC Range
Frigidaire FCS388CESE Range
Frigidaire FCS367CHBC Range
Frigidaire FCS367CHBD Slide-In Range
Frigidaire FCS367CHSC Range
Frigidaire FCS367CHSD Slide-In Range
Frigidaire FCS388CEBA Gas Range
Frigidaire FCS388CEBB Gas Range
Frigidaire FCS388CEBF Range
Frigidaire FCS388CESA Dual-Fuel Range
Frigidaire FCS388CESB Dual-Fuel Range
Frigidaire FCS388CESF Dual-Fuel Range
Frigidaire FCS388CETA Dual-Fuel Range
Frigidaire FCS388CETB Gas Range
Frigidaire FCS388WECA Dual-Fuel Range
Frigidaire FCS388WHCA Dual-Fuel Range
Frigidaire FCS388WHCB Dual-Fuel Range
Frigidaire FCS388WHCC Dual-Fuel Range
Frigidaire CPLCF489DC4 Gas Range
Frigidaire PLCS389ACA Dual-Fuel Range
Frigidaire PLGC30S8CCA Cooktop
Frigidaire PLGC36S9CCA Gas Cooktop
Frigidaire PLGC36S9CCB Gas Cooktop
Frigidaire PLGC36S9ACA Gas Cooktop
Frigidaire GLGC36S8CSA Gas Cooktop
Frigidaire 33002 Gas Cooktop
Frigidaire 33003 Gas Cooktop
Frigidaire 33004 Gas Cooktop
Frigidaire 33009 Gas Cooktop
Kenmore 79032392400 Gas Cooktop
Kenmore 79032392401 Gas Cooktop
Kenmore 79032393700 Gas Cooktop
Kenmore 79032394400 Gas Cooktop
Kenmore 79032394401 Gas Cooktop
Kenmore 79032399400 Gas Cooktop
Kenmore 79032399401 Gas Cooktop
Kenmore 790330020 Gas Cooktop
Kenmore 79033002990 Gas Cooktop
Kenmore 79033002991 Gas Cooktop
Kenmore 790330030 Gas Cooktop
Kenmore 79033003990 Gas Cooktop
Kenmore 79033003991 Gas Cooktop
Kenmore 790330040 Gas Cooktop
Kenmore 79033004990 Gas Cooktop
Kenmore 79033004991 Gas Cooktop
Kenmore 790330090 Gas Cooktop
Kenmore 79033009990 Gas Cooktop
Kenmore 79033009991 Gas Cooktop
Kenmore 790330120 Gas Cooktop
Kenmore 79033012990 Gas Cooktop
Kenmore 79033012991 Gas Cooktop
Kenmore 790330130 Gas Cooktop
Kenmore 79033013990 Gas Cooktop
Kenmore 79033013991 Gas Cooktop
Kenmore 790330140 Gas Cooktop
Kenmore 79033014990 Gas Cooktop
Kenmore 79033014991 Gas Cooktop
Kenmore 790330190 Gas Cooktop
Kenmore 79033019990 Gas Cooktop
Kenmore 79033019991 Gas Cooktop
Kenmore 79033392400 Gas Cooktop
Kenmore 79033392401 Gas Cooktop
Kenmore 79033394400 Gas Cooktop
Kenmore 79033394401 Gas Cooktop
Kenmore 79033399400 Gas Cooktop
Kenmore 79033399401 Gas Cooktop
Frigidaire FGC30S8JBA Gas Cooktop
Frigidaire FGC30S8JSA Gas Cooktop
Frigidaire FGC36S7FCA Gas Cooktop
Frigidaire FGC36S8HBA Gas Cooktop
Frigidaire FGC36S8HSA Gas Cooktop
Frigidaire FGC36S9JBA Gas Cooktop
Frigidaire FGC3X8XCBA Gas Cooktop - 5995263869
Frigidaire FGC3X8XCSA Gas Cooktop - 5995263869
Frigidaire FGC3X8XCTA Gas Cooktop - 5995263869
Frigidaire FGC3X8XEBA Gas Cooktop - 5995281952
Frigidaire FGC3X8XEBC Gas Cooktop - 5995293023
Frigidaire FGC3X8XEBD Gas Cooktop - P5995317780
Frigidaire FGC3X8XESA Gas Cooktop - 5995281952
Frigidaire FGC3X8XESC Gas Cooktop - 5995293023
Frigidaire FGC3X8XESD Gas Cooktop - P5995317780
Frigidaire FGC3X8XETA Gas Cooktop - 5995281952
Frigidaire FGC3X8XETC Gas Cooktop - 5995293023
Frigidaire FGC3X8XETD Gas Cooktop - P5995317780
Frigidaire FGC3X8XGBA Gas Cooktop - P5995323515
Frigidaire FGC3X8XGSA Gas Cooktop - P5995323515
Frigidaire FGC3X8XGTA Gas Cooktop - P5995323515
Frigidaire FGC6X8XESA Gas Cooktop - 5995285813
Frigidaire FGC6X9XCB1 Gas Cooktop - 5995272001
Frigidaire FGC6X9XCBA Gas Cooktop - 5995272001
Frigidaire FGC6X9XCC1 Gas Cooktop - 5995273561
Frigidaire FGC6X9XCCA Gas Cooktop - 5995273561
Frigidaire FGC6X9XCS1 Gas Cooktop - 5995272001
Frigidaire FGC6X9XCSA Gas Cooktop - 5995272001
Frigidaire FGC6X9XCT1 Gas Cooktop - 5995272001
Frigidaire FGC6X9XCTA Gas Cooktop - 5995272001
Frigidaire FGC6X9XEBA Gas Cooktop - 5995280533
Frigidaire FGC6X9XEBC Gas Cooktop - 5995293577
Frigidaire FGC6X9XEBD Gas Cooktop - P5995317822
Frigidaire FGC6X9XECA Gas Cooktop - 5995292637
Frigidaire FGC6X9XECC Gas Cooktop - 5995293767
Frigidaire FGC6X9XECD Gas Cooktop - P5995317871
Frigidaire FGC6X9XESA Gas Cooktop - 5995280533
Frigidaire FGC6X9XESC Gas Cooktop - 5995293577
Frigidaire FGC6X9XESD Gas Cooktop - P5995317822
Frigidaire FGC6X9XETA Gas Cooktop - 5995280533
Frigidaire FGC6X9XETC Gas Cooktop - 5995293577
Frigidaire FGC6X9XFWA Gas Cooktop - 5995294278
Frigidaire FGC6X9XGCA Gas Cooktop - P5995315768
Frigidaire GLGC30S8ABA Gas Cooktop
Frigidaire GLGC30S8ABB Gas Cooktop
Frigidaire GLGC30S8AQA Gas Cooktop
Frigidaire GLGC30S8AQB Gas Cooktop
Frigidaire GLGC30S8ASA Gas Cooktop
Frigidaire GLGC30S8ASB Gas Cooktop
Frigidaire GLGC30S8CBA Gas Cooktop
Frigidaire GLGC30S8CBB Gas Cooktop
Frigidaire GLGC30S8CQA Gas Cooktop
Frigidaire GLGC30S8CQB Gas Cooktop
Frigidaire GLGC30S8CSA Gas Cooktop
Frigidaire GLGC30S8CSB Gas Cooktop
Frigidaire GLGC30S8KBA Gas Cooktop
Frigidaire GLGC30S8KBB Gas Cooktop
Frigidaire GLGC30S8KSA Gas Cooktop
Frigidaire GLGC30S8KSB Gas Cooktop
Frigidaire GLGC36S8ABA Gas Cooktop
Frigidaire GLGC36S8ABB Gas Cooktop
Frigidaire GLGC36S8AQA Gas Cooktop
Frigidaire GLGC36S8AQB Gas Cooktop
Frigidaire GLGC36S8ASA Gas Cooktop
Frigidaire GLGC36S8ASB Gas Cooktop
Frigidaire GLGC36S8CBA Gas Cooktop
Frigidaire GLGC36S8CBB Gas Cooktop
Frigidaire GLGC36S8CQA Gas Cooktop
Frigidaire GLGC36S8CQB Gas Cooktop
Frigidaire GLGC36S8CSB Gas Cooktop
Frigidaire GLGC36S8KBA Gas Cooktop
Frigidaire GLGC36S8KSA Gas Cooktop
Frigidaire PLCF489ACA Range
Frigidaire PLCF489GCA Range
Frigidaire PLCS389ACC Dual-Fuel Range
Frigidaire PLCS389ACD Dual-Fuel Range
Frigidaire PLCS389CCA Dual-Fuel Range
Frigidaire PLCS389CCC Dual-Fuel Range
Frigidaire PLGC30S8ACA Cooktop
Tappan TGC3X6XCB1 Gas Cooktop - 5995269775
Tappan TGC3X6XCB2 Gas Cooktop - 5995294328
Tappan TGC3X6XCS1 Gas Cooktop - 5995269775
Tappan TGC3X6XCS2 Gas Cooktop - 5995294328
Tappan TGC3X6XCT1 Gas Cooktop - 5995269775
Tappan TGC3X6XCT2 Gas Cooktop - 5995294328
Tappan TGC6X8XCB1 Gas Cooktop - 5995272217
Tappan TGC6X8XCBA Gas Cooktop - 5995272217
Tappan TGC6X8XCS1 Gas Cooktop - 5995272217
Tappan TGC6X8XCSA Gas Cooktop - 5995272217
Tappan TGC6X8XCT1 Gas Cooktop - 5995272217
Tappan TGC6X8XCTA Gas Cooktop - 5995272217
Frigidaire PLGC30S8CCB Cooktop
Kenmore 79046812991 Dual-Fuel Slide-In Range
Kenmore 79079992100 Gas Range

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