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Side Curtain & Frame Kit

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Part Number PD00022797
Manufacturer Part 3127A20074B
Manufactured By LG OEM Info
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1 Repair Story

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Part Description

Air Conditioner Window Side Curtain and Frame Kit.  This is a new GENUINE LG replacement part.

Compatible Brands

  • Kenmore
  • LG
  • Whirlpool

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This Part PD00022797 (Mfg #3127A20074B) replaces these parts:

  • 3211AR3239A

Our Competitor’s Part Numbers for this part

  • 1298131
  • AP4437931
  • PS3518392
  • EAP3518392

Repair Stories

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  • Side Curtain & Frame Kit
Product Rating
Nikhila from MA

I inherited an air conditioner from a friend, but one of the window shutters was broken.



Repair & Advice

The parts arrived on time, and were as described. It was very convenient to be able to buy the shutters, weather seals, and the foam at once. Installation was not too difficult. Once you're able to make the shutters line up with the air conditioner, it is just a matter of putting the screws in. After that, we just mounted it back into the window and it was good to go. We opted not to fasten the unit to the window using screws since the window had a strong grip. So instead, we used duct tape to fasten the edges of the shutters to the window pane. We plugged the remaining gaps with weather sealing, and the gap between the two panes with the foam. Thanks, PartsDr for this convenient set!

Model Cross Reference

This part PD00022797 (Mfg #3127A20074B) works with all models listed.
Help me find my model number
Manufacturer Appliance Model Description
Kenmore 58070074000 Air Conditioner
Kenmore 58071056100 Air Conditioner
Kenmore 58071073100 Air Conditioner
Kenmore 58072053100 Air Conditioner
Kenmore 58072056200 Air Conditioner
Kenmore 58072059200 Air Conditioner
Kenmore 58073053200 Air Conditioner
Kenmore 58074053300 Air Conditioner
Kenmore 58074082400 Air Conditioner
Kenmore 58074083400 Air Conditioner
Kenmore 58074100400 Room A/c
Kenmore 58075051200 Air Conditioner
Kenmore 58075051500 Room Air Conditioner
Kenmore 58075051800 Air Conditioner
Kenmore 58075051900 Air Conditioner
Kenmore 58075052500 Room A/c
Kenmore 58075080500 Room A/c
Kenmore 58075081500 Room A/c
Kenmore 58075100500 Room A/c
Kenmore 58078053890 Room Air Conditioner
Kenmore 58079053890 Room Air Conditioner
Kenmore 58079056890 Room Air Conditioner
Kenmore 58079056891 Air Conditioner
Goldstar BG5200ER Room A/c
LG CL8000ER Room A/c
Goldstar GA-0510AC Room A/c
Goldstar GA-0610AC Room A/c
Goldstar GWHD6005R Room A/c
Goldstar GWHD6500R Room A/c
Goldstar GWHD6507R Room A/c
LG HBLG1004R Room A/c
LG HBLG5200E Room A/c
LG HBLG6000R Room A/c
LG HBLG8004R Room A/c
LG HWC061JAMK7 Room A/c
LG L1004R Room A/c
LG L6004R Room A/c
LG L8004R Room A/c
LG LW6012ER/00 Air Conditioner Room (42)
LG LW8010ER Air Conditioner
LG LW8011ER Air Conditioner
LG LWHD1000R Room A/c
LG LWHD1009R Room A/c
LG LWHD6500R Room A/c
LG LWHD7000HR Room A/c
LG LWHD7000HR/00 Room A/c
LG LWHD8000R Room A/c
LG LWHD8000RY5 Room A/c
LG LWHP1000R Room A/c
LG LWHP8000R Room A/c
LG M1004R Room A/c
Goldstar M5404R Room A/c
Goldstar M6004R Room A/c
Goldstar R5050 Room A/c
Goldstar R5208 Room A/c
Goldstar R6004 Room A/c
Goldstar RA51K Room A/c
LG WG5000 Room A/c
LG WG5200R Room A/c
Goldstar WG6000R Room A/c
LG WG6005R Room A/c
LG WG6007R Room A/c
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