Main Control Board

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Part Number PD00000706
Manufacturer Part 297370602
Manufactured By Frigidaire OEM
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Part Description

Freezer Main Control Board.  This is a new GENUINE Frigidaire replacement part.

Compatible Brands

  • Kenmore

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This Part PD00000706 (Mfg #297370602) replaces these parts:

  • 297366102
  • 297241802
  • 297345502
  • 297205900
  • 297462
  • 2-97462

Our Competitor’s Part Numbers for this part

  • 2020915
  • AP5306797
  • PS3502429
  • EAP3502429

Repair Stories

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  • Main Control Board
Product Rating
John from CO

Control panel on Freezer door was not working properly


Screw driver and new plug in board

Repair & Advice

Unplug the power cord, remove control panel by gently prying it up with screw driver. Snap in new panel, plug power cord back in outlet.

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  • Main Control Board
Product Rating
ron from PA

Control wouldn't respond and freezer stopping running


Putty Knife

Repair & Advice

My freezer stopping running and cooling one day so I started researching online to see what the cause of the problem was. When it stopped working the buttons on the control board would not respond and it started beeping. I determined that there wasn't anything else but the control board that could be causing the problem so I ordered a new one from Parts Dr and it got here the very next day! It took me just a few minutes to pop out the old one and put the new one, and my freezer is up and running again and working great!

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  • Main Control Board
Product Rating
Paula from MI

Freezer would not stay running. Had to unplug and plug back in. Researched the problem on line and realized it was the control board.


Putty knife and masking tape

Repair & Advice

Unplugged the freezer, took the putty knife to pry out the existing module on the front door. Masking tape on either side of the old module to protect the freezer finish. Pushed in the new module and plugged the unit in. It began working instantly, and has been good ever since. My husband was pleased to find the freezer working. I'm taking the old module to the appliance repair store. Their repairman said he had no idea what it would need to fix. Would have to maybe put a new compressor. Well not happening thanks to quick shipping of the part from your business. Thanks


Model Cross Reference

This part PD00000706 (Mfg #297370602) works with all models listed.
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Manufacturer Appliance Model Description
Kenmore 25328052800 Freezer
Kenmore 25328052801 Freezer
Kenmore 253280528010 Freezer
Kenmore 253280528011 Freezer
Kenmore 253280528012 Freezer
Kenmore 253280528013 Freezer
Kenmore 253280528014 Freezer
Kenmore 253280528015 Freezer
Kenmore 253280528016 Freezer
Kenmore 25328052802 Freezer
Kenmore 25328052803 Freezer
Kenmore 25328052805 Freezer
Kenmore 25328052806 Freezer
Kenmore 25328052807 Freezer
Kenmore 25328052808 Freezer
Kenmore 25328052809 Freezer
Kenmore 25328062800 Freezer
Kenmore 25328062801 Freezer
Kenmore 25328432800 Freezer
Kenmore 25328432801 Freezer
Kenmore 25328432802 Freezer
Kenmore 25328432803 Freezer
Kenmore 25328432804 Freezer
Kenmore 25328432805 Freezer
Kenmore 25328432806 Freezer
Kenmore 25328432807 Freezer
Kenmore 25328432808 Freezer
Kenmore 25328432809 Freezer
Kenmore 25328432810 Freezer
Kenmore 25328442800 Freezer
Kenmore 25328442801 Freezer
Kenmore 25328782800 Freezer
Kenmore 25328782801 Freezer
Kenmore 25328782802 Freezer
Kenmore 25328782804 Freezer
Kenmore 25328782805 Freezer
Kenmore 25328792800 Freezer

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