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Light Bulb


This is a new, genuine part manufactured by Frigidaire for Crosley, Frigidaire, Gibson and Kelvinator appliances.
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Part Number PD00038196
Manufacturer Part 216518101
Manufactured By Frigidaire OEM Info
In Stock
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Part Description

Refrigerator/Freezer Light Bulb.  This is a new GENUINE Frigidaire replacement part.

Compatible Brands

  • Crosley
  • Frigidaire
  • Gibson
  • Kelvinator

View Model Cross Reference Table

This Part PD00038196 (Mfg #216518101) replaces these parts:

  • 216518100

Our Competitor’s Part Numbers for this part

  • 1483375
  • AP4374361
  • PS2350506
  • EAP2350506

Model Cross Reference

This part PD00038196 (Mfg #216518101) works with all models listed.
Help me find my model number
Manufacturer Appliance Model Description
Kelvinator KFS220RHY2 Freezer
Crosley R22CW11 Refrigerator
Crosley R22CW12 Refrigerator
Crosley R22CW13 Refrigerator
Crosley R22CWF0 Refrigerator
Gibson GCBM18FQWA Freezer
Gibson GCBM18RQWA Freezer
Kelvinator KFS220RGW1 Freezer
Kelvinator KFS220RHY0 Freezer
Kelvinator KFS220RHY1 Freezer
Kelvinator KFS221LGW0 Freezer
Kelvinator KFS221LHY0 Freezer
Kelvinator KFS221LHY1 Freezer
Kelvinator KCBM180FQYA Upright Freezer
Kelvinator KCBM180RQYA Freezer
Frigidaire FCFS181LQBA Freezer
Frigidaire FCFS201LFB0 Freezer
Frigidaire FCFS201LFB1 Freezer
Frigidaire FCFS201LFB2 Freezer
Frigidaire FCFS201LFB3 Freezer
Frigidaire FCFS201LFB4 Freezer
Frigidaire FCFS201LFW0 Freezer
Frigidaire FCFS201LFW2 Freezer
Frigidaire FCRS181RQBA Commercial Freezer/refrigerator
Frigidaire FCRS201LFB0 Commercial Freezer/refrigerator
Frigidaire FCRS201LFB2 Commercial Freezer/refrigerator
Frigidaire FCRS201LFB3 Commercial Freezer/refrigerator
Frigidaire FCRS201LFB4 Commercial Freezer/refrigerator
Frigidaire FCRS201LFW0 Commercial Freezer/refrigerator
Frigidaire FCRS201RFB0 Commercial Freezer/refrigerator
Frigidaire FCRS201RFB2 Commercial Freezer/refrigerator
Frigidaire FCRS201RFB3 Commercial Freezer/refrigerator
Frigidaire FCRS201RFB4 Commercial Freezer/refrigerator
Frigidaire FCRS201RFB5 Commercial Freezer/refrigerator
Frigidaire FCRS201RFB6 Commercial Freezer/refrigerator
Frigidaire FCRS201RFW0 Commercial Freezer/refrigerator
Kelvinator KRS221LGW0 Freezer/refrigerator
Kelvinator KRS221LGW1 Freezer/refrigerator
Kelvinator KRS221LHY0 Freezer/refrigerator
Kelvinator KRS221LHY1 Freezer/refrigerator
Kelvinator KRS221LHY2 Freezer/refrigerator
Kelvinator KRS220RGW0 Refrigerator
Kelvinator KRS220RHY0 Refrigerator
Kelvinator KRS220RHY1 Refrigerator
Kelvinator KRS220RHY2 Refrigerator
Kelvinator KRS220RHY3 Refrigerator
Gibson RR18R1 Freezer
Crosley R22CWF5 Refrigerator
Crosley R22CWF2 Refrigerator
Crosley R22CWF3 Refrigerator
Crosley R22CWF4 Refrigerator
Crosley R22CWF6 Refrigerator
Gibson RR18F1 Freezer
Crosley F22CW13 Freezer
Crosley F22CWF0 Freezer
Crosley F22CWF1 Freezer
Crosley F22CWF2 Freezer
Crosley F22CWF3 Freezer
Crosley F22CWF4 Freezer
Kelvinator KFS220RGW0 Freezer
Crosley R22CWF1 Refrigerator
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