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Samsung Refrigerator Water Leakage Service Kit

Posted on March 29, 2016

Samsung part number DA82-01415A ( PD00024858) is a refrigerator water leakage service kit.  This kit is used to repair water leaking under the crispers and/or a fan noise that stops when the doors are opened on Samsung bottom freezer and french door refrigerator models with dual evaporators.   When the defrost drain water is not draining properly it causes ice to form at the top of the evaporator, interfering with the fan and causing the drain to freeze and water to overflow, which then runs down and gathers under the crisper drawers.  Before ordering and installing the water leakage service kit you should verify that the defrost heater and defrost sensor are working properly.  Installation of this kit requires moving the evaporator coil, and damage to the evaporator coil can cause catastrophic failure to the sealed system of the refrigerator.  This kit works on all bottom freezer and french door refrigerator models with dual evaporators that have do not have the new style drain tube installed from the factory, see step 9 in the repair instructions below for a photo showing the new and old style drain tube.

DA82-01415A ( PD00024858) Kit Contents:

• 1 new drain tube with cap
• 1 foam seal for the bottom of the drain plate
• 2 foam strips for the back of the evaporator drain plate
• 1 defrost heater clip

Repair Instructions:

1. Unplug the refrigerator and remove the Evaporator Cover.

2. Verify that the defrost heater and defrost sensor resistance is correct. If incorrect, replace the part(s).

3. Move the defrost sensor to the top of the evaporator inlet tube (just below the cap tube joint). If necessary, remove enough mastic material to place the sensor correctly. The sensor must be positioned on the left side of the inlet tube as shown.
DA82-01415A pic 1

4. Check the heater clip on the heater. If clip is shorter than the one in the kit, replace it with the new one. If the clip is the same length as the new one, do not replace it.
DA82-01415A pic 2

5. Lift the evaporator and drain plate out of position and carefully bend them up.

6. Add the two foam strips to the back of the plate and add the seal to the bottom of the drain plate.
DA82-01415A pic 3

7. Bend the bottom row of the cooling ribs on the evaporator.
DA82-01415A pic 4

8. Remove the seal on the back of the Evaporator Cover, if there is one present. The cover should be smooth as shown
DA82-01415A pic 5

9. Replace the drain tube and cap. The refrigerator section tube is on the far right in the compressor compartment.
DA82-01415A pic 6

After installing the new water leakage service kit, you will need to fully thaw the defrost drain on the refrigerator if the drain is iced up.  There are a few different ways to thaw the defrost drain.  The easiest way to thaw the defrost drain is to unplug the refrigerator and leave the refrigerator and/or freezer doors open for 24 hours.  Or while you have the evaporator cover pulled off you can pour hot water in the drain area until all of the ice has melted and water is able to freely flow down the drain to the back of the refrigerator.

If you need to purchase a drain tube kit, please click the link below to purchase this part from our online store:

Water Leakage Service Kit – MFG Part # DA82-01415A  (PD00024858)


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