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Stop Your Samsung Water Pitcher from Leaking with This Easy DIY Hack

Posted on March 24, 2023

If you own a Samsung Water Pitcher for your refrigerator, you may have experienced the frustration of it leaking when you try to pour water. The problem is that the factory gasket on the lid is not thick enough to create an airtight seal with the pitcher, causing water to seep through and drip from the pitcher. But don’t worry, we have a quick and easy fix for you!

To fix the leaking issue, you will need a few things: a flathead screwdriver or butter knife, a size 64, 3 1/2” x 1/4” rubber band, and of course, your Samsung Water Pitcher.

First, using a flathead screwdriver or butter knife, gently separate the gasket from the pitcher, being careful not to damage the gasket. Then, stretch the rubber band around the filter and seat it in the groove that the gasket sits in. Make sure the rubber band is lying flat and is not bound or twisted. The rubber band will make it so that the gasket seats slightly further out, allowing for a tighter fit.

Next, reinstall the gasket by aligning it so that its shape mirrors the shape of the lid. Stretch the gasket back over the lid so that it seats on top of the rubber band. Finally, fill the pitcher up, press the lid back into place, and pour to test for any leaks.

And that’s it! With this simple fix, your Samsung Water Pitcher should no longer leak. If you found this blog post helpful, make sure to check out the video above and drop a like or comment to let us know.

3 Thoughts on "Stop Your Samsung Water Pitcher from Leaking with This Easy DIY Hack"

  1. Peter Kuechler Posted on August 7, 2023

    Great idea! I sent this to Samsung after they argued with me that it is not a common issue!

  2. Laura Posted on December 2, 2023

    My pitcher has leaked from day one.
    Samsung reps keep wanting me to trouble shoot, which I won’t do since the problem exists when the pitcher is being used.
    There is a complete failure to understand this. I guess they just have to follow the ‘script’ and not use common sense.

  3. Cassie Posted on January 7, 2024

    THANK YOU!!!! I’ve been wiping up 2 or 3 drops of water every time I fill my cup for years. This quick fix works!

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