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How To Remove Samsung IMC701 DA97-05422A Ice Maker

Removing and installing a new Samsung DA97-05422A (IMC701) ice maker on a french door refrigerator is a pretty easy task.  This ice maker will often fail and make a clicking noise when it breaks.  First unplug the refrigerator.  Then remove the screw on the left, this will allow you to pull off the side panel and unplug the connector that goes to the ice maker.  Next pull the locking tab down on the ice maker while pulling the ice maker towards you.  This will release it.  Re-install the new ice maker in the reverse order.

*Note, this ice maker has the letters IMC701 written on the bottom.  Parts are not available for this ice maker separately, if something breaks, the whole ice maker must be replaced

If you have a bad ice maker and need to purchase a new one, click the link below:

DA97-05422A Ice Maker (7 Cube Ice Maker)


29 Thoughts on "How To Remove Samsung IMC701 DA97-05422A Ice Maker"

  1. malik Posted on October 2, 2011

    i found that removing the ice maker was rather easy my only problem is where can i get a replacement?

  2. Lyle Lindeman Posted on May 8, 2012

    how long is this warrantied for?

    • Ryan Posted on May 8, 2012

      For warranty information on the replacement ice makers that we sell, please view our part warranty page. If you are looking for the warranty information on the refrigerator, you will need to look in the owners manual or contact the manufacturer.

  3. Dom Posted on September 15, 2012

    To take the side panel off, take a small flat head screwdriver along the crack of the panel and slowly wedge it out of its space. It will get caught half way back as there is a tiny tab that helps the panel stay in place once in position. a mall amount of pressure on that tab while wedge out the panel will do the trick…don’t force it.

    Also, the wrapped electrical line may be hard to see when your arm is in the way to remove the inner most portion of the line *the part tucked in a grove that is the deepest in the ice box is protected by a little tab, if you pull the line hard it will break. the tab is not 100% necessary to keep the line contained, so if it does break off — don’t worry.

  4. gary wright Posted on January 25, 2013

    I dont have my model # in front of me but it is a french door samsung
    approximately 2 1/2 yrs old. Ice quit producing. I changed icemaker,
    filter and unhooked water line and made sure was clear and hooked
    back up. Still nothing and test button doesnt do anything either.It does
    not have water and ice on front, only icemaker in freezer below.

    • Ryan Posted on January 25, 2013

      First check to make sure that the water supply to the refrigerator is good. There are three components that can cause problems on most Samsung refrigerators, the icemaker, the main control board, and the water valve. Any one of these or a combination of more than one can cause problems with making ice.

      • Rick Posted on February 5, 2013

        I believe I have a bad ice maker. The ice maker arm on the bottom of the unit is stuck up. Holding it down and pressing the test button does nothing. Water does work on the door dispenser. Is there a way to check the board or valve before buying a new dispenser? I have tried replacing the water filter.

        • Rick Posted on February 5, 2013

          All front panel controls work fine (I can hear the spinning arm engage etc.) so I assume the board is okay?

          • Ryan Posted on February 5, 2013

            There isn’t a way to test the control board. The water valve can be tested by using an ohm meter. The most common thing to fail is the ice maker.

  5. jerry abshier Posted on May 9, 2014

    Replaced the ice maker on my Samsung RFG295AAWP with a new one from Parts Dr. The new ice maker works, but not very well. I get a few cubes in the bottom of the ice bucket, but the ice bucket never fills up. I have reset the ice maker many times, and it does not seem to help. Any ideas?

    • Ryan Posted on May 9, 2014

      First check the temperature in the ice maker compartment. The ice maker will only work properly if the temperature is 10F or lower. If that is good, then check to see if you have adequate water pressure and flow to the refrigerator.

  6. Konstantin Posted on October 21, 2014

    Ice maker wr30x10097 and da97-05422a are same parts?

    • Ryan Posted on October 22, 2014

      Yes they are.

  7. Craig Posted on December 19, 2014

    Our icemaker melted during a power outage. It has since refrozen, but the machine is blocked, and we cannot remove the bin to clear it because that also appears to be frozen shut. Any suggestions?

    • Ryan Posted on December 30, 2014

      You will probably need to unplug the refrigerator and let it thaw out so you can remove it.

  8. Collin M Posted on March 10, 2015

    We have a similar model Samsung french door fridge that was purchased about 6 months ago. We do not have the ice maker hooked up to water because of the placement of the fridge, and in this house will never have it hooked up because of the layout. I want to permanently disable the ice maker, should I just open the side and unplug the power source or can I remove the whole module and gain a little space in the freezer? Just want to make sure that the module itself doesn’t have any insulation factor or seal off any areas that should not be uncovered. Thanks in advance for any help!


    • Ryan Posted on March 16, 2015


      You should be able to remove the ice maker, but you won’t gain any space by doing this. I believe you can turn off the ice make from the control board, that would be what I would recommend to do.

  9. Sean Posted on April 29, 2015

    I bought a Samsung ice maker model # DA97-12317A (for my refrigerator model # RF263BEAESR) from PartsDR last week.
    The instruction of remove the ice maker is simple, but myself I am having trouble to remove it for some reason….I press down on the tab, but can’t pull the ice maker out, look like something on the back hold it from coming forward…any thing else I need to aware off?

    • Ryan Posted on April 30, 2015

      I just sent you an email with the instructions for this model ice maker. It was too much to post here.

  10. Mark Posted on May 1, 2015

    I have the same problem as Sean had in not being able to remove the ice maker because something in the back is holding it from coming forward. Would you send me the email that you sent to him or post the info, please? The model is rf32fmqdbsr/aa.

    • Ryan Posted on May 5, 2015

      Email sent.

  11. Jon Posted on May 10, 2015

    Same model as Sean, RF263BEAESR, have an accumulation of ice at the back of the ice maker and not producing ice. I attempted to remove icemaker to clean it out, but am having the same issue as far as removal. Would you please forward the email to me also?

  12. Ann Posted on May 21, 2015

    I’m a bit confused. I have a Samsung RFG297AARS/XAA refrigerator/freezer. The ice maker stopped working awhile ago. My husband was convinced it was the celluloid (?) replaced that twice, didn’t work. In reading a lot of posts on this problem, some say you need the icemaker (DA97-005422A) AND a new control board (DA41-00413C). I believe they sell a kit with both parts (DA81-01421A). On the bottom of my icemaker, the blue sticker says IMC701 (no DA#) and it was made in 2008. How do you know if you need both parts? Is that the right kit if I do? Since mine was made IN 2008, is there a way to tell if it is 7 or 9 cube without removing it? I did try the reset button to no avail. Thanks for your help!

    • Ryan Posted on May 22, 2015

      Your model refrigerator is NOT compatible with ice maker & control board kit part # DA81-01421A. There are two ice makers that were used on this refrigerator, since yours says IMC701 on the bottom then you will most likely need DA97-05422A. You can verify this by looking at the part number on the bottom right corner of the blue sticker. If you need to replace the main control board, you will need to order it separately. The part number for the main control board is DA41-00538A.

      • Ann Posted on May 22, 2015

        Thank you!

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