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How To Remove & Install 131763202 Door Lock Latch

The Frigidaire door lock/latch 131763202 has been used on many different models of washers over the years.  Removing and installing this part is an easy that only takes a few minutes. No need to call Keys 4 The City locksmiths or a repair service, you can handle this one. These are some of the symptoms you can experience when the door latch/lock fails:  door won’t lock, door won’t unlock, E47 error code, agitates but won’t spin, and more.

Here is how to replace the door lock/latch assembly:

Always unplug your appliance before working on it.  First open the door and remove the two phillips screws.

Next remove the door boot seal clamp and peal back the door boot to give you access to the door lock.  You should be able to pull the door lock out and remove the three wire connectors that plug into the door latch.

Re-install the parts in the reverse order and test out the washer to make sure that it is operating correctly.

If you have a bad door lock/latch and need to purchase a new one, click the link below:

Door Lock Latch/Switch Assembly – 131763202

2 Thoughts on "How To Remove & Install 131763202 Door Lock Latch"

  1. enearl Posted on September 4, 2012

    Replaced door latch part # 131763202 and machine is working fine, but still has a mold problem. I try to keep seal around door dry after washes but clothes still have a moldy smell after washing. We remove the soap try after every wash and dry the seal with paper towels or cloth which is cleaned(through washer). Any help with mold issue that is machine related would be thankful, If there are no mechanical awnsers then the machine should be recalled by frigidaiere (electrolux) or whoever manufacturered it.

    • Ryan Posted on September 4, 2012

      Depending on the model of the washer, Frigidaire has updated some of the door seals with improved drain holes to prevent mold & mildew. If the door of the washer isn’t being left open when the washer is not in use, that will also cause mold & mildew to grow. We recommend leaving the door open, and you can also try using Affresh washer cleaning tablet once a month to keep the inside of the washer clean.

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