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GE Part # WH12X25837 Programming Instructions

Posted on May 1, 2018

The UI (User Interface) board provides a means of communication between the washer and the con- sumer. The UI board contains software algorithms that control the washer. When the UI board is replaced, a new model ID number has to be programmed. Once the UI board has been replaced, it may sometimes power up with all of the UI LED’s blinking. If this is the case, follow the steps below. If this is not the case, set the model ID in service mode Test 02.

1. Simultaneously press and hold the Temp and Spin buttons for 3 seconds.

2. Press the Soil button to increase or press the Temp button to decrease the model ID selection until the correct model ID number is displayed per the table below.

Model Number Model ID #
GFWR4800F / GFWR4805F 3
GFWS3600F / GFWS3605F 2
GHWS2600F / GHWS2605F 1
GFWS2500F / GFWS2505F 0
GFWS3700F / GFWS3705F 5

If you need to purchase a new user interface control board, you can purchase one from our website by clicking the link below.

User Interface Control Board – Part # WH12X25837 (PD00038420)

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