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Do I Need The DA81-01421A Ice Maker Kit?

Posted on July 11, 2014

A common question that we frequently get asked by our customers is whether they can just replace their ice maker (part number DA97-05422A), or if they need the kit that includes the ice maker and main control board (part number DA81-01421A).  Please note that the ice maker and control board kit only works with the four model numbers listed below and it does NOT work with any GE refrigerator models.

Ice Maker Symptoms

The ice maker and control board kit may take care of one or more of the following symptoms:
  • No or low ice production.
  • Ice cubes jamming between the ice tray and the liner of the refrigerator.
  • A clicking or grinding noise coming from the ice maker.

Model Numbers Affected

If your model number is one of the four models list below, then you may need to replace to replace the main control board along with the ice maker at the same time.  See below on how to check the software version.  If your model is not listed, then you already have the newer software, and the main board is not required to be replaced at the same time as the ice maker.

Check the Main Control Board Software

To check the software version of the main control board, you will need to unplug the refrigerator and remove the cover to the main control board on the back side of the refrigerator.  On one of the main processors there will be a sticker.  If the software version is lower than 4.02 or the sticker is white in color, then you need to order the DA81-01421A kit and replace both the control board and the ice maker.  If the software version is 4.02 or higher, or the sticker is red in color, then you have a newer version main control board and it does not need to be replaced when replacing the ice maker.

Software Sticker

Where Can I Buy A Replace Ice Maker & Control Board Kit

You can buy a replacement GE or Samsung ice makers from our online store.  Please click the link below.  Parts Dr always has the lowest prices for new O.E.M. replacement parts.

Ice Maker & Control Board Kit – DA81-01421A

Ice Maker – DA97-05422A (Same Ice Maker as included in the above kit, but without main control board)

Questions Or Comments?
If have any questions or comments please post them in the comments section below.

12 Thoughts on "Do I Need The DA81-01421A Ice Maker Kit?"

  1. J Rutherford Posted on February 5, 2015

    Ice maker quit on my Samsung RF267ABPN I checked the sticker on my control board it is blue and reads 08 AW – Best. M. 2.05/L. 2.02.
    Do I need the control board or just the ice maker?

    Jk Rutherford

    • Ryan Posted on February 9, 2015

      Your model refrigerator is NOT one of the four models that uses this kit.

  2. D Ruddock Posted on May 29, 2015

    Ryan – My Samsung RFG297AARS SN 069443CQ905324 J has gone thru 4 ice maker units, The 3rd one when replaced worked great, good ice and no issues until it’s heater went out. Ordered another and replaced again and this unit will only dump one or two ice loads per day. Since it does dump ice I assume the heater is working, but it makes a clicking noise most of the day – not loud like with ice maker #2 but a lighter clicking like it’s getting the signal to dump but the heater is not getting the same info. I’ve read about replacing the main board and also an inverter PCB board – just wondering which if either I should look at to replace?

    D Ruddock

    • Ryan Posted on May 30, 2015

      I would recommend to replace the ice maker and the main control board at the same time. The main control board is the board that controls the ice maker functions. I am also assuming that you have verified that the water pressure to the refrigerator is good and within the specs listed in the owners manual.

  3. Nolan Miller Posted on June 26, 2015

    I have a RFG297AARS/XAA Samsung with a pre-2008 ice maker and the old main PC board. The ice maker continuosly jams when dumping ice. I’d like to confirm that should install the DA81-01421A Ice Maker Kit in this refrigerator.

    • Ryan Posted on July 16, 2015

      This kit is NOT compatible with your refrigerator. The ice maker and control board are only sold separately for your model refrigerator.

  4. Colin Posted on January 19, 2016

    Hi there. I have a Samsung fridge model RF267ABRS. It stopped making ice months ago. This model is not on the list noted in the abive blog posting that would indicate a new main control board is needed. But, I did pull the back cover and noted the sticker on the main board is white in color, not red. It didn’t have any explicit information indicating firmware version (white sticker was labeled 06DA4100413MRPR04S4P6015). I assume I just need a new ice maker, and not a new control board, but confirmation of this is welcome. Thanks in advance. — C.Gartner

    • Ryan Posted on February 23, 2016

      Your model refrigerator is NOT one of the four models that use this ice maker and control board kit.

  5. Steve Scott Posted on October 10, 2018

    By everything I’ve read here my RF267ABRS/XAA-0000 is not one of the models covered by this kit.

    However my symptoms are the same. I replaced the ice maker a month ago and I get nothing. The reset button causes nothing to happen at all. I’ve done hard reset too. New water inlet valve, good pressure, good temperature. No ice.

    I have blue sticker, as per previous contributor.

    If there is an updated board for my fridge that might cure this problem, how would I know if I was buying the newer version and not the same as I have?

    • Ryan Posted on October 10, 2018

      The main control board could still be bad on your refrigerator even if there is no update to the software version. It is hard to say if Samsung has made an changes to the main control board on your refrigerator as they do not provide that information to the public.

  6. Steve Scott Posted on October 11, 2018

    Thank you.

    I think this is the main problem; a lack of help from Samsung or anything clear about what the solution to any given problem might be. I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time, effort and $120 on resolving this and my only gain is to have eliminated the clunking noise coming from the ice maker which originally alerted me to a problem, because I replaced it. I also replaced the water inlet valve (even tho it tested out ok electrically) because at $20 it seemed low risk and worth a try. I’m capable of replacing the board but I’m loathed to spend money on a new one if it’s going to lead me nowhere. There’s really no evidence that there was anything wrong with the parts I’ve discarded to date. It’s all guesswork.

    If only there were a service manual available, as there is with other appliances, that explained diagnostic steps and gave expected voltage measurements on different parts of the board.

    It seems odd to me that my refrigerator, with it’s very similar model number to the four listed in this thread (RF267ABRS/XAA-0000), would not have the same ice maker or control board and therefore the same resolution. How different can they be? Most refrigerators – across all brands, let alone within one manufacturer’s range – share many common parts because they all do the same thing.

    The other thing my seemingly endless research has shown, through the contributions of many others with this problem, is how little Samsung knows what the problem is or even cares about it. The so called Samsung technicians are stumped. So not only does Samsung not make information public, it seems they don’t make it available to their own service techs either. Customer service has suggested to me that the ice off button might be selected, the refrigerator isn’t level or I haven’t waited long enough for ice to be made. The fact I’ve had this for 9 years and it just stopped making ice appears to have no effect on their standardized response.

    The latest is I dismantled the brand new ice maker and found what may have been a poor connection on the motor. I rectified it and reinstalled. After pressing the reset I got one load of ice, maybe two, and I heard the tray fill with water. That in itself proves the water flows, the temperature is correct and the ice maker functions. But now nothing again. I don’t really know what the reset button does but I found a Samsung document that says it shouldn’t be pressed more than once in a 24hr period. It did not explain why.

    As things are I may get 9 cubes of ice each time I press reset (but no guarantee). But per Samsung’s caution I can only do that once a day. I’ve gone back to placing ice cube trays in the freezer, as I did in my childhood. Some 40+ years ago.

  7. Steve Scott Posted on October 11, 2018

    What is the part number of the board in this kit?

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