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Whirlpool Part # W10860447 Programming Instructions

Posted on July 13, 2022

When you install a new control board Whirlpool part number W10860447 (PD00068539) the control board will require that it is programmed before it will operate. To program this control board please follow the programming instructions below.

Programming Mode:
NOTE: The Program Code is located on the Serial Plate on this unit after the word Code.
1. Press and hold the Door Alarm Keypad.
2. Press and hold Freezer Temperature DOWN /- Keypad within 3 seconds.
3. Release the Door Alarm Keypad and wait 3 seconds.
4. The control will display PE to indicate the programming mode.
5. Entry is confirmed by pressing the Freezer Temperature DOWN /- Keypad once more.
6. The control will display the current Program CODE. This value should be validated with the Program CODE printed on the unit serial plate.
NOTE: If the Program CODE is correct, the Programming Mode is exited by pressing Door Alarm Keypad for 3 seconds.
7. Press the Refrigerator Temperature UP /+ Keypad or Refrigerator Temperature DOWN /- Keypad to change the digit value with each key press.
8. The decimal point indicates the selected digit. Press the Freezer Temperature UP /+ Keypad to select the next digit.
9. Once the desired Program CODE is entered, press and hold the Freezer Temperature DOWN /- Keypad until the Program
CODE begins flashing indicating it has been saved.
NOTE: If you attempt to enter an invalid Program CODE the control will not save the new code, but will beep. (The unit will NOT run with a Program CODE of 0000). Once the Program CODE has been saved the Programming Mode is exited by pressing any key. If the new code is incorrect this process should be repeated.
The Programming mode can be exited at any time by pressing Door Alarm key for 3 seconds or will exit if unattended for four minutes.

If you need to purchase a new control board you can purchase this part from our website using the link below.
Control Board – Part Number W10860447 (PD00068539)

Independence Day Holiday Shipping Notice

Posted on June 27, 2022

In observance of the Independence Day holiday our offices with be closed Monday July 4th, and we will reopen for normal business hours on Tuesday July 5th.  Orders placed after 3:00PM CT on Friday July 1st will ship out Tuesday July 5th.  If you need help over the holiday, send us an email by filling out our contact form here.  Happy Independence Day from the Parts Dr team!


Memorial Day Holiday Shipping Notice

Posted on May 26, 2022

In observance of the Memorial Day holiday our offices with be closed Monday May 30th, and we will reopen for normal business hours on Tuesday May 31st.  Orders placed after 3:00PM CT on Friday May 27th will ship out Tuesday May 31st.  Happy Memorial Day from the Parts Dr team!


New Year’s Holiday Shipping Notice

In observance of the New Year’s holiday we will be closing at 1:00PM CT Friday December 31st through Monday January 3rd, and we will reopen for normal business hours on Tuesday January 4th.  Some orders placed before 12:00PM CT on Thursday December 31st may be shipped and loaded onto the shipping carriers semi-trailer but they will most likely not get picked up until Tuesday January 4th.  Because of this, December 31st through January 3rd will not be counted as business days for shipping.  If you need help with anything while we are closed, please fill out the contact form on our website and we will reply to you as soon as possible.  Happy New Year from the Parts Dr team!

Happy New Year

Christmas Holiday Shipping Notice

In observance of the Christmas holiday our offices with be closed Thursday December 23rd through Sunday December 26th, and we will reopen for normal business hours on Monday December 27th.  Orders placed after 3:00PM CT on Wednesday December 23rd will ship out Monday December 27th.  Merry Christmas from the Parts Dr team!


Labor Day Holiday Shipping Notice

In observance of the Labor Day holiday our offices with be closed Monday September 6th, and we will reopen for normal business hours on Tuesday September 7th.  Orders placed after 3:00PM CT on Friday Sept 3th will ship out Tuesday September 7th.  Shipping Carriers UPS, USPS, and Fedex will not be delivering any packages on Monday September 6th, so please plan and choose your shipping method accordingly.  Happy Labor Day from the Parts Dr team!


Hurricane Dorian

Hurricane Dorian is expected to produce dangerous storm surge and hurricane-force winds along portions of the eastern coast of U.S. The threat of flash flooding will likely spread across the eastern Carolinas today. Please plan for delivery delays in any areas affected by the directly by the hurricane or near to the hurricane. We are not able to reimburse for any shipping costs due to weather delays.

Frigidaire/Kenmore Range F11 Error Code Beeping

Video Transcript:

Hey what’s up guys its Ryan here with Parts Dr today and were back with another video. Here I’ve got a control board that a customer sent back to me. This is an interesting one the customer was getting an F11 error code on the display on the control board. If you’re not already familiar with that error code it means that the control board is sensing a stuck or shorted key on the touch membrane. The interesting thing with this one is when I was looking over the buttons on it is that they all look very similar except for this one over here in the bottom corner. And if we zoom in on it real close here you can that it looks like there is some sort of metal or corrosion that is causing this part of the metal to touch this part of the metal, which would be shorting out this key making it think that it is being pressed all of the time. If anyone has any idea of what might be causing this please leave us a comment below letting us know. I’m not sure if it’s moisture, or if it’s a problem with someone pressing the buttons too hard that is wearing and rubbing on this. Now one thing to note is the one that we are looking at here I have the overlay already removed off the front of it. Normally when this is sitting on your stove and installed into your stove your going to see the overlay faceplate which labels all of the buttons. So you would have your numbers over here and your bake and broil, clock, time, up and down arrows things like that. We have that removed just so we can show you what it looks like underneath of that. Now if you do have an F11 error code this piece on the front here is kind of like a sticker also this switch membrane and it is something that you could remove off of here. Unfortunately, the manufacture doesn’t sell this piece separate from the control board. So if you have one of these that is bad you have to replace the whole control board as an assembly. If you need to order one of these you can check out our website we will leave a link in the description below. There’s quite a few of these control boards and they all look very physically similar from the outside so make sure before you order one that you go on our website and search with the model number from your range or oven to make sure that you are ordering the correct one before you place an order. If this video help you out at all please hit the thumbs up button below. And you can also subscribe to our Youtube channel for more appliance repair videos. And if this video helped you fix the problem with your range or oven please just drop us a comment in the comments section below. We love to know when we’ve helped someone out fix their appliance. Thanks have a nice day!

GE Top Load Washer Intermittently Spin Up, Wet Loads, Not Spinning

If you have a GE top load washing machine that is not spinning, intermittently not spin up, or has wet Loads of clothes in the tub after the cycle is done then you may need to update the software on your washing machine. Please check to see if your washing machines model number and serial number are in the affected lists below. These washing machines were manufactured between May 2015 and April 2018.

Models affected:

Model Number Model Number Model Number Model Number

Serial numbers affected: HF – GL (May 2015 – April 2018)

Upon entering fault code test 1 in service mode, technicians will find out of balance fault 26 has been set. Washers will spin normally in service mode test 14, but will not spin outside of service mode.

Repair: Factory Service Technicians – Use NewFI to update washer software with latest version. Customer Care Technicians – Order Software Update Module (SUM) WH98R23015001 (PD00045310). Instructions to update software are included with the SUM.

If acceptable, consumers can update washer software on their own without an additional service call with a SUM.

This update fixes a falsely detected out of balance condition.

Software update version numbers will display as follows:

For models built beginning in 2015, software version, parametric version

For models built beginning in 2017, software version, parametric version

How to purchase:

If you need to purchase a Software Update Module (SUM), you can purchase one from our online store by clicking the link below.

Software Update Module – Part # WH98R23015001 (PD00045310)

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