Drain Pump Assembly

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Part Number PD00002554
Manufacturer Part W10130913
Manufactured By Whirlpool OEM
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Part Description

Front load washer drain pump and motor assembly.  This complete assembly includes the motor, pump housing, and filter.  The motor, impeller, & filter are only available as part of this assembly, they are not sold separately. This is a new GENUINE Whirlpool replacement part.  

Commonly found on Whirlpool Duet Sport and Maytag Epic Z washer models.

Compatible Brands

  • Amana
  • Inglis
  • Kenmore
  • Maytag
  • Whirlpool

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This Part PD00002554 (Mfg #W10130913) replaces these parts:

  • 8540024
  • 8540024-B
  • 8540025
  • 8540026
  • 8540027
  • 8540028
  • 8540996
  • W10117829
  • W10130913-B
  • W10130914
  • W10183434
  • W10190647

Our Competitor’s Part Numbers for this part

  • AP4308966
  • PS1960402
  • EAP1960402
  • 1373005

Repair Stories

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  • Drain Pump Assembly
Product Rating
Donald from GA

Replacement of Drain Pump part number: W10130913 If your washer does NOT drain, the pump may be out. If you are getting an error reading of "F21" it means the washer is not draining properly, and this should be obvious if there is water in the tub.


Ratchet, Sockets, Pliers

Repair & Advice

First remove any water in the tub. If your washer is on the floor, place a couple thick items under the legs so you can remove the bottom panel easier. Take a driver and remove the THREE hex screws on the bottom panel- then drop the panel down and remove. At this point, you should see the filter on the pump housing facing you, turn it counter-clockwise slowly, and drain the rest of the water out of the washer tub before continuing. ( The filter turns kinda hard). Underneath the washer are TWO hex screws holding the pump in place. Remove them. Take a pliers and pinch the clamp on the main drain rubber hose that goes into the pump ( the black one ). The smaller hose going into the pump just pulls off. The pump can now be removed by sliding it a little toward the right side, rubber grommets hold it into place. Put the new pump in by doing the reverse of what you just did.

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  • Drain Pump Assembly
Product Rating
Mitch from KY

The drain pump stopped working in our HE2plus washing machine.


1/4 inch hex driver (or screw driver) and pliers

Repair & Advice

The job of replacing the pump took me a total of ten minutes once the part came in, which was 3 days earlier than expected. I already had the washer drained, so I am not counting that in replacement time, but it doesn't take long either. The pump is held in by rubber grommets to the base of the washing machine. The old pump coming out of the machine is the hardest part, it takes a little more push than you might think. The new pump went right into place and locked in tight and secure. Hoses attached snug. I am not typically good at replacing parts, but this was easy. And the cost was cheaper than anywhere else I found. I was my wife's hero that evening.

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  • Drain Pump Assembly
Product Rating
Tamara from ID

I had an F 21 error code (long drain) on my Maytag Epic Z washer. The water would not drain from the drum. The first time this happened was about one year ago. After watching some Youtube videos on troubleshooting the issue, I was able to find a rubber band in the drain pump that had gotten wrapped around the impeller blades. I removed the rubber band, reattached the drain pump and hoses, and the machine worked well until this past month when I got the code again. I checked hoses and trap on drain pump for anything that could be physically blocking the flow of the water and found nothing. The impeller blade would spin, but sounded slightly wobbly, and didn't seem to be spinning very fast. I ordered a new drain pump assembly, installed it (took about 10 minutes to install), and the machine works perfectly again.


Screwdriver, nut driver, flashlight & hands :)

Repair & Advice

The assembly was a fantastic price with this company, and shipped the same day I ordered it. Two day shipping was reasonable, and I had the part in hand for less than $100 including shipping. To purchase the part locally from an appliance repair place would have been $150. Installing the drain pump is VERY EASY! There are videos all over you tube for visual instructions. The metal adjustable t-bolt clamp included with the pump is the life saver! The original style clamp that holds the hose coming down from the drum to the drain pump was a beast to get on an off. The t-bolt clamp was a cinch! Literally, attach your two hoses, plug in the power and go!


Model Cross Reference

This part PD00002554 (Mfg #W10130913) works with all models listed.
Manufacturer Appliance Model Description
Kenmore 11047511700 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11047511701 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11047511702 HE2 Plus Washer
Kenmore 11047512600 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11047512601 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11047512602 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11047512603 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11047512604 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11047512605 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11047531700 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11047531701 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11047531702 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11047532600 HE2 Plus Washer
Kenmore 11047532601 HE2 Plus Washer
Kenmore 11047532602 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11047532603 HE2 Plus Washer
Kenmore 11047532604 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11047532605 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11047542600 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11047542601 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11047542602 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11047542603 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11047542604 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11047542605 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11047561600 Residential Washers
Kenmore 11047561601 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11047561602 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11047561603 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11047561604 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11047562700 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11047566600 Residential Washers
Kenmore 11047566601 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11047566602 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11047566603 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11047567700 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11047567701 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11047571600 Residential Washers
Kenmore 11047571601 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11047571602 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11047571603 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11047571604 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11047572700 Residential Washers
Kenmore 11047576600 Residential Washers
Kenmore 11047576601 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11047576602 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11047576603 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11047577700 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11047577701 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11047581600 Residential Washers
Kenmore 11047581601 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11047581602 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11047581603 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11047581604 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11047788800 Elite HE5t Steam Washer
Kenmore 11047797800 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11047797801 Washer
Kenmore 11047798800 Residential Washer
Kenmore 11047798801 Washer
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