Rear Drum Roller Kit

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Part Number PD00002465
Manufacturer Part LA-1008
Manufactured By Whirlpool OEM
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Part Description

Dryer rear drum support roller kit.  Includes (2) rear drum rollers, (2) roller support shafts, (2) washers, (2) retaining clips, (4) screws, plastic spacer, and instructions.  This kit has been updated with one plastic spacer that is the thickness of two place spacers.  This is a new GENUINE Whirlpool replacement part.

Compatible Brands

  • Admiral
  • Amana
  • Crosley
  • Jenn Air
  • Magic Chef
  • Maytag
  • Norge

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This Part PD00002465 (Mfg #LA-1008) replaces these parts:

  • DE696
  • K35-251
  • 53-0312N
  • LA1008
  • 53-0312N
  • LA1008

Our Competitor’s Part Numbers for this part

  • 3044
  • AP4242491
  • PS2162268
  • EAP2162268

Repair Stories

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  • Rear Drum Roller Kit
Product Rating
Michael from CA

One of the rear drum rollers was not rotating.


Philips head screwdriver,

Repair & Advice

I received the parts from you the next day. I was able to do the repairs then. I must admit that I did look up the procedure on YouTube.

Model Cross Reference

This part PD00002465 (Mfg #LA-1008) works with all models listed.
Manufacturer Appliance Model Description
GE 7002A Dryer
GE 7368A Electric Dryer
GE 7834A REV E Electric Dryer
GE 7835A Electric Dryer
GE 7835A REV A Electric Dryer
GE 7835A REV B Electric Dryer
GE 7835A REV C Electric Dryer
GE 7835A REV D Electric Dryer
GE 7835A REV E Electric Dryer
GE 7835A REV F Electric Dryer
GE 7835A REV G Electric Dryer
GE 8835A Gas Dryer
GE 8835A REV A Gas Dryer
GE 8835A REV B Gas Dryer
GE 8835A REV C Gas Dryer
GE 8835A REV D Gas Dryer
GE 8835A REV E Gas Dryer
GE 8835A REV F Gas Dryer
Crosley CDG20T6W Crosley Laundry
Crosley CDG8000A Crosley Laundry
Crosley CDG8000W Crosley Laundry
Magic Chef CYE1000AYW Magic Chef Laundry
Magic Chef CYE2000AKW Magic Chef Laundry
Magic Chef CYE2000AYA Magic Chef Laundry
Magic Chef CYE2000AYW Magic Chef Laundry
Magic Chef CYE2000AZW Magic Chef Laundry
Magic Chef CYE3004AGW Magic Chef Laundry
Magic Chef CYE3004AKW Magic Chef Laundry
Magic Chef CYE4000AGW Dryer
Magic Chef CYE4000AYA Magic Chef Laundry
Magic Chef CYE4000AYS Magic Chef Laundry
Magic Chef CYE4000AYW Magic Chef Laundry
Magic Chef CYE4000AZS Magic Chef Laundry
Magic Chef CYE4000AZW Magic Chef Laundry
Magic Chef CYG2000AWA Magic Chef Laundry
Magic Chef CYG2000AWW Magic Chef Laundry
Admiral DE18F2AM Admiral Laundry
Admiral DE18F2HW Admiral Laundry
Admiral DE18F2WW Admiral Laundry
Amana DLE231RAW Dryer
Amana DLG231RAW Dryer
Maytag HYE3460AYW Maytag Laundry
Maytag HYE3657AYW Maytag Laundry
Maytag HYG3657AWW Maytag Laundry
Maytag LNC-8745 Maytag Gas Dryer
Maytag LNC-8745A71 Maytag Gas Dryer
Maytag LNC-8745A77 Maytag Gas Dryer
Maytag LNC-8753A71 Gas Dryer
Maytag LNC-8753A77 Gas Dryer
Maytag LNC-8757A71 Gas Dryer
Maytag LNC-8757A77 Gas Dryer
Maytag LNC-8759A71 Gas Dryer
Maytag LNC-8759A77 Gas Dryer
Maytag LNC-8761A71 Gas Dryer
Maytag LNC-8761A77 Gas Dryer
Maytag LNC7731A71 Electric Dryer
Maytag LNC7731A77 Electric Dryer
Maytag LNC7741A71 Maytag Electric Dryer
Maytag LNC7745 Maytag Electric Dryer
Maytag LNC7745A71 Maytag Electric Dryer
Maytag LNC7749 Maytag Electric Dryer
Maytag LNC7749A71 Maytag Electric Dryer
Maytag LNC7749A77 Maytag Electric Dryer
Maytag LNC7751A71 Maytag Electric Dryer
Maytag LNC7751A77 Maytag Electric Dryer
Maytag LNC7753A71 Maytag Electric Dryer
Maytag LNC7753A77 Maytag Electric Dryer
Maytag LNC7759A71 Maytag Electric Dryer
Maytag LNC7759A77 Maytag Electric Dryer
Maytag LNC7760A71 Commercial Dryer
Admiral LNC7764A71 Admiral International
Admiral LNC7764A77 Admiral International
Admiral LNC7766A00 Laundry
Admiral LNC7766A71 Laundry
Admiral LNC7766B71 Laundry
Maytag LNC8749A71 Maytag Gas Dryer
Maytag LNC8749A77 Maytag Gas Dryer
Maytag LNC8751A71 Morge/maytag Gas Dryer
Maytag LNC8751A77 Morge/maytag Gas Dryer
Maytag LNC8760A01 Laundry
Maytag LNC8760A71 Laundry
Maytag LNC8760A77 Laundry
Admiral LNC8764A71 Admiral International
Admiral LNC8766A00 Laundry
Admiral LNC8766A71 Laundry
Admiral LNC8766B71 Laundry
Maytag PYE1000AZW Electric/gas Dryer
Maytag PYE2000AKE Electric/gas Dryer
Maytag PYE2000AYW Electric/gas Dryer
Maytag PYE2000AZW Electric/gas Dryer
Maytag PYE2000GGE Electric/gas Dryer
Maytag PYE2200AKW Maytag Laundry
Maytag PYE2200AYW Electric Dryer
Maytag PYE2200AZW Electric Dryer
Maytag PYE2300AYW Dryer
Maytag PYE2300AZW Maytag Laundry
Maytag PYE3200AGW Maytag Laundry
Maytag PYE3200AYW Gas/electric Dryers
Maytag PYE3200AZW Gas/electric Dryers
Maytag PYE3300AGW Maytag Laundry
Maytag PYE3300AKW Maytag Laundry
Maytag PYE3300AYW Gas/electric Dryer
Maytag PYE3300AZW Maytag Laundry
Maytag PYE3360AYW Maytag Laundry
Maytag PYE4500AYQ Maytag Laundry
Maytag PYE4500AYW Maytag Laundry
Maytag PYE4500AZW Maytag Laundry
Maytag PYE4557AYW Maytag Laundry
Maytag PYE4558AYW Maytag Laundry
Maytag PYET244AYW Performa Electric Dryer
Maytag PYET244AZW Maytag Laundry
Maytag PYET344AYW Maytag Laundry
Maytag PYET344AZW Maytag Laundry
Maytag PYET444AYW Maytag Laundry
Maytag PYET444AZW Maytag Laundry
Maytag PYG1000AWW Electric/gas Dryer
Maytag PYG2000AWW Electric/gas Dryer
Maytag PYG2200AWW Electric Dryer
Maytag PYG2300AWW Dryer
Maytag PYG3360AWW Performa Gas Dryer
Maytag PYGT444AWW Maytag Laundry

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