Ice Maker Assembly

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Part Number PD00001910
Manufacturer Part AEQ73110205
Manufactured By LG OEM
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Part Description

Refrigerator Ice Maker Assembly.  This ice maker comes with a smaller secondary wire connector with 6 wires in it.  If your original ice maker has 3 wires then order part number AEQ73110203.  We recommend verifying which secondary wire connector has existing ice maker has before ordering.  This is a new GENUINE LG replacement part.

Compatible Brands

  • LG

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This Part PD00001910 (Mfg #AEQ73110205) replaces these parts:

  • AEQ72910408
  • AEQ72910405
  • AEQ72910401
  • AEQ72910404
  • AEQ72910406

Our Competitor’s Part Numbers for this part

  • 2657858
  • PS7788173
  • EAP7788173
  • AP5675953

Repair Stories

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  • Ice Maker Assembly
Product Rating
Chinh from CA

Did not make ice


Phillip screw driver

Repair & Advice

Make sure you have correct wire connection ( 6 connection vs 3 connection) before ordering. Have to disassemble the ice maker to check the type of connection of the ice maker.

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  • Ice Maker Assembly
Product Rating
Jeff from LA

I maker was not dropping ice. It was making a horrible banging noise when trying to drop the ice out of the tray. Cubes were getting stuck.


Phillips screw driver

Repair & Advice

Simply unscrew the existing ice maker. Gently pull it out and unplug the 12 port plug. Make sure to save the screws as they do not come with the replacement unit. Connect the new units plug and Insert the new ice maker. Put screws back in place. Turn it on and you are good to go. Whole process take about 10-15 minutes, maybe less.

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  • Ice Maker Assembly
Product Rating
Eugene from IN

Ice tray would not fully rotate and drop ice. Rotation motor would bind and trip and would have to be manually reset.


Phillips screwdriver

Repair & Advice

Ice maker functioned but would not empty tray and rotation motor would bind on something and trip circuit. Would work again after cycling power switch, but would trip evry cycle. Check wire harness before ordering for either 6 or 3 wire plug. New part fit perfectly and is working well


Model Cross Reference

This part PD00001910 (Mfg #AEQ73110205) works with all models listed.
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Kenmore 79571052012 Refrigerator
Kenmore 79571053012 Refrigerator
Kenmore 79571054012 Refrigerator
Kenmore 79571056012 Refrigerator
Kenmore 79571059010 Refrigerator
Kenmore 79571059012 Refrigerator
Kenmore 79571062010 Refrigerator
Kenmore 79571062011 Refrigerator
Kenmore 79571062012 Refrigerator
Kenmore 79571063010 Refrigerator
Kenmore 79571063011 Refrigerator
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Kenmore 79571069010 Refrigerator
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Kenmore 79572032110 Refrigerator
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Kenmore 79572059111 Refrigerator
Kenmore 79572062110 Refrigerator
Kenmore 79572062111 Refrigerator
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