Icemaker Door Chute Kit

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Part Number PD00002697
Manufacturer Part 8201756
Manufactured By Whirlpool OEM
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Part Description

Refrigerator ice dispenser door repair kit.  Used when the plastic tabs break off that hold the ice door flap on.  Includes Instructions.  This is a new GENUINE Whirlpool replacement part.

Compatible Brands

  • Amana
  • Crosley
  • Estate
  • Inglis
  • Jenn Air
  • Kenmore
  • Kitchen Aid
  • Maytag
  • Roper
  • Whirlpool

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Our Competitor’s Part Numbers for this part

  • 1164531
  • AP3872692
  • PS990120
  • EAP990120

Repair Stories

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  • Icemaker Door Chute Kit
Product Rating
Ronald from VA

Ice maker door chute mounting tab broke.


1/4" socket to remove screws, diagonal wire cutters or needle nose pliers to remove small remaining bit of mounting tab, putty knife with masking tape covering the front to prevent scratching/gouging, small sharp knife to further trim broken mounting tab, if required, for proper clearance, masking tape.

Repair & Advice

Very easy repair, the pictures on instructions could be better for more clarity but the instructions were clear and easy to follow. Looking at the pictures compared to the chute door area on the refrigerator, it was a relatively easy repair. Follow the instructions provided with the repair kit! Make sure to lay the the parts out in order of removal to insure correct reassembly. After removing the front plastic bezel with the masked putty knife, note the position of the plastic piece that needs to be removed to access the chute area. I didn't and had to fiddle around for a few minutes to figure the orientation out to get it reinstalled. To get that piece out of the way without undoing all of the wiring, I taped it to the fridge door. Only two wires needed to be disconnected from that piece to get full access to the chute door area and reconnection was very easy. I did a trial fit of the metal bracket with the chute hinge pin installed prior to removing the adhesive tape to make sure everything was square and moved freely. As a result, I needed to further trim the broken tab for the pin to clear without any interference from the tab. I also removed the other tab-DO NOT remove the tabs that don't have holes in them. Removed backing from adhesive and carefully attached the plate. Hung the new chute door, then backwards reassembly and attached grounding wire from the chute door bracket to insure the bracket is properly grounded. I didn't time the repair but I estimate it was somewhere between 30 and 45 minutes. I purposely took my time as I wanted to do it right the first time and carefully reviewed my work at each step. I thought the kit was a little expensive given a small tab was broken but it is a perfect fit and a better design than the original and should last for the life of the refrigerator. Now that it is installed and working perfectly, the price was worth it.

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  • Icemaker Door Chute Kit
Product Rating
Gardiner from FL

Ice maker hinge for the lever arm broken. Poor original design and manufacturer should have been accountable


Pliers, needle nose pliers and a wood chisel

Repair & Advice

When on as per utube, but had to do it while still in the door. Could not remove the casing. Need the full kit with the metal bracket

Model Cross Reference

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